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EDENCOM faction logo.

The Eden Common Defense Initiative or EDENCOM for short, are a new faction introduced in the 3rd chapter of the “Invasion” expansion (May 2020). They are found throughout New Eden space and are primarily tasked with defending Empire space against invasion by the Triglavian Collective.


EDENCOM is the New Eden Common Defense Initiative, a semi-autonomous military command set up by CONCORD and the "Big 4" core empires to aggressively prosecute the war against the Triglavian Collective's invasion forces in YC122. With access to massive financial resources from the New Eden Defense Fund, EDENCOM organizes the fortification of threatened systems and the defense of New Eden by fleets and troops drawn from CONCORD and the empires.

They are a subsidiary of the AEGIS and are headquartered in Yulai.


Ingame EDENCOM ships partrol EDENCOM systems. They can also be found roaming in Pochven.

Rat details

EDENCOM has ships from all the empires. EDENCOM controlled systems will have ships from the local empire faction.

Weak Normal Stronger Strongest
Amarr Scout Imperial Navy <ship type> Imperial Navy <ship type> Elite Imperial Navy <ship type> Exalted Imperial Navy <ship type>
Caldari Scout State <ship type> State <ship type> Elite State <ship type> Executive State <ship type>
Gallente Scout Federal <ship type> Federal <ship type> Elite Federal <ship type> Presiding Federal <ship type>
Minmatar Scout Republic <ship type> Republic <ship type> Elite Republic <ship type> Chief Republic <ship type>

Each race will use their racial EWAR and fit their ships with something that resembles racial T2 resists.

Amarr empire

  • All ships use lasers and deal purely EM and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high explosive resist. Thermal and EM are the best damage types to use.
  • EWAR: Energy neutralizing, tracking disruption and guidance disruption. Some of the combat ships have energy neutralizers.

Caldari state

  • Ships use EM and Explosive missiles.
    • EM - Basilisk, Drake, Kitsune, Raven.
    • EX - Cerberus, Kirin, Rook, Scorpion.
    • Additionally Raptor deals EM/Th but its damage is insignificant compared to the other ships.
    • Phoenix dreadnought deals purely kinetic damage.
  • Shield tank with high thermal resist. Explosive and EM are the best damage types to use with kinetic only slightly worse.
  • EWAR: ECM.

Gallente Federation

  • All ships use hybrid turrets and deal purely kinetic and thermal damage.
  • Armor tank with high kinetic resist. Em and thermal are the best damage types to deal with thermal only slightly worse.
  • EWAR: Sensor dampening, long range warp disruptors, long range warp scramblers and long range webs.

Minmatar Republic

  • Mixed use of different damage types. Effectively omni damage.
    • Battleships deal EM, kinetic and explosive damage.
    • Smaller ships deal thermal, kinetic and explosive damage.
  • Shield tank with high EM resist. Kinetic, explosive and thermal are the best damage types to deal.
  • Ewar: Long range webs and target painting. Some of the combat ships also have web and painter.


With the Lightning Strikes update in June 2020, the first three EDENCOM ships was released.

Weapons system:

  • Arcing Vorton Projector

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