Nation Industrial Proxy

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Force required
Staging sites Fleet of 3 - 5 pilots
1 logistics or spidertanking
Sites take about 15 - 20 minutes
Military information
Incursions sansha transmission.png Your primary objective is to clear the local asteroid colony of hostile Sansha forces.
This is a target of opportunity, and has minimal impact on the larger anti-Sansha campaign.
Background information

Small scale Sansha settlements have been reported with increasing frequency since the beginning of the Nation's conventional incursion into empire space and abroad. Although these minor colonies may not appear to pose a significant threat, when considered collectively, they are an undoubtedly serving as a powerful, decentralized auxiliary network of stations and industrial depots. Sansha's plan appears to rely in part on capsuleer apathy, and the presumption that minor annexations such as these will not attract military intervention.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0087. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.


Below is a list of enemies that spawn in this site. See Sansha's Manual for a full list of the incursion rats.

NameSig [1]Speed [2]Orbit / Speed [3]Damage / Volley [4]Range [5]Effective HP [6]
3 Icon red cruiser.png Antem Neo
Antem Neo [7]
184 Signature 184 m 1350 Velocity 1,350 m/s 60000 60 km Orbit 205 m/s 168 168 dps Turret damage 840 hp 176000 146 - 176 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 87717 88k ehp 87,717 effective hit points (26,250 raw hit points)
3 Icon red cruiser.png Arnon Epithalamus
Arnon Epithalamus Jamming - 12 strength at 32+36 km range
215 Signature 215 m 1300 Velocity 1,300 m/s 50000 50 km Orbit 210 m/s 164 164 dps Torpedo damage 900 hp 112500 < 113 km Effective range 65415 65k ehp 65,415 effective hit points (24,255 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Lirsautton Parichaya
Lirsautton Parichaya [8]
125 Signature 125 m 1400 Velocity 1,400 m/s 7500 8 km Orbit 158 m/s 440 440 dps Torpedo damage 6,600 hp 68750 < 69 km Effective range 25032 25k ehp 25,032 effective hit points (19,500 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Jel Rhomben
Jel Rhomben
49 Signature 49 m 3360 Velocity 3,360 m/s 11000 11 km Orbit 560 m/s 48 48 dps Turret damage 240 hp 12000 10 - 12 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 3264 3k ehp 3,264 effective hit points (1,575 raw hit points)
3 Icon red cruiser.png Mara Paleo
Mara Paleo Remote Shield Booster - 700 hp every 5 sec for up to 3 targets at 70 km range
65 Signature 65 m 2050 Velocity 2,050 m/s 60000 60 km Orbit 310 m/s -1 (no weapons) -1 (no weapons) 29505 30k ehp 29,505 effective hit points (8,085 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Niarja Myelen
Niarja Myelen Jamming - 6 strength at 32+36 km rangeEnergy neutralizing - 450 GJ every 10 seconds at 18 km range
53 Signature 53 m 2760 Velocity 2,760 m/s 15000 15 km Orbit 405 m/s -1 (no weapons) -1 (no weapons) 3786 4k ehp 3,786 effective hit points (2,575 raw hit points)
3 Icon red cruiser.png Romi Thalamus
Romi Thalamus
200 Signature 200 m 1520 Velocity 1,520 m/s 18000 18 km Orbit 205 m/s 320 320 dps Turret damage 1,600 hp 33000 23 - 33 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 105551 106k ehp 105,551 effective hit points (43,750 raw hit points)
3 Icon red cruiser.png Uitra Telen
Uitra Telen [9]
300 Signature 300 m 1500 Velocity 1,500 m/s 30000 30 km Orbit 260 m/s 132 132 dps Turret damage 660 hp 32500 23 - 33 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 132070 132k ehp 132,070 effective hit points (36,190 raw hit points)
1 Icon red frigate.png Youl Meten
Youl Meten Webbing - 50% speed reduction at 10 km range
33 Signature 33 m 2550 Velocity 2,550 m/s 8000 8 km Orbit 410 m/s 38 38 dps Turret damage 192 hp 12000 10 - 12 km Effective range (from optimal up to double falloff) 3217 3k ehp 3,217 effective hit points (1,225 raw hit points)
  1. ^ While using their propulsion module, they suffer the same signature bloom as players.
  2. ^ This is the speed of the ship while they try to get within orbit or as they try to chase after you, suffering the same signature bloom as players do with the propulsion module on. They will turn off any propulsion modules once they get close to their preferred orbit.
  3. ^ Preferred orbit range and regular speed while orbiting, which is their regular speed without the propulsion module turned on.
  4. ^ Damage per second as well as damage per volley. Unless stated otherwise, turrets do an equal amount of EM and thermal damage while torpedoes do an equal amount of kinetic and explosive damage.
  5. ^ This is the effective range of this ship, presented with two values for turrets, optimal and optimal + double falloff, as well as a single range for torpedoes.
  6. ^ This is the amount of damage this ship can take, taking into account their resists. All ships, except the Lirsautton Parichaya have omni tanks. Hover over the icon for information about raw hitpoints.
  7. ^ The Antem Neo does 29% EM and 71% thermal damage with its turrets.
  8. ^ The Lirsautton Parichaya doesn't share the traditional omni tank of its brethren and is a little weaker against thermal damage (23,961 ehp) and stronger against explosive damage (29,875 ehp). They also have bonuses that remove any reduction from explosive radius and explosive velcoity, meaning resists are the only thing mitigating damage from them.
  9. ^ The Uitra Telen does 82% EM and 18% thermal damage with its turrets.


This is a generic kill order that works no matter what fleet you're running. Certain special doctrines or fleet compositions could change some things in order to optimize their fleet efficiency, so this isn't necessarily the only kill order, but it works.

# Targets for the entire fleet Reason
Regular targets [1] Small targets [2]
1 Niarja Myelen JammingEnergy neutralizing
Lirsautton Parichaya
Arnon Epithalamus Jamming
The Niarja Myelens because they jam and neut.

The Lirsautton Parichayas before the Arnon Epithalamus if there are many, because of their damage and since they are easy to kill. Other way around if there are fewer Lirsauttons.

3 Mara Paleo Remote shield booster The Mara because it has remote shield boosting capabilities.
4 Romi Thalamus
Antem Neo
Uitra Telen
Jel Rhomben
Youl Meten Webbing
Romis first as they post the biggest threat, then Antem Neos before Uitras because they do slightly more damage and easier to kill.

Jels before Youls despite the web as they are a little bit stronger.

  1. ^ These targets are usually larger, cruisers or battleships and suitable for ships with good damage projection, lower tracking, like battleships with large guns.
  2. ^ Smaller targets, like frigates or extremely fast or small cruisers. Ideally the primary targets for strategic cruisers, Vindicators or the dronebunny as a last resort.


The last enemy killed in the first wave triggers the second and last wave, so there is no risk of accidentally triggering the last wave before you finish the first one.

Special requirements

There are no special requirements for this site.

Hints & tips

  • These sites are not sites per se and do not spawn at beacons. Instead, they are part of the asteroid belts within the staging system. When you initiate warp to an asteroid belt that hasn't been cleared you'll get an incoming transmission just like you do with other sites. Once it has been cleared you get paid and the belt returns to normal. This is by design.
  • There are no ships capable of warp disrupting or warp scrambling, which means you can warp out at any time.