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This article discusses combat sites found in known space. For combat sites found in wormholes, see Wormhole sites.

Combat Sites are a broad class of locations involving player versus environment (PvE) combat, usually in engagements against pirate faction enemies. Combat sites can be found throughout all types of space in New Eden, now including null security and wormhole space. The rewards for completing a given site can also vary due to the nature of rare loot mechanics: most sites have a (largely unknown) percentage-based chance to spawn a uniquely named enemy ship, which in turn has its own chance to drop random Deadspace or Faction modules, or even unique blueprint copies.

Combat sites are usually found via exploration and most fall into one of two broad categories: combat anomalies and cosmic signatures. The most notable difference is that anomalies do not need locating, while cosmic signatures must be found using Core Scanner Probes. Combat sites found as cosmic signatures may be further divided into DED rated complexes, unrated complexes, and chemical labs. In general, cosmic signature combat sites are considered to be both more dangerous and more rewarding than combat anomalies found in similar areas of space.

Like missions, the type and amount of enemy ships found in a particular combat site is consistent across all instances of the site, with only a small, pre-determined amount of variance. The enemies present in a given combat site can belong to one of six factions in New Eden: Serpentis, the Angel Cartel, the Blood Raider Covenant, the Guristas Pirates, Sansha's Nation, or the Rogue Drones, and most combat sites are named for the faction found within. Unlike missions, combat sites do not feature any enemy ships from any of the four empires, nor are there combat sites guarded by ORE or the Sisters of EVE. Hostile NPCs from the Mordu's Legion pirate faction only appear in the Besieged Covert Research Facility. All enemy ships within a combat site have bounties that are paid to the player who kills them, and if that player is part of a fleet, the bounty is divided evenly among all fleet members on-grid. As a general rule, bigger ships (such as battlecruisers and battleships) or uniquely named ships (such as those belonging to pirate leaders or complex overseers) will award higher bounties, and will also be harder to destroy.

Expeditions and COSMOS sites are unique combat sites that do not fall into any of the above categories. Expeditions are unique chains of combat sites that may be triggered when a player fulfils certain conditions in an Unrated Complex, and the associated sites can only be reached via the Agency window. COSMOS sites are static combat sites that can be found in several constellations across New Eden, and are marked by beacons that are automatically visible on the overview. These sites reward items required for COSMOS missions, materials for Storyline modules, Faction modules, and other rare items, but can be entered at any time.

How to do combat sites

Main article: Guide to combat sites

Running combat sites, is the act of entering and clearing the sites of hostile NPC ships (a.k.a. "rats").
Clearing these sites greatly benefit from having a PvE ship that can deal with the type of pirate ships you will face. Below you will find the combat sites divided up according to the pirate faction that you will find in these sites, so make sure your ship is equipped to handle them.


Most Cosmic Anomalies are combat anomalies inhabited by pirates.[1] Unlike cosmic signatures, they do not need any scanning equipment to locate, and instead will automatically appear in the scanning window after a short delay upon entering a system. Because of this, combat anomalies, particularly those found in high-security space, represent an entry-level set of combat sites that many new players will encounter. All anomalies consist of a single grid without acceleration gates that can be entered by any type of ship. Combat anomalies will spawn multiple waves of hostile NPCs, and have a low chance to spawn a commander ship that can drop faction items; they also have a small chance of escalating into a DED rated complex.

With the exception of Rogue Drone sites, all combat anomalies follow a naming scheme of <faction> <anomaly>. The <anomaly> denotes the difficulty of the site, and follows an identical pattern for all factions except Rogue Drones. Generally, the higher the difficulty of the site, the higher the rewards for completing it. Each faction's sites will only appear in their designated regions (with the exception of Rogue Drone sites, which can appear anywhere). For example, the Heimatar region has Angel Cartel rats, and therefore only Angel Cartel and Rogue Drone combat sites can be found there. For a list of which pirate factions can be found in which regions, see Dotlan.

The difficulty of possible combat anomalies depends on the security status of the system, with higher security status equating to easier sites. Within high-sec (security status 1.0 to 0.5), sites in the lowest difficulty tier (in terms of difficulty/ value) will be found. Low-sec (security status of 0.4 to 0.1) contains the middle tier, and the highest tier will be found within nullsec. The security level of the space where Rogue Drone sites are found also affects the difficulty of the site.

The <faction> Burrows and the Drone Collections are generally only worth doing for meager bounties/salvage.

Difficulty Found In Combat anomalies
Tier Level High Low Null Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
1 1 Angel Hideaway None Blood Hideaway None Guristas Hideaway 4/10 Sansha Hideaway 3/10 Serpentis Hideaway 3/10 Drone Cluster None
2 Angel Hidden Hideaway None Blood Hidden Hideaway None Guristas Hidden Hideaway None Sansha Hidden Hideaway None Serpentis Hidden Hideaway None
3 Angel Forsaken Hideaway None Blood Forsaken Hideaway None Guristas Forsaken Hideaway None Sansha Forsaken Hideaway None Serpentis Forsaken Hideaway None
4 Angel Forlorn Hideaway None Blood Forlorn Hideaway None Guristas Forlorn Hideaway None Sansha Forlorn Hideaway None Serpentis Forlorn Hideaway None
2 Angel Burrow None Blood Burrow None Guristas Burrow None Sansha Burrow None Serpentis Burrow None Drone Collection None
3 Angel Refuge 5/10 Blood Refuge 4/10 Guristas Refuge 4/10 Sansha Refuge 3/10 Serpentis Refuge 3/10 Drone Assembly 3/10
4 1 Angel Den 5/10 Blood Den 5/10 Guristas Den 5/10 Sansha Den 5/10 Serpentis Den 5/10 Drone Gathering 3/10
2 Angel Hidden Den None Blood Hidden Den None Guristas Hidden Den 6/10 Sansha Hidden Den None Serpentis Hidden Den None
3 Angel Forsaken Den 7/10 Blood Forsaken Den None Guristas Forsaken Den 7/10 Sansha Forsaken Den None Serpentis Forsaken Den None
4 Angel Forlorn Den 7/10 Blood Forlorn Den None Guristas Forlorn Den 7/10 Sansha Forlorn Den None Serpentis Forlorn Den None
5 Angel Yard 5/10 Blood Yard 6/10 Guristas Yard 5/10 Sansha Yard 6/10 Serpentis Yard 6/10 Drone Surveillance 3/10
6 1 Angel Rally Point 6/10 Blood Rally Point 6/10 Guristas Rally Point 6/10 Sansha Rally Point 6/10 Serpentis Rally Point 6/10 Drone Menagerie 5/10
2 Angel Hidden Rally Point 6/10 Blood Hidden Rally Point None Guristas Hidden Rally Point unrated Sansha Hidden Rally Point unrated Serpentis Hidden Rally Point None
3 Angel Forsaken Rally Point 8/10 Blood Forsaken Rally Point 8/10 Guristas Forsaken Rally Point 8/10 Sansha Forsaken Rally Point 8/10 Serpentis Forsaken Rally Point 8/10
4 Angel Forlorn Rally Point None Blood Forlorn Rally Point 8/10 Guristas Forlorn Rally Point 8/10 Sansha Forlorn Rally Point 8/10 Serpentis Forlorn Rally Point 8/10
7 Angel Port 7/10 Blood Port 7/10 Guristas Port 7/10 Sansha Port 7/10 Serpentis Port 7/10 Drone Herd 5/10
8 1 Angel Hub 8/10 Blood Hub 8/10 Guristas Hub 8/10 Sansha Hub None Serpentis Hub 8/10 Drone Squad 10/10
2 Angel Hidden Hub Unrated Blood Hidden Hub None Guristas Hidden Hub None Sansha Hidden Hub Unknown Serpentis Hidden Hub None
3 Angel Forsaken Hub Unrated Blood Forsaken Hub None Guristas Forsaken Hub unrated Sansha Forsaken Hub unrated Serpentis Forsaken Hub unrated
4 Angel Forlorn Hub Unrated Blood Forlorn Hub Unknown Guristas Forlorn Hub unrated

Guristas Capital Staging

Sansha Forlorn Hub unrated Serpentis Forlorn Hub unrated
9 Angel Haven 10/10 Blood Haven 10/10 Guristas Haven 10/10

Guristas Shielded Starbase

Sansha Haven 10/10 Serpentis Haven 10/10 Drone Patrol 10/10
10 Angel Sanctum N/A Blood Sanctum 10/10 Guristas Sanctum 10/10 Sansha Sanctum 10/10 Serpentis Sanctum 10/10 Drone Horde 10/10
  1. ^ The other type of anomaly involves harvestable resources, such as ore or ice. All other types of site, such as Relic and Data always appear as signatures and require a probe launcher, and therefore they are never anomalies.

In addition to their basic version, Hideaway, Den, Rally Point and Hub sites also feature three variants of progressive difficulty featuring elite enemies. These variants follow an extended naming convention as follows:

  1. <Faction> Hidden <anomaly> - Level 2; higher amount of triggered spawns.
  2. <Faction> Forsaken <anomaly> - Level 3; moderate difficulty, featuring elite enemy ships.
  3. <Faction> Forlorn <anomaly> - Level 4; featuring tougher enemies and elite ships.

Besieged Covert Research Facility

Main article: Besieged Covert Research Facility

Besieged Guristas Covert Research Facility is a unique cosmic anomaly found in all low sec regions that spawns two waves of Mordu's Legion cruisers and battleships equipped with webifiers and warp disruptors. Unlike other enemies, these ships are able to switch damage types to find what is most effective against a given target (instead of dealing omni damage).

Besieged facilities are not to be confused with Ghost Sites, which are found in all types of space, can belong to any faction, and are hacking analyzer focused. There are no other pirate faction versions of the besieged site as of 2018. Notable loot includes higher-end implants and ship skin BPCs, as well as special module BPCs.

Faction Warfare

Main article: Faction Warfare

In faction warfare space, faction warfare complexes show up as combat anomalies. Once someone warps to a site, it will also show up as a beacon in the overview.

Triglavian Invasion Combat Sites

In Pochven, Minor EDENCOM and Triglavian Victory Systems EDENCOM and Triglavian Sites appear as Cosmic Anomalies.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Triglavian Emerging Conduit Minor Conduit Major Conduit Stellar Fleet Deployment Site World Ark Deployment Site
EDENCOM EDENCOM Forward Post EDENCOM Staging Area EDENCOM Field Base Observatory Flashpoint


Main article: Homefront operation

Highsec systems feature additional Combat Anomalies called Homefront Operations. They are a form of group content that requires several people.

Cosmic Signatures

When you scan down a Cosmic Signature it may be a Combat Site.

A Combat Site can be a:

  • Unrated Complex
  • DED Rated Complex or
  • Chemical Lab

Unrated complexes

Unrated complexes have a good chance to contain a commander spawn that can drop Faction items. They may also escalate into an expedition.

The sites contain multiple deadspace rooms separated by acceleration gates. The acceleration gates separating the rooms are usually locked, in which case some condition must be fulfilled, or a key must be found to proceed. The sites also have triggers for additional defender spawns and/ or an escalation. The size of ship allowed in Unrated Complexes does not follow a predictable pattern; each site, even of the same difficulty but from a different faction, may have a different ship size limit.

Found In Unrated complexes
High Low Null Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
Angel Hideout Blood Hideout Gurista Hideout Sansha Hideout Serpentis Hideout Haunted Yard
Angel Lookout Blood Lookout Gurista Lookout Sansha Lookout Serpentis Lookout Desolate Site
Angel Watch Blood Watch Gurista Watch Sansha Watch Serpentis Watch Chemical Yard
Angel Vigil Blood Vigil Guristas Vigil Sansha Vigil Serpentis Vigil -
Provisional Angel Outpost Provisional Blood Outpost Provisional Gurista Outpost Provisional Sansha Outpost Provisional Serpentis Outpost Rogue Trial Yard
Angel Outpost Blood Raider Outpost Gurista Outpost Sansha Outpost Serpentis Outpost Dirty Site
Minor Angel Annex Minor Blood Annex Minor Guristas Annex Minor Sansha Annex Minor Serpentis Annex Ruins
Angel Annex Blood Annex Guristas Annex Sansha Annex Serpentis Annex -
Angel Base Blood Raider Base Gurista Base Sansha Base Serpentis Base Independence
Angel Fortress Blood Raider Fortress Gurista Fortress Sansha Fortress Serpentis Fortress Radiance
Angel Military Complex Blood Military Complex Gurista Military Complex Sansha Military Complex Serpentis Military Complex Hierarchy
Angel Provincial HQ Blood Provincial HQ Gurista Provincial HQ Sansha Provincial HQ Serpentis Provincial HQ -
Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point Dark Blood Fleet Staging Point Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point True Sansha Fleet Staging Point Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point -

Blood Raider Temple Complex

The Blood Raider Temple Complex is another variant of the Dark Blood Fleet Staging Point. It is much harder than its staging point counterpart and requires several people in well-tanked ships. The escalation for this site is the Blood Raider Temple Complex (The Inner Sanctum)

DED rated complexes

DED complexes are a type of cosmic signature that has been rated on a difficulty scale of 1/10 to 10/10 by CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department. Lower rated sites contain weaker enemies, and limited ship class access. DED rated complexes are found using Core Scanner Probes, or are received as an escalation from a combat anomaly. There are no 9/10-rated DED complexes, however some consider the <Faction> Fleet Staging Point to be their equivalent.

The structure of a DED rated complex is very similar an Unrated Complex, and usually involve gated deadspace pockets with multiple groups of enemies.

Unlike other combat sites, DED rated complexes do not have additional enemy spawns; all enemies begin on-grid in each pocket. Many DED rated complexes also contain locked gates that may be unlocked by a certain trigger. This makes blitzing possible, as not all enemies need to be cleared to proceed. The sites also always contain one or more overseer structures or overseer ships that can drop deadspace modules, a pirate ship BPC or very rarely a faction module. The overseer that drops deadspace modules will always drop 0-5 modules. Each possible deadspace module has same chance to drop and no more than one module of same type can drop at once. Some DED complexes contain additional targets that have a very low probability to drop a Faction module. Additionally overseers always drop Overseer's Personal Effects that can be sold to NPC buy orders to earn ISK.

DED rated complexes do not normally escalate, but DED rated complexes that are received as an escalation from an anomaly may receive another escalation to the same site or a second part.

The difficulty rating of a complex determines maximum size of ship class that may be used to engage. Starting from frigates at level 1/10, the ship size that can enter a site goes up by one size category with each increase in rating, maxing out at battleships at level 5/10.

DED Rating Maximum Ship Class Size Allowed
1/10 Frigate class
2/10 Destroyer class (including T3)
3/10 Cruiser class (except for T3 cruiser)
4/10 Battlecruiser class (except for T3 Cruiser)
5-10/10 Battleship class and T3 Cruiser

DED Rating Found In DED complexes
High Low Null Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
1/10 Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm Old Meanie - Cultivation Center Pith Robux Asteroid Mining & Co. Sansha Military Outpost Serpentis Drug Outlet
2/10 Angel Creo-Corp Mining Blood Raider Human Farm Pith Merchant Depot Sansha Acclimatization Facility Serpentis Live Cargo Distribution Facilities Rogue Drone Infestation Sprout
3/10 Angel Repurposed Outpost Blood Raider Intelligence Collection Point Guristas Guerilla Grounds Sansha's Command Relay Outpost Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation[1]
4/10 Angel Cartel Occupied Mining Colony Mul-Zatah Monastery Guristas Scout Outpost Sansha's Nation Occupied Mining Colony Serpentis Phi-Outpost -
5/10 [2] Angel's Red Light District Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive (5/10) [1]
6/10 Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost [3] Crimson Hand Supply Depot Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp Sansha War Supply Complex Serpentis Logistical Outpost [3] -
7/10 Angel Military Operations Complex Blood Raider Coordination Center Gurista Military Operations Complex Sansha Military Operations Complex Serpentis Paramilitary Complex -
8/10 Cartel Prisoner Retention Blood Raider Prison Camp Pith's Penal Complex Sansha Prison Camp Serpentis Prison Camp -
9/10 - - - - - -
10/10 Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard Blood Raider Naval Shipyard The Maze Centus Assembly T.P. Co. Serpentis Fleet Shipyard Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive (10/10)

6/10 sites: Please click on the numbered superscript for additional information regarding the rating of these sites.

  1. ^ a b This site has also been observed in null-sec
  2. ^ DED 5/10s cannot naturally spawn in high security systems, however they can be received as an escalation that spawns in a high security system.
  3. ^ a b There is no rating displayed in warp-in popup text.

Chemical Labs

Chemical Labs are Cosmic Signatures, and may be found by scanning with Core Scanner Probes. Even though the probe scan window categorizes these as "gas sites", they are actually combat sites. To access all possible rewards you will need to hack containers using a Data Analyzer module. You will also need to take care of the hostiles unless you can tank them all while hacking.

The Production Facility and digital sites spawns in null security space only, while all other sites spawn in low security space.

Details of these sites are not well documented. Most contain two waves of enemies and containers that need to be hacked, and the sites are restricted to specific regions, though the region in which each site spawns is not entirely known. The regions listed here may not be the only region containing the particular site.

Faction Site Location
Angel Cartel Angel Chemical Lab Heimatar
Angel Gas Processing Site Heimatar
Elohim Sooth Sayer Distribution Base Molden Heath
Elohim X-Instinct Distribution Base Heimatar
Elohim Sooth Sayer Production Facility Wicked Creek
Elohim X-Instinct Production Facility Feythabolis
Digital Matrix Feythabolis
Digital Network Wicked Creek
Blood Raiders Blood Raider Chemical Lab Aridia
Blood Raider Gas Processing Site ?
CHAIN Mindflood Distribution Base Aridia
CHAIN Mindflood Production Facility Delve
Digital Complex Delve
Guristas Pirates Guristas Chemical Lab The Forge
Guristas Gas Processing Site The Forge
H-PA Crew Blue Pill Distribution Base The Forge
H-PA Crew Crash Distribution Base Lonetrek
H-PA Crew Blue Pill Production Facility Vale of the Silent
H-PA Crew Crash Production Facility Tenal
Digital Plexus Vale of the Silent
Digital Convolution Tenal
Sansha's Nation Sansha Chemical Lab ?
Sansha Gas Processing Site Derelik
PDW-09FX Frentix Distribution Base Derelik
PDW-09FX Frentix Production Facility Catch
Digital Circuitry Catch
Serpentis Corporation Serpentis Chemical Lab Solitude
Serpentis Gas Processing Site Placid
Core Runner Drop Distribution Placid
Core Runner Exile Distribution Base Solitude
Core Runner Drop Production Facility Cloud Ring
Core Runner Exile Production Facility Fountain
Digital Compound Fountain
Digital Tessellation Cloud Ring

Combat relic sites

Main article: Relic and data sites#Combat relic sites

Combat relic sites are extremely rare combat sites that are only found in certain Nullsec regions. Though they are cosmic signatures and seems like relic sites, they appear to Probes as combat sites. These particular sites are often harder than normal, gated, and only allow up to T2 Battleships to enter.

ISHAEKA Tactical Response HQ

This is a scannable cosmic signature found only in the Monalaz constellation. It is very hard and requires a very strongly-tanked Marauder or T3 cruiser to even potentially run.


Expeditions (also known as escalations) cannot be found by scanning, instead they "escalate" from Unrated Complexes. When a certain trigger condition is met, there is a small chance (about 5%) that a pop up window will open explaining that the details of the location of another enemy site has been found. This site's information can then be found in The Agency, available from the NeoCom panel.

When the site listed in the Journal is completed, there is a chance that it will escalate further, leading to yet another site. Most expeditions have four such parts.

The locations of the sites provided by an expedition are random, often appearing several jumps away from where the expedition was obtained. Many expeditions may spawn their fourth site in lower-security space than where they began.

The exact method for escalating to next part of expedition is not known. But based on observation the following seems to hold:

  • The probability to escalate further is 50%. This would mean that the probability to reach the fourth location is about 12.5%.
  • The system where the next part is must have lower true security than the current system. (This may no longer be true)
  • If no systems with lower true security are found within search range (unknown) the escalation ends silently with no failed escalation message.
Unrated Complex Expeditions
Angel Cartel Blood Raiders Guristas Pirates Sansha's Nation Serpentis Corporation Rogue Drones
High Sec Expeditions may appear in lower security systems.
<Faction> Hideout
Haunted Yard
Blue Pill Frentex Sooth Sayer Drop Mindflood Pulverize The Pioneers
<Faction> Lookout
Desolate Site
Chasing the Dragon Following the Blood Trap? Slave Breeding Plants Angel Kickbacks Mare Sargassum
<Faction> Watch
Chemical Yard
The Nuclear Small Arms Project Medical Twilight Terrorist Plot! Nation on the Rise Jet-Set Hooligans Hunting the Drudge Factory
<Faction> Vigil The Big Blue The Rewards of Devotion Kidnapped! True Power Shipyards Booster R&D -
Low Sec Expeditions may appear in lower security systems.
Provisional <Faction> Outpost
Rogue Trial Yard
Domination Surveillance Squad Blood Surveillance Squad Gurista Surveillance Squad Sansha Surveillance Squad Guardian Angels Surveillance Squad Moving Day
<Faction> Outpost
Dirty Site
Salvation Angel's Shipment Save The Slaves Gurista Productions Shipment Hidden Riches Elite Playground Loose Ends
Minor <Faction> Annex
Angel Owned Station Blood Owned Station Guristas Owned Station Sansha Owned Station Serpentis Owned Station Menacing Mechanics
<Faction> Annex Angel Powergrid Blood Raider Powergrid Guristas Powergrid Sansha Powergrid Serpentis Powergrid -
<Faction> DED 6/10 Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost, 2nd Part - - - Serpentis Logistical Outpost Part 2 -
Null Sec
<Faction> Base
Toxic Waste Scandal! Religious Fury Consequences Smonsequences True Power HQ Contract Killers The Drone Roulette
<Faction> Fortress
Operation Spring Cleaning Dubious Assignment Hired Gun Shady Operation Suspicious Job Molting Season
<Faction> Military Complex
Pioneers Peril Frontier in Flames Pirate's Path David V Goliath Colony Under Fire Trouble in Paradise
<Faction> Provincial HQ Special Forces Fountain of Youth No Quarter The Ancient City Serpentis Secrets -
<Faction> Fleet Staging Point Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point 2 and 3 Dark Blood Fleet Staging Point 2 and 3 Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point 2 and 3 True Sansha Fleet Staging Point 2 and 3 Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point 2 and part 3 -

COSMOS sites

Main article: COSMOS

Certain constellations contain COSMOS combat sites, which are connected to COSMOS missions but may be accessed at any time. These sites appear as a static complex beacon that is visible in the Overview. COSMOS sites can be located using the Star Map and the "DED deadspace reports" or combat signatures tag setting. Not all static DED sites are combat sites, some of them are landmarks or Epic Mission Agent locations.

COSMOS sites are static and do not move. Even the ones that can be scanned are always in the same location.

The static COSMOS sites re-spawn periodically (some only at downtime). These offer reward items, which may be required for COSMOS missions and/ or be materials used in building Storyline modules , Faction modules and/or rare items.[1]

Gated COSMOS sites follow the same ship size restrictions as DED rated complex sites. Un-gated COSMOS sites have no restrictions.

COSMOS sites can be found in COSMOS areas:

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