Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 3)

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Logo faction triglavian collective.png Triglavian Collective
Areas of operation

Abyssal Deadspace
Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 3)
Abyssal Proving Grounds

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Past operations

Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 1 & 2)

Chapter 3 keyart

The 3rd and final chapter of the Triglavian Invasion was introduced on May 26th. 2020. It is a continuation of chapter 1 & 2 of the Triglavian Invasion, but is expanded upon and behaves differently.

Triglavian Invasions was originally introduced as a new type of PvE content in the Invasion update in May 2019. The new content sees the Triglavian Collective taking over constellations of known space, and sending out patrols in these systems that will attack capsuleers. The third chapter came out in May 2020, one year after chapter 1 began.

The invaded systems will have roaming fleets of EDENCOM and Triglavian ships trying to establish superiority. These ships will be present on gates, stations, in asteroid belts and in safe spots in space. They will also be present in a number of Triglavian invasion combat anomalies only present in the invaded systems.

What the final objective is for the Triglavian Collective remains to be seen, but it appears to be linked with the large Triglavian Porevitium Transmuter orbiting certain types of stars.

Note: Triglavian rats and sentries only seem to spawn on certain gates, but will move from gate to gate over time.


This is the Agency Tab for the Triglavian Invasion Chapter 3

With the release of chapter 3 of the Triglavian Invasion expansion, the Triglavian Collective has begun their full-scale invasion of New Eden. Capsuleers can join up and fight for either the Triglavian Collective or for the EDENCOM. Doing this will improve the player's standing with the side they are helping, while lowering it with the opposing faction.

The invasion takes place in High-Sec and Low-Sec Empire space, with systems undergoing invasion experiencing a temporary disruption.

To help either side, capsuleers must engage and destroy either the Triglavian NPCs or the EDENCOM NPCs. These can be found primarily in combat anomalies or in safespots that must be scanned down. But also on stargates, in asteroid belts and at stations.

As players managing to help either the Triglavian Collective or the EDENCOM get the upper hand, they can move the system towards either EDENCOM or Triglavian victory, with the invasion entering into a new phase. This is done until either the EDENCOM achieves final victory with the 'EDENCOM Fortress' phase or the Triglavians taking over the system in the 'Final Liminality' phase.

It can as such essentially be seen as a tug-of-war between the opposing sides:

Final Liminality <-- Escalating Liminality <-- Stellar Reconnaissance --> Redoubts & Bulwarks --> EDENCOM Fortress

Both EDENCOM and Triglavian ships can appear in cosmic signatures, so exercise caution if doing exploration.

Minor Victories

For systems without blue or yellow stars, player influence can only push the system into a Minor Victory status for EDENCOM or the Triglavians. At either victory stage, the system will no longer appear in The Agency, but will still impart system-wide effects based on the victor's observatory or locus. For these systems, the tug-of-war is instead:

Triglavian Minor Victory <-- Stellar Reconnaissance --> EDENCOM Minor Victory

Minor victory systems still spawn invasion sites for both sides (more for the winning side) and roaming fleets of the winning side will be present. The winning side may also deploy sentry towers in the system.

Minor victory systems can be invaded again.

Enemy types

Forces for the Triglavian Collective and the EDENCOM can be found throughout systems undergoing invasion.

  • For a overview of NPCs and structures special to the Triglavian Invasion, look here.
  • For a overview of the combat sites in these systems look here.

Triglavian NPCs

The Triglavian Collective ships come in all sizes, from frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruiser and battleships, with even Dreadnaughts being a rare sight in the advanced phases of the invasion.

Triglavian NPCs in the Triglavian Invasion systems comes in three tiers:

Weakest Weaker Stronger Strongest
Scout Normal Elite Officer
Triglavian Raznaborg <role> <ship type> No prefix <role> <ship type> Hospidar <role> <ship type> Zorya <ship type>

They follow the traditional Triglavian naming scheme, with their secondary prefix defining their role:

  • Anchoring - Warp scrambling
  • Tangling - Stasis webifying
  • Starving - Energy neutralizing
  • Ghosting - Tracking/guidance disruption
  • Renewing - Stronger remote repairs, lower DPS
  • Liminal - Additional high-damage EM/Kinetic missile attack. These missiles are more powerful than their disintegrators, and mean that invasions deal omni damage.
  • Harrowing - Target painting
  • Blinding - Sensor dampening

There also exist "Raznaborg <ship type>" with no secondary prefix. These ships have the abilities of Raznaborg Liminal <ship type>s.

With the three tiers, many hull-sizes and ewar-types, the Triglavian forces found can come in many variations.


The EDENCOM forces found and fought depends entirely on what empire space the invasion is taking place in. In Amarr space the EDENCOM forces comprise of Imperial Navy ships, in Minmatar space they comprise of Republic Fleet ships, in Caldari space of Federal Navy ships and in Gallente space of Federal Navy ships.

Weakest Weaker Stronger Strongest
Scout Normal Elite Officer
Amarr Scout Imperial Navy <ship type> Imperial Navy <ship type> Elite Imperial Navy <ship type> Exalted Imperial Navy <ship type>

As either the Triglavian or EDENCOM progress towards the next phase, other sites such as the Minor Conduits and Stellar Fleet Deployment Sites appear.

Stellar Reconnaissance - First Phase

Stellar Reconnaissance. The bar must be filled completely to move to the next phase.

Scouting forces belonging to both EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective are conducting recon operations focused on the central star of this system but roaming widely across the system. Both sides are seeking to establish stellar observatory structures.

The Stellar Reconnaissance is the first phase a system can be in, in the 3rd chapter of the Triglavian Invasion. In this phase, neither EDENCOM nor the Triglavian Collective have the upper hand, but capsuleers can join either side and help them establish a foothold. If either side should succeed in winning this phase, a industrial ship will spawn to anchor a Stellar Observatory Structure. The two sides must then help to either defeat or protect this industrial ship. If the anchoring is successful the system will then escalate towards the next phase, being either a Redoubt or First Liminality.

  • At 76% towards either side winning the invasion will escalate. More roaming fleets will appear and more sites will appear. The additional sites contain both class 1 and 2 sites. If the system bounces from one side to other this can happen twice.
  • At 96% towards Triglavian victory the Stellar Fleet Deployment site will spawn. This site will contain Dazh Liminality Locus and will apply system wide Triglavian effect. The roaming Triglavian rats also become more intense. One Major Conduit will also open.

Redoubts & Bulwarks - Towards EDENCOM Victory

Should the EDENCOM forces manage to win the opening phase of a Triglavian invasion, it will move the system to the Redoubt & Bulwarks phase. Like the Escalating Liminality phase, this can further be divided up into two phases:


Ingame UI showing the progress on a EDENCOM Redoubt.

This system has been fortified by EDENCOM to the degree that is serves as a redoubt against Triglavian invasion operations. The Triglavian Collective will continue to strike against EDENCOM targets in this system.

When a Stellar Reconnaissance system is won by the EDENCOM side, it escalates into the Redoubt phase. Here EDENCOM has the upper hand, but the Triglavian side can still easily turn the tide. The system will experience a system-wide effect, as well as harder combat anomalies.

Should the EDENCOM forces achieve victory in this phase, it further escalates into the Bulwark phase.


EDENCOM Bulwark progressing towards Fortress phase.

This system has been fortified by EDENCOM to the degree that is serves as a formidable bulwark from which Triglavian invasion operations can be resisted. The Triglavian Collective will continue to strike against EDENCOM targets in this system.

The invasion has not yet failed for the Triglavian and a concerted effort can manage to turn the tide, at the same time the EDENCOM forces have not yet won final victory and must remain vigilant. Should the EDENCOM forces manage to win this phase, a Triglavian Dreadnought will spawn which must be destroyed. When this is done the system is turned into a EDENCOM Fortress.

EDENCOM Fortress - EDENCOM Victory

The ingame UI for the EDENCOM Fortress

This system has been fortified by EDENCOM to the point that it is now an unbreakable fortress that the Triglavians will find far too hard a target to conquer. Ongoing Triglavian invasion efforts will move to more vulnerable targets.

When the EDENCOM forces manage to exert complete control over a bulwark system it changes it to an EDENCOM Fortress. In this phase the Triglavian Collective have deemed the system too hard to conquer and will move their invasion efforts to other systems.

It appears that upon reaching this phase, the EDENCOM side has achieved a complete and final victory over the system.

EDENCOM fortress systems do not spawn any invasion sites or Triglavian rats. One fleet of EDENCOM rats will roam the system.

Escalating Liminality - Towards Triglavian Victory

Should the Triglavian forces manage to win a blue or yellow star system, the system moves from the Stellar Reconnaisanse phase to the Escalating Liminality phase.
This phase can further be divided up into two sub-phases:

First Liminality

First Liminality progress.

The presence of Triglavian structures and forces in this system has built up to the point that it constitute a serious danger to the future of the system. EDENCOM forces will continue to strike against Triglavian targets in this system.

When a Stellar Reconnaissance system is won by the Triglavian Collective, it escalates into the First Liminality phase. Here the Triglavians have the upper hand, but the EDENCOM side can still easily turn the tide. The system will experience a system-wide effect, as well as harder combat anomalies and roaming fleets.

Reaching the First Liminality phase reduces the security status of a system by an unknown amount and has the potential to change the system to work as low-sec.

Second Liminality

Second Liminality progress bar.

The presence of Triglavian structures and forces in this system has built up to the point that it constitutes a major threat of Triglavian conquest of this system. EDENCOM forces will continue to strike against Triglavian targets in this system.

The First Liminality has further escalated into the Second Liminality phase. The Triglavian Collective is close to achieving final victory. EDENCOM must double their efforts or risk losing the system.

Tougher combat anomalies and enemy ships will be present in this system.

Final Liminality

Final Liminality reached in Raravoss.

The Triglavian stellar harvesting and manipulation efforts have reached their peak, and the Triglavian Collective has conquered the system. EDENCOM considers this system lost to the Triglavian Collective and will redeploy defensive efforts to systems that can still be saved.

When the Triglavian forces have managed to push a system through the First and Second Liminality phases, it escalates into the Final Liminality phase. This is a complete victory for the Triglavian forces in the system and is irreversible. The Triglavian stellar manipulator continues, but is also joined by Triglavian mining operations in the system. The EDENCOM and CONCORD have abandoned the system and it effectively works as a null-security system.

This means the system resembles Nullsec regarding CONCORD Response (there is none), Sentry guns (aggressors are not shot) and Security Status (no reduction for aggressors). All other limitations stay as dictated by the systems original security status:

- no cynos, Capital ships taking gates into the system or Micro Jump Field Generators (aka booshs) if the system was originally Hisec

- no Warp Disruption Fields (aka bubbles) or Bombs (not to be confused with Smartbombs) if the system was originally Lowsec or Hisec.

System-wide effects

As a system begins to lean towards either the EDENCOM or the Triglavian Collective, industrial ships for that faction will appear in the system. One of such industrial ships will attempt to put up a structure that applies a buff to all ships in the system.

Faction Name Buff 1 Buff 2 Buff 3 Buff 4
Triglavian Dazh Liminality Locus 25% bonus to remote armor repair 25% bonus to remote shield boost 30% penalty to warp speed 50% penalty to maximum locked targets
Amarr Imperial Stellar Observatory 10% bonus to armor 10% bonus to energy warfare capacitor drain 10% bonus to mining speed None
Caldari State Stellar Observatory 10% bonus to shield capacity 10% bonus to ECM range 10% bonus to mining speed None
Gallente 10% bonus to armor capacity +1 bonus to warp scramble strength 10% bonus to mining speed None
Minmatar 10% bonus to shield capacity 10% bonus to stasis webifier strength 10% bonus to mining speed None

Massive EDENCOM fortification

The invasion event occurs simultaneously on Tranquility server and Serenity server (chinese EVE server). The progress between the two is synchronized by bringing EDENCOM victories from Serenity to Tranquility in form of massive EDENCOM fortifications.

A system that EDENCOM won on Serentiy will become massive EDENCOM fortification on Tranquility. EDENCOM forces will partrol the system and only EDENCOM anomalies spawn. After few days the system will turn into normal EDENCOM fortification.

Massive Triglavian invasion is another way to sync the servers. But since Triglavians have not won a single system on Serenity this state has not been observed.


Triglavian and EDENCOM sides both have standings towards players.

Killing Triglavian rats will increase EDENCOM standing while reducing Triglavian standing by same amount. Same happens in reverse when EDENCOM rats are killed.
Triglavian and EDENCOM standings do not get benefits from any standing related skill.

  • At 0.00 and below Triglavian rats are hostile.
  • At below 0.00 EDENCOM rats are hostile.
  • At +5.00 and above the rats start supporting players by remote repairing them.

There is very small range of standings which will make both factions neutral. The exact values are not know but it appears that if your EDENCOM standing is around -0.001 and Triglavian standing is around 0.001 both sides are neutral. Wether this is working as intended is debatable. Ingame these values are too small to be shown and will be rounded to -0.00 and 0.00.

Aggressing a rat, using remote assistance on a player who aggresses a rat or using remote assistance on a player who is aggressed by a rat will cause rats of that side to become hostile regardless of player standings.

Permanent changes to New Eden

The first system to reach the Escalating Liminality phase. Raravoss changed to effective low-sec during First and Secondary Liminality, dropping to effective null-sec once it reached final liminality.

According to CCP, should the Triglavian Collective succeed in their invasion of a system, it will have direct impact on that system and will have lasting consequences in New Eden.

If a system reaches the Escalating Liminality phase, it reduces the system security by an unknown amount. This can change a high-sec to work as a low-sec.

When a system reaches the Final Liminality phase, the system is abandoned by CONCORD and EDENCOM and now functions as an empire null-sec system. This means no CONCORD response, but also no cyno or warp bubbles.


The rewards can be divided up into two categories:

  • Advancing or repulsing the Triglavian Collective's goals.
  • ISK reward for clearing the sites, DED loyalty points for clearing the sites, loot and salvage from the ships destroyed, standings with either side.
  • Zirnitra Blueprint Data Vault
    • Zirnitra BPCs
  • Salvage and module drops from killed rats.
    • Empire rats drop a stack of 1k faction ammo, random meta modules and salvage into T2 salvage.

Figthing for the EDENCOM forces will reward the capsuleer with ISK and DED loyalty points when a combat anomaly is cleared. Figthing for the Triglavian Collective gives slightly more ISK, but no loyalty points. Both give a small standing increase with their faction and a standing decrease with the opposing. The standing gain will depend on invasion stage and site. In reconnaissance phase standings will move by 0.01% per anomaly while in First Liminality the standing moves by 0.24% per observatory flashpoint.

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