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Guristas COSMOS in Vale of the Silent is one of the null security COSMOS. As with other null security COSMOS there is not much information available.

The Caldari State have found something significant in G5ED-Y. The State military has set up a huge base of operations in that system, and its presence there is thick as sour milk. The Guristas on the other hand are extremely curious as to what their arch nemesis has discovered, and have set up many bases in the surrounding systems to oversee reconnaissance missions into G5ED-Y. A division from the Serpentis has also been sent to the constellation on behalf of the Smuggler Cartel, led by the infamous Black Jack.


Agent Standing req Faction Location
Airkio Yanjulen 6.00 Guristas Pirates O-LR1H - The Iacta Space Plain
Ozomi Obanen none Guristas Pirates B-E3KQ
Fetosa Kanim none Guristas Pirates BR-6XP
Knaaninn Aranuri none Guristas Pirates G5ED-Y - Knaaninn Aranuri
Vena Saapialen none Guristas Pirates UL-4ZW
Ocho Shusiian none Guristas Pirates Y5J-EU
Rakka Tahiri 2.00 Guristas Pirates Y5J-EU
Oronata Vion 6.00 Caldari State G5ED-Y - Contested Kois City
Tomi Hakiro 6.00 Caldari State G5ED-Y - First Sergeant Hakiro's Lookout
Gue Mouey none The Syndicate UL-4ZW - Syndicate Trade Hub
Isana Dagin 6.00 The Syndicate BR-6XP - Black Jack's

Pol Pat Jakuzi Makar Ippana Maltyr

COSMOS sites

DED rating Type System Name
beacon O-LR1H The Iacta Space Plain

Caldari Agent's Hideout Prohibited Caldari Navy Base Minedrill's Alpha Excavation Site

5/10 beacon G5ED-Y Contested Kois City

G5ED-Y -

Minedrill's Beta Excavation Site Restricted Serpentis Base

Restricted Caldari Navy Base 75j-eu Makeinu Town

Cadaveer Reef The Pirate Expedition

Prohibited Guristas Pirate Base