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This page should be updated due to game changes. Reason: New content with insufficient information
"A Triglavian Invasion is underway in your vicinity! Join the fight and help drive the invaders out, or relocate immediately if you are unprepared for battle. Any technology or equipment left by the invaders will be yours to loot."
The skybox of a system under Triglavian invasion

Triglavian Invasions are a new type of PvE content introduced with the Invasion update in May 2019. The new content sees the Triglavian Collective taking over constellations of known space, and sending out patrols in these systems that will attack capsuleers. Attention: It is not even safe to warp from gate to gate - there may be a very strong fleet camping at a gate and destroy your ship.



The systems under Triglavian invasion will have wandering fleets of Triglavian ships. These fleets will attack player owned Upwell structures and hang around celestial objects or in deep space.

The fleets can call for reinforcements during fights. Fleet size and composition depends on the system status.

Triglavians that are on a warpable celestial can be located by a skilled d-scanner. But for serious Triglavian hunting you will want a dedicated combat prober.

Enemy types

Each triglavian ship type comes in multiple variants:

Note: ALL variants can Remote Repair

  • Binding - Sensor dampening
  • Liminal - Higher damage
  • Ghosting - Tracking/guidance disruption
  • Harrowing - Target painting
  • Renewing - Stronger remote repairers
  • Tangling - Stasis webifying
  • Anchoring - Warp scrambling
  • Starving - Energy neutralizing
  • Zorya's - Energy Neutralization, Warp Scrambling, has a chance of dropping Damage Control and Assault Damage Control Mutaplasmids as well as other triglavian based loot.

Invasion sites

The invaded constellation will also spawn Conduit sites. These will appear as anomalies in the probe window. Upon warpin the site will also appear as a beacon on the overview. These sites will reward CONCORD LP and isk.

  • Minor conduit
    • Payout: 1k DED LP + 15 mil ISK. Reduced payout with more than 3 pilots.
    • 3x waves of mostly frigates/destroyers/cruisers (10-15 rats of various types, requires further verification)
    • DPS output is rather high, recommended 2+ T2 logistics cruisers
    • Properly fit Marauders can tank these sites without the need for remote logistics assistance.
    • Chance of Zorya's Damavik spawning on 1st or 2nd Wave
    • Chance of Zorya's Drekavac spawning on 2nd Wave
    • Chance of Zorya's Leshak spawning on 3rd Wave
    • While not required Command Bursts will make running the site much safer.
  • Major Conduit
    • Payout: 2k DED LP + 20 mil ISK. Reduced payout with more than 6-7? pilots
    • Rats will starburst out to ~400km after spawning before warping back on top of pilot that has aggro and engaging at close range
    • Multiple Leshaks may spawn of different varieties, only rat that keeps at range 40-60km (approx.)
    • DPS output is rather high, recommend 3+ T2 logistics cruisers.
    • While not required Command Bursts on a properly bonused hull will make running the site much safer.
  • World Arc Proving Ground
    • Reduced payout with more than 10 pilots
    • Payout 4k+ LP, 50+ mil ISK (when running with 15/16 pilots)
    • Does not End the invasion, respawn of World Ark Proving Ground can be an hour or longer.
    • Support Pilons spawn, Transwarp Conduit within short range (30km?) will micro jump a target approx 70km away
    • ECM Pilons will set target within short range to -50 max locked targets
    • Energy Burst Pilons are essentially smartbombs
    • Stasis Pilons will webify target
    • Towards end, ships may stop dropping wrecks
    • DPS output towards end can be VERY high, ARC runs with 5 or 6 Guardians.
    • DPS towards end may split between targets, some ships always spread targets but are not part of the main damage groups.
    • Multiple Leshaks will spawn, only rat that keeps at range 35+km being common
    • Zorya ships will spawn, with possibility of Faction and Officer drops. This being the most likely loot to be stolen by non-fleet memebers.
    • Corvettes may be destroyed upon entering the site by a field effect "Invisible Cloud"

ARC Fleets are known to run World Arc Proving Grounds with

3 Leshak 3 Drekavac 3 Vindicator 6 Guardian

System effects

Effect Perimeter Adjacent Foothold
Miner cycle time bonus 10% 25% 45%
Drone speed penalty 20% 35% 50%
Drone damage penalty 20% 35% 50%
Ship agility bonus 10% 25% 45%
Ship hull HP penalty 15% 25% 40%

These effects do NOT decline as the invasion is run and are present at full strength for the duration of the invasion.

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