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Traveling through star systems that are occupied by EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective is dangerous for pilots who do not have positive standings with the Triglavian Collective, or who have negative standings with EDENCOM. Triglavian ships attack anyone who does not have positive standings to them; EDENCOM ships ignore people with positive and neutral standings to EDENCOM, but will attack those with negative standings.

Most often these ships appear in Triglavian minor victory systems, EDENCOM systems, or Pochven, but they can also randomly appear at spawned wormholes in star systems that border Pochven.

This makes some areas of normal space dangerous to all who do not have positive standings with the Triglavians and at least neutral standings with EDENCOM.

This guide explains how to earn positive standings with both EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective.

Basic information

Avoid destroying EDENCOM and Triglavian ships. Destroyed ships from either faction yield an equal amount of positive and negative standings points, resulting in an overall zero standings gain with both factions. Destroying EDENCOM ships results in a positive Triglavian standings gain, but it will also result in an equal negative standings gain towards EDENCOM. This is not good. Destroying Triglavian ships results in a negative Triglavian standings gain, but it will also result in an equal positive standings gain towards EDENCOM. This is not good.

Destroy rogue drones, sleepers, and drifters. Destroying Rogue Drones, Sleepers or Drifters in Pochven (and only in Pochven, not in K-space, not in Abyss, not in WH-space, only Pochven!) results in a positive standings gain to both EDENCOM and The Triglavian Collective factions. This is good. The larger the target drone or ship, the larger the standings gain. Rogue Drones give the least standings points, Sleepers give more and Drifters give the most standings points.

If the system has no targets, players may exit via wormhole or filament and try again in another system. Wormholes are found by using scanner probes. Filaments have a 15-minute cooldown timer before the next use.

Standings mechanics

Standings points are given to pilots who 1) engaged a target with an offensive module (weapons or EWAR), 2) weapon damage is registered on the target (weapon hits), and 3) the target is destroyed (by the fleet, by EDENCOM or Triglavian forces or by third parties). If the target is not destroyed, standings points are not awarded.

Standings are given in 10-minute tick cycles that begin after the first target in system is destroyed. At the end of the tick cycle, standings points are awarded for the largest-value ship that the pilot engaged with offensive modules in during that tick cycle. During this 10-minute tick cycle, several targets may be destroyed in one system, but only the highest single-yield target will award its standings points to the pilots that engaged it. All other lower-yield drones and ships destroyed during the same tick cycle will award zero (0.0) standings points to the pilots that engaged those targets. So if you find multiple big targets to kill, you should kill one target, wait for standings tick cycle to end, and then kill the next target.

For example, a fleet of Nagas and Vigils land at a Torpid Sleeper combat site. In the first four minutes in system, the fleet targets, engages, and destroys 3 Sleeper ships: a Hypnosian Watcher (frigate +0.093 standings points), Hypnosian Agonizer (frigate +0.093 standings points), and a Hypnosian Upholder (cruiser +0.108 standings points)). The fleet warps off to a safe spot or station and docks to wait for the tick cycle to expire. After the 10-minute tick cycle ends, all fleet members will receive +0.108 standings points for only the cruiser-the two frigates yield zero(0.0) standings points. Shooting ships may be a waste of ammunition, but the extra standings points are more valuable and could be awarded on a future tick cycle.

For example, a fleet of Nagas and Vigils and Cormorants land at the Vale stargate. The the first three minutes in system, the fleet targets, engages, and destroys an Interfering Phase-II Legionary (drone +0.03 standings points), a Vexing Phase-IV Legionary (drone +0.059standings points), and an Overmind Interruptor Lamda (battleship +0.20 standings points). The fleet warps off to a safe or station and docks to wait for the tick cycle to expire. After the 10-minute tick cycle ends, all fleet members will receive +0.20 standings points for only the battleship-the drones yield zero(0.0) standings points.

For example, the fleet destroyed the Phase-II Legionary and the Phase-IV Legionary above during the first two minutes in system, but warped away before the Overmind was destroyed. After the 10-minute tick cycle ends, if the Overmind was not destroyed, all fleet members will receive +0.059 standings points for only the phase-IV drone-the Phase-II drone yields zero(0.0) standings points. But now the Overmind can be engaged again to start a new tick cycle, and if destroyed, will yield +0.20 standings points to all pilots that shot it from the previous engagement as well as the current engagement, and any other ships on grid that applied offensive modules to the target.

Triglavians, EDENCOM, Rogue Drones and Drifters use different standing mechanics from other factions. The most notable differences are:

  • None of the standing skills have any effect.
  • Standing loss causes positive derived standing.

Entering Pochven

The easiest way to enter Pochven is to use an inbound filament. These can be bought off the market. These filaments come in many variants: border, cladistic and home, allowing fleet of up to 1, 5 and 15 subcapital ships to enter or exit Pochven. For our purposes the destination system does not matter at all. Just buy the cheapest filament. It is also good idea to buy an exit filament so you can get out easily.

Pochven wormholes

Another way to enter Pochven is through wormholes. Entering through wormholes instead of using filaments has two benefits: no fleet size limit and no wait timer. Finding Pochven wormhole connections will require some scanning probe work. These wormholes spawn randomly in systems that are within 3 jumps from the original position of the Pochven system. These wormholes can also have Triglavian and EDENCOM rats guarding it. Wormholes leading into and out of Pochven will have a unique appearance, a blue ice and rock formation shaped like a giant dragon's claw. See Pochven Entry Manual for more details on how to easily find suitable wormholes.

Locating rats

Rats (NPC's) can be found on stargates, stations, planets, moons, POCOs and cosmic anomalies (combat sites and ore deposits). Locate target drones and ships (rats) using the ship's directional scanner and probe scanner. Rats in Pochven are unusual in that they are visible in Directional scanner. This makes it much easier to locate rats.

Create new overview preset that includes the following

  • Drifter Entities
  • Rogue Drone Entities
  • Sleeper Entities

Use this overview preset in your d-scan to quickly locate targets.

Use the probe scanner window to locate combat sites. Higher-yield standings drones and ships may be found in the following combat sites:

  • Torpid Sleeper Hive. This combat site contains sleeper drones and ships. Occasionally a drifter ship may spawn too. Yields medium dual-standings.
  • Incipient Drone Swarm. This combat site contains Rogue Drone ships. Yields low dual-standings.

Avoid the following combat sites:

  • EDENCOM Scout Fleet. This combat site contains EDENCOM ships. Destroying them yields negative standings points with the EDENCOM faction.
  • Stellar Fleet Deployment Site. This combat site contains Triglavian ships. Destroying them yields negative standings points with The Triglavian Collective faction.
  • Observatory Flashpoint. This combat site contains an EDENCOM dreadnaught, which can be destroyed by larger, more powerful player fleets, but yields large negative standings points to the EDENCOM faction. EDENCOM standings points will go down.
  • World Ark Assault Flashpoint. This combat site contains the Xordazh World Ark, which can be destroyed by larger, more powerful player fleets, but yields large negative standings points to the Triglavian faction. Triglavian Collective standings points will go down.

Killing Rogue Drones

Rogue Drones are the weakest faction in Pochven. They are easy to kill and give minimal standing gains. None of the Rogue Drones warp disrupt/scramble you so you can freely warp out without any concern.

If you have 0.00 standing (or close to it) with EDENCOM and The Triglavian Collective, then Rogue Drones are good target for you. If you never lost any standing with The Triglavians or EDENCOM then just a single drone kill is enough to make both factions neutral to you.

The standing gain from them is miniscule so gaining significant standings with them is not practical.

Do the following:

  • Grab a destroyer with long range weapons (artillery/rail/beam).
  • Enter Pochven.
  • Use d-scan to find Rogue Drone rats. The rat should be named something like "Phase-I Swarmer".
  • Warp to the rat at range, kill one of the weak drones, warp out.

You can find Rogue Drones on Incipient Drone Swarm combat anomalies, wormholes leading to null security systems and as randomly roaming fleets in systems with null security wormhole.

After approximately 10 minutes you will get the standing tick.

Leeching off kills

Pochven systems have roaming fleets from multiple factions. They kill each other.

If you activate an offensive module on a rat and that rat is killed by NPC you will gain standings.

This can be used to get standing if you are not able to kill rats on your own, or if you want to get bigger standing ticks than what the smallest drones give.

This is quite an unreliable method as the roaming rats may not meet each other or they may not be "active" if players are not present.

  • Grab a T1 EWAR frigate. Fit one EWAR module and sensor boosters for extra targeting range.
  • Enter Pochven.
  • Use d-scan to find a target.
  • Warp to the rat at 100 km, apply EWAR to biggest ship you see, warp out.

Eventually that rat will probably die and you get the standings.

Killing Sleepers

Sleepers give much more standings than Rogue Drones. They are also considerably harder to kill. Doing this solo is strongly not recommended. Bring a fleet with logi support. Only players who activated offensive module on the target get standings. So logi ships should bring combat drones.

The Sleepers deal omni damage and have flat resists. They use warp scramblers (real ones that shut down MWD/MJD), webs and energy neutralizers.

You can find Sleepers on Torpid Sleeper Hive combat anomalies, wormholes leading to wormhole space and as randomly roaming fleets in systems with wormhole space wormhole.

With a small fleet you should be able to take on the Sleepers on Torpid Sleeper Hive combat anomalies. If you have big and strong fleet you can engage Sleepers on wormholes leading to Anoikis. But be prepared for big fight as the wormhole may spawn very large number of hostile rats and even Drifters with doomsdays.

Killing Drifters

Occasionally Sleeper fleets can have Drifters with them. Drifters are the most powerful rats in Pochven. They also give the biggest standing gains so you will want to kill them when possible.

In addition to powerful normal weapons they have the feared superweapons. All ships warp scramble, web and neut.

The weakest Drifter cruisers and battleships do not have superweapons (Agreus Tyrannos, Orpheus Tyrannos). You can kill them on sight without worrying about doomsdays. However, even the weaker Drifters deal extremely high damage; the Agreus deals close to 2000 damage against 70% omni resists and the Orpheus deals close to 4500 damage per shot against the same resists.

The stronger Drifters (Metis Tyrannos/Tyrannos Navarkos, Cephisso Tyrannos/Tyrannos Polemos) have superweapons on them. To determine if a ship has a superweapon, open the ship's info page and search through the description for the weapon type. When the overshield is depleted the superweapon is fired on their currently aggressed target.

The superweapon is powerful enough to kill almost any subcapital ship in single hit. The weaker cruiser deals 102400 damage while the strongest battleship deals 512000 damage. Only well-tanked Marauders can withstand a superweapon hit.

To reliably kill Drifters you need to be able to avoid the damage from the superweapon.

The drifter AI prioritizes logi ship that does the most repairing. This can be used to force it to target specific ship. Logi cruiser with afterburner and signature reducing command burst effect orbiting at 500 meters can cause the superweapon to miss with decent success rate.

Arataka Research Consortium has done research on how to kill Drifters in Pochven. Their method uses afterburner fitted Scimitar to dodge the doomsday. You can read their research findings on Operational Manual: The Drifter Doomsday Challenge

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