Observatory Flashpoint

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Site Details
Observatory Flashpoint
Type Combat Anomaly
Found in Pochven
Max ship size T2 Battleship
Faction EDENCOM / Amarr Empire
Best damage to deal Thermal damage ThElectromagnetic damage EM
Damage to resist Electromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th

The Observatory Flashpoint is a combat anomaly that can be found in Pochven, intended to be run with a fleet of up to 15 ships. It is functionally unchanged from the Observatory Flashpoints found during Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the Triglavian Invasion. Whenever a site is completed, a new site will spawn immediately in another part of Pochven, with a hard limit of three sites in the region at a time.

The site comes pre locked, and will always be against EDENCOM. However, the only variant of the site which currently spawns is the Amarrian variant. This means that the site will always deal EM and Thermal damage, and apply Energy Neutralizers and Tracking and Guidance Disruptors, which may be a problem for shield tanking fleets, but no Webs will be applied.

Icon warning.png Due to the way NPC aggression interacts with faction standings, this site cannot safely be run if any pilots in fleet have negative standings towards the Triglavian Collective. Attempting to run the site with negative-Triglavian pilots in fleet will result in the fleet's logistics ships being randomly targeted and disintegrated by "friendly" Triglavian forces, especially the Zirnitra that spawns in after the dreadnought is defeated, capable of easily destroying an unprepared logi.


A small number of EDENCOM and Triglavian ships fighting each other on the acceleration gate. Sometimes, Sleepers may also be seen fighting at the warpin point.


Acceleration Gate 1 x Observatory Assault Vector

1st pocket

Near the warp-in, there is a large Stellar Observatory structure. On arrival, this structure is invulnerable, and guarded by one wave of EDENCOM ships. Attacking this wave will spawn a second wave of ships, and destroying enough ships from these two waves will spawn a single Dreadnought, an Imperial Navy Revelation.

Dreadnought Spawn

Dreadnought 1 x Dreadnought Empire Dreadnought Dreadnought Systems Diagram

After the Revelation spawns, two additional waves of EDENCOM ships will continue to spawn. The Dreadnought will warp in roughly 40-80km from the Observatory in a random direction. Every two minutes, the Dreadnought will enter Siege for three minutes, giving itself a massive +425% damage boost, and the standard EWAR resistance of a Siege Module. The Dreadnought has a slow 12-second fire rate, but extremely high alpha damage, and a tracking speed of 10 (in line with long-range Cruiser weapons), making evasion difficult and mandating heavy tank. Additionally, the Dreadnought and each wave of EDENCOM ships can and will choose targets independently, meaning that at any given time five different fleet members may be under attack - logis beware!

Icon warning.png If the dread is not killed within a certain amount of time, it will ‘ route additional power to its siege module’, sometimes referred to as ‘super siege’. In this state, the sheer amount of alpha damage can easily destroy an entire fleet.

The wreck of the Revelation contains a Dreadnought Systems Diagram, used to unlock the Triglavian cache at the end of the site. However, the wreck projects a large (30-50km) warp disruption field, so a fleet will either need to burn out of range of the disruption, bring a salvage ship to salvage the wreck, removing the field, or destroy the wreck by shooting it.

Once the Dreadnought is destroyed, the Stellar Observatory will become vulnerable, two more waves of EDENCOM ships will spawn, along with two Overcharge Pylons, and a friendly Liminal Zirnitra. The Zirnitra will open fire on either the EDENCOM ships or the Observatory. Flying within 5km of one of the Overcharge Pylons will give a +100% bonus to turret and launcher damage, and bringing 8 ships into range of a pylon will cause the friendly Zirnitra to enter Siege and gain +425% damage.

Destroying the Observatory triggers site completion, and spawns the main loot cache. The wreck of the Observatory projects a similar disruption field to that of the dread sight.


Notable structures

Structure 1 x Stellar Observatory Killing triggers site completion and spawns Bioadaptive Schematic Cache.
Structure 1 x Triglavian Biocombinative Schematic Cache Needs a Dreadnought Systems Diagram to open Destroy the Stellar Observatory to spawn Zirnitra Blueprint Data Vault

The Cache can be opened multiple times if multiple keys are brought to it.


The site pays a considerable sum of ISK that varies with fleet size, ranging from around 520 million ISK per pilot for a fleet of 5, to around 230 million ISK per pilot for a fleet of 15. Including more than 15 pilots in the payout will greatly reduce total site rewards. In order to be included in the payout, pilots must be in the site, not cloaked, and either apply damage to the Observatory structure or apply remote repairs to another ship which has damaged the structure.

The loot cache can contain skillbooks for Precursor Dreadnought or Capital Precursor Weapon. It can also contain a Zirnitra BPC, Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator BPC, XL Exotic Plasma Charge BPC, or capital component BPC.