Overmind Nursery Groves

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The Overmind Nursery Groves is a Rogue Drone Site in Pochven that appeared at the 4th quadrant in EVE Online, the New Dawn, Age of Prosperity. It can be warped-to with a Beacon (Named "Celestial Beacon"), or a Cosmic Signature (Data or Combat type). The scanning difficulty for this site is also unknown.


Acceleration Gate (Unknown ship limits)

1st pocket

a bunch of Salvaging Phase-0xZ Foragers. They do not need to be attacked and you can proceed to the acceleration gate.

2nd Pocket


Frigate 100 x Frigate Punishing Phase-IV-Z Broodguard Generally you don't want to be hit with these guys. They do OMNI damage and if you want to kill them you need a 400 hp tank. they do not drop loot.
Structure 1 x Overmind Nursery Nest Wreck needs to be salvaged. NPCs will warp off once destroyed. 1x Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller worth 17mil.


New Quadrant