Overseer's Personal Effects

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The Overseer's Personal Effects (OPE for short) are loot found on the boss rats in various combat sites. Their immediate use, are to fulfill CONCORD buy orders. There are 23 tiers of OPE and the value range from 10.000 to 133.837.000 ISK.

Officer's Personal Effects
The in-game desciption:
Obtaining a Deadspace Overseer's personal effects is proof that you have finished clearing all major obstacles in a deadspace pocket and decimated the leading figure. Anyone that procures an OPE (from the pirates themselves, their bases or from guarded containers) can sell them to Concord or DED for a reasonable amount of cash. Concord has rated Deadspace Overseers by the threat they pose to society and divided them into tiers that dictate how much a seller gets for their effects.

How they are acquired

They gotten as loot from rats and structures in various combat sites across New Eden. They are usually dropped from the commander in the last room in unrated complexes or DED sites.

The value

The NPC buy order are circled in red. You can of course also sell the OPE for slightly less if you don't want to travel.

The purpose of an OPE is to be sold to CONCORD npc buy orders in various stations across New Eden. The nearest station to Jita where these buy orders can be fulfilled are in Vellaine,3 jumps away. But some players don't want to transport it to sell, so the OPEs are also sold on the market, though usually for a slightly lower price than the NPC buy order.

In the table below, the value of the NPC buy orders are shown.

Officer's Personal Effects
Tier ISK Value
1 10.000
2 20.000
3 40.000
4 60.000
5 180.000
6 360.000
7 600.000
8 1.200.000
9 2.100.000
10 3.360.000
11 6.300.000
12 9.900.000
13 13.200.000
14 17.160.000
15 21.840.000
16 29.120.000
17 35.700.000
18 43.200.000
19 51.680.000
20 61.200.000
21 80.000.000
22 101.640.000
23 133.837.000