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Pochven (Triglavian: POCHVEN) is a region of space controlled by the Triglavian Collective introduced in the "Totality Realized" patch of October 13 2020. It is often referred as Triglavian Space.

The region consists of 27 star systems split to three constellations of 9 stars. Other than the home systems, the gate connections form a simple loop with no branches or dead-end systems.

  • Each constellation is the domain of one of the three Triglavian clades.
  • Each constellation has one Home system. Home systems require 7.0 standing with Triglavian Collective to enter. These home systems are connected such that the loop can be flown though without passing through home system.
  • The systems between two constellations are classified as "Border" systems, and the rest of the systems are classified as "Internal" systems. There were standings restrictions to use gates depending on these classifications, but these no longer exist.

Fleets of Triglavian, Drifter/Sleeper, Rogue Drone and EDENCOM ships roam the systems.

Mechanical differences

Triglavian systems are similar to wormholes with additional NPC stations and stargates.

  • Local chat is in delayed mode. Pilots in local are not visible unless they speak.
  • Many station services require various levels of standing with the Collective.
  • Station/upwell clone bays cannot be used to jump into Triglavian space, and medical clones cannot be set inside Triglavian space and were removed on its creation. Clone bays can only be used to swap clones locally.
  • Fleets of NPCs roam around Pochven to celestials and gates, attacking any players who do not appear friendly (>0.00) to them.
  • Capital ships cannot use stargates. Capital ships also cannot be manufactured inside Pochven.
  • Jump drives cannot be used to enter Triglavian space, only to exit.
  • Upwell structures cannot be anchored (old structures remain). POCOs can be anchored provided that the anchoring pilot has the 1.5 standing with Triglavians to anchor one. New POS structures built after Pochven was created cannot be brought online.
  • Bubbles can be used.
  • All Pochven systems have a Stellar Fleet Deployment Site that exerts the same effects as in Triglavian minor victory systems.
Structure Name Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4
Dazh Liminality Locus 25% bonus to remote armor repair 25% bonus to remote shield boost 30% penalty to warp speed 50% penalty to maximum locked targets

Entering and exiting

Wormhole to the Pochven Region.
Wormhole leading out of Pochven.

Wormholes leading to and from the Pochven Region:

  • Appear in wormhole systems, as well as k-space systems.
  • Are often guarded by Rogue Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians.
  • The signature is around 70 km away from the actual wormhole.

The forces guarding the wormholes to and from Pochven are different depending on which side you are on:

  • NPCs as found in Pochven (Rogue Drones, EDENCOM, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians) forces are present on the inside (Pochven side).
  • Triglavians are present on the outside (non-Pochven side).

Note that players with positive (0.01 or higher, NOT 0.00!) standing toward both Triglavians and EDENCOM forces can get into or out of Pochven relatively safely this way, a guide for which can be found here.

Burning the 70 km distance from the signature to the wormhole can be averted by bookmarking the wormhole and warping to the bookmark instead of the signature. The wormholes are NOT deadspace, so you can warp freely around the wormhole.

Region-wide cynosural field jammers stops anyone from lighting a cyno, which means capital ships cannot jump into the Pochven region. Note that similar to how it works in high security space and in incursion constellations, this does not stop capital ships already in the region to jump out of the region.

Pochven Region Filaments

Filaments allow a Fleet of up to 1, 5 and 15 subcapital ships to enter or exit Pochven.

  • Inbound Filaments
    Cladistic 'Krai' Filaments System Class 'Pochven' Filaments
    • Looted from wrecks of Triglavian ships
    • Jump from Known Space to a 'Krai' controlled Systems
    • Looted from various enemies in Known Space
    • Jump from Known Space to a Border, Internal or Home System Class
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Perun' Triglavian Filament 5.png Border-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Perun' Triglavian Filament 15.png Border-15 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Veles' Triglavian Filament 5.png Internal-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Veles' Triglavian Filament 15.png Internal-15 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Cladistic-5 'Krai Svarog' Triglavian Filament 5.png Home-5 'Pochven'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Cladistic-15 'Krai Svarog' Triglavian Filament 15.png Home-15 'Pochven'
  • Outbound Filaments
    Glorification 'Devana' Filaments Proximity 'Extraction' Filaments
    • Looted from wrecks of Triglavian ships in Pochven
    • Jump from Pochven to a "Triglavian Minor Victory" System
    • Looted from wrecks of EDENCOM ships in Pochven
    • Jump from Pochven to a nearby System in Known Space
    Triglavian Filament 1.png[1] Glorification-1 'Devana' Triglavian Filament 5.png Proximity-5 'Extraction'
    Triglavian Filament 5.png Glorification-5 'Devana' Triglavian Filament 15.png Proximity-15 'Extraction'
    Triglavian Filament 15.png Glorification-15 'Devana'
    1. ^ Can be bought for 10k ISK from the Local Market in Pochven.


Stations in Triglavian space have standing requirements for many of their services.

Action Standing requirement
Market, inventory None
Docking -0.05
LP store -0.01
Fitting 1.00
Repair 2.00
Jump clone (swap only) 3.00
Reprocessing 3.00
Manufacturing 4.00
Corporation office 4.00 (corp standing)

The LP store trades many items for use by players. They require a commodity called Interstellar Navigation Logs that drop from all non-Triglavian NPCs that spawn all over Pochven.

All blueprints are 1-run and are effectively consumed once used.

  • Tech 1 Entropic Disintegrator ammo for all sizes
  • Tech 1, Meta & Faction Disintegrator BPCs (includes Ultratidal Disintegrators)
  • Tech 1, Meta & Faction Mutadaptive Armor Repairer BPCs
  • Tech 1 Damage Module BPCs (Entropic Radiation Sinks)
  • Tech 1 Precursor Ship BPCs (including the Zirnitra)
  • Precursor Tech 1 Skillbooks for T1 Triglavian ships and modules as well as ore reprocessing skills for Rakovene, Talassonite and Bezdnacine
  • Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering (used in manufacturing the Damavik, Kikimora, Rodiva and Vedmak)
  • Tech 1 Capital Construction component BPCs (required for building the Zirnitra)
  • Tech 1 Capital Ship Components (Capital Singularity Radiation Convertors, Trinary State Processors and Zero-Point Field Manipulators)
  • Mimesis Implant set (low, mid and high-grade)
  • Bioadaptive Kybernaut, Kybernaut Clade and Triglavian Survival Clothing for both genders

Triglavian conduit gates to home systems also require 7.00 standing. The other Pochven conduit gates are open to all.

If players wish to gain positive standings with both EDENCOM and the Triglavians so they can travel through all of hisec without being bothered by them again, they can do so relatively easily in Pochven, provided they do not already have negative standings. Killing NPCs in Pochven other than EDENCOM or Triglavian forces will reward the player with a small standing increase with both factions. The easiest method to do so is to use a destroyer to kill a single weak Rogue Drone in Pochven. For more detailed standing guide see Getting positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings.

Mining sites in Pochven

Pochven systems also spawn ore deposits periodically through the systems. These ore anomalies can be mined for Bezdnacine, Talassonite, Rakovene and Spodumain. The value of the ores depends on where the deposits are located; border systems have the lowest quality, internal systems have moderate quality, and home systems have the best quality ores. Home systems also have a chance of spawning Mercoxit as part of their ore deposits.

Ore anomalies contain practically every single mineral available from K-Space, with the exception of Mexallon and Pyerite, which must be imported from K-Space in order to manufacture products requiring those minerals.

Asteroid belts do not spawn in Pochven systems.

Home systems will spawn higher-yield Spodumain and Mercoxit, as well as containing "Hadal" and "Abyssal" higher-yield ores that can be reprocessed for a 5% and 10% increase in mineral yield.

The ore deposits are named differently depending on the type of system.

System Ore Types
Border Border <Ore name> Field
Internal Internal <Ore name> Field
Home Home <Ore name> Field

There may also be Ubiquitous Mineral Fields that can spawn in system, which can be mined for reaction materials like Neodymium.

Ice belts can still spawn in systems that once frequently spawned them before Pochven was formed, though at a reduced rate than before.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MINERS: Roaming fleets of EDENCOM, Triglavian, Rogue Drone, Sleeper and Drifter ships can warp to these sites. If one does not have neutral/positive standings with the rats, immediately warp out unless you are confident that you can take on them.

In some situations, NPC fights can take place at these anomalies.

Combat sites in Pochven

PLEASE NOTE: Wormholes in Pochven spawn FAR more rats compared to in combat anomalies. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to clear out the wormhole sites with multiple people; the damage output can become very high, even if the guarding rats are Rogue Drones.

Wormholes in Pochven spawn multiple waves of rats on them. The roaming rats and perhaps the combat sites in the system depend on the spawned wormhole. The roaming fleets of rats are not to be taken lightly; they often include normal and stronger rats and very few scout-type rats. For example, if there is a wormhole leading to W-Space in a Pochven system, the roaming fleets will often consist of "Hypnosian" and "Aroused Hypnosian" rats, which are quite strong and are very difficult to tank and kill. Sometimes they can spawn with Drifters, which are extremely dangerous to deal with and are not to be taken lightly.

All Wormholes can jump up to Battleships and will not let capital ships through. They all last 12-16 hours before collapsing.

Pochven wormholes are all Level II scan difficulty on the K-Space side. The wormholes inside Pochven can be Level I or Level II scanning difficulty.

Wormhole U372 (drone region null security to Pochven) - Rogue Drones
Wormhole C729 (high/low security to Pochven) - EDENCOM
Wormhole F216 (Anoikis to Pochven) - Drifters and Sleeper drones; does not appear in C1 WHs
Wormhole X450 (Pochven to null security) - Rogue Drones
Wormhole R081 (Pochven to C4 WH space) - Drifters and Sleeper drones

The C729 entrance is most common and spawns in high and low security space in systems within a few jumps of the destination system in Pochven (before the region was created). The C729 identifier is present on the K-Space side, and the default K162 signature is present on the Pochven side.

In most Pochven systems, C729s are static wormholes.

Clearing all NPCs spawned on a wormhole will award ISK from the Triglavian Collective when completed. Please note that the rats often warp around and are often significantly harder to clear than rats in combat anomalies.

Combat anomalies:

The majority of the combat anomalies are almost impossible to run solo. The only exception would be Rogue Drone sites (which can be run in a smartbombing battleship or sniper) or Convocation Watchpost sites (about the difficulty of an Emerging Conduit).

The Incipient Drone Swarm, Convocation Watchpost, EDENCOM Scout Fleet and Torpid Sleeper Hive anomalies are ungated, while the rest are behind acceleration gates. All sites will pay out ISK (and DED LP in the case of the World Ark and the Stellar Fleet site) when they are completed.

Local NPC behavior

Triglavian and EDENCOM roaming fleets will aggress players who do not have neutral or positive standings with them. Drifters, Rogue Drones and Sleepers appear hostile to all players regardless of neutrality or standings and will roam around systems periodically, switching locations every 10-15 minutes.

Rats can warp to planets, moons, stations, the sun, wormholes and ore anomalies.

Unlike NPC behavior in K-Space, the five main Pochven factions are extremely aggressive to each other and will attack each other on sight if they meet each other on grid. They will call in reinforcements if enough NPC ships are destroyed and often result in massive fights breaking out at random locations. These fights often attract players wanting to help destroy NPCs for standing ticks or for nabbing loot and salvage dropped from ship wrecks left behind at a fight location.

Important note: As of 4/5/21 Triglavian and EDENCOM ships have been confirmed to attack players during these multi-faction fights, even those friendly to those factions. This often happens when a player aggresses a target that the ships friendly to them are attacking already.

There also appears to be a bug in the NPC AI where hostile ships do not attack players until one of them is destroyed.

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