Fetosa Kanim

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Fetosa Kanim
Level 1
Location BR-6XP (-0.2)
Vale of the Silent
Affiliation Guristas
Guristas Pirates

Fetosa Kanim is a level 1, Guristas COSMOS agent, located in BR-6XP.

Booster Manufacturing

Level 1
Type Trade
Objective Trade 20x Amber Cytoserocin (200 m3)
Ship suggestion Blockade runner (haul), Venture (mine locally), Prospect (haul or mine locally)
Rewards Standard Blue Pill Booster BPC (10 run, ME 5, TE 2), Guristas faction standings
Mission briefing
Ah, it's nice to see a friendly face around here for a change, <Pilot>. But to answer your question, I came here to investigate Constellation E-8CSQ, which has been reported to contain massive gas clouds full of material used in booster manufacturing. There have been a lot of rumors about it within Guristas, and I thought I'd take a look for myself. Unfortunately, the number of rogue drones and outlaws here has me quite worried, so I dare not go looking for the clouds myself. Hence, I might have a job for you...

However, I suggest you refrain from accepting my task unless you have access to a gas cloud harvester module. Without that, you will just be wasting my time.

Simple trade mission where the agent requests some Cytoserocin and gives a booster BPC as a reward. The gas can be mined locally if you have a Venture or Prospect and core probes. Alternatively you can use a Blockade Runner or prospect to haul the gas from elsewhere. This mission can be completed once for each agent.