Knaaninn Aranuri

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Knaaninn Aranuri is a level 1 Guristas Pirates mission agent in Guristas COSMOS.

The Admiral's Task (1 of 3)

ObjectiveRetrieve Guristas War Plans (0.1 m3)
Rewards10 x Standard Blue Pill Booster + 5 million ISK timed bonus
Mission briefing
During my research of the Guristas movements through E-8CSQ, I discovered that most of the Guristas squadrons flying through G5ED-Y originate from a certain outpost within O-LR1H. I believe that's where their command post in E-8CSQ is located. Not only that but local rumor has it that many of the Guristas ships currently stationed in E-8CSQ have only recently arrived to the constellation.

So my conclusion naturally is that a large portion of the Guristas forces that have been harassing us here lately are part of an assembly of fighters recently allocated here by the Guristas central command in 6NJ8-V. With this in mind I would also assume they are acting on specific orders and not randomly attacking us when the opportunity arrives, like is often the case with pirates in these parts.

Now if I could only get a hold of their plans, I would have some good news finally to present to Admiral Aurobe Kois. Knowledge of their next move would give us a huge advantage. Acquiring this knowledge is of course easier said than done.

This is where you come in. Your job, obviously, is to acquire this data. And I know of two ways to do it. Your first option is to befriend one of their leaders within the Iacta Space Plain in O-LR1H and somehow acquire the information through him. This is of course highly difficult and only possible if you are in good standing with the Guristas organization. Your second option is to rescue the last agent I sent on the very same task, Otsalen Mano. He found something, but before he could return to me his identity was discovered. He's currently being held in one of their prison facilities near the Iacta Space Plain in O-LR1H. And there's nothing I can do about it until I get more firepower ...

Anyway, don't return until you have the Guristas war plans!

Mission Objectives: Search for the Iacta Space Plain in O-LR1H. A system scanner will probably be necessary. From there infiltrate the prison facilities and rescue the prisoner Tomi requested or find some way of acquiring the Guristas War Plans.

You will find the Guristas War Plans in The Iacta Space Plain.

The mission briefing hints that you could get the war plans easier if you do missions for Airkio Yanjulen but this has not been confirmed.

The Admiral's Task (2 of 3)

ObjectiveDestroy Guristas armory and retrieve Guristas Armory Codes (0.1 m3)
Rewards1.5 million ISK + timed bonus 1 million ISK
Mission briefing
The most important task is behind us, but there are a couple more assignments that I'd like you to accomplish before you leave. The first of these assignments is to destroy a small armory near G5ED-Y II. It's being used to re-supply Guristas fighters in the system, and therefore must be destroyed. You may keep any of the supplies found inside, but do bring back some evidence of its demise.

The armory is in a deadspace pocket hidden from passive sensors. You will need to use probes to scan it down.

Only 1 room and light resistance on warp in; 2 dread pith BS's but they didn't drop anything. They have ecm so armory can't be killed until they're dead.

The Admiral's Task (3 of 3)

ObjectiveDestroy Guristas pirates
Rewards1 x Caldari Navy Torpedo Launcher + timed bonus 1,000 x Caldari Navy Thorium Charge L
Mission briefing
The last thing I want you to do for me is to intercept a squadron of Guristas fighters who recently came through the stargate from O-LR1H. They've been following a certain expedition of ours, no doubt waiting for the right time to attack. Little beknownst to them we've been tracking their every move. Now I expect them to show up at a certain point in G5ED-Y any moment now, and I want you to be waiting there for that to happen. Once they appear, shoot them down immediately.