Cartel Prisoner Retention

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Site Details
Cartel Prisoner Retention
Type DED Rated Complex
Rating 8/10
Found in Null
Max ship size Battleships
Faction Angel Cartel
Best damage to deal Explosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Damage to resist Explosive damage ExKinetic damage Kin
Sig. strength 2.5% in Null

The Angel Cartel Prisoner Retention is a combat DED signature that can be scanned in Angel infested regions in Null Sec. It is also received as an escalation from an Angel Hub. Easy to difficult progression, best done with mate and MJD snipper fit.


On warpin:
This deadspace complex bestows a heavily guarded prison facility of the Angel Cartel. It is here that kidnapping victims and enemies of the cartel are held for ransom or brutal interrogation and torture.

DED Threat Assessment: Perilous (8 of 10)

No Hostiles at initial gate.

First pocket

On warpin:
This first pocket within the deadspace field contains the main gates to this Angel Cartel prison complex, defended by a pair of experienced frigate pilots.


Acceleration Gate 1 x Ancient Acceleration Gate 24 km

Defending Fleet (28- 38km)

Destroyer 7 x Destroyer Gistior Defiler/ Haunter/ Seizer
Battleship 2 x Battleship Gist Malakim
Overseer Battleship 1 x Overseer Battleship Watch Officer low chance of Faction modules

Second room

On warpin:
This area of the complex handles the traffic of incoming (and sometimes outgoing) prisoners. The pocket is well defended by a small but powerful Angel fleet. The resident jailor holds control over who is allowed further inside the complex, through the traffic gate towards the prison battlements.


Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate 39km

Defending Fleet

Destroyer 16 x Destroyer Gistior Defacer/ Defiler/ Haunter/ Shatterer
Battlecruiser 6 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Primus/ Tribuni
Battleship 6 x Battleship Gist Malakim/ Nephilin/ Throne Target Painter
Officer Battleship 1 x Officer Battleship Angel Cartel Jailor low chance of Faction modules

Third room

On warpin:
This heavily guarded pocket bestows the prison battlements and a massive fleet of Angel vessels that see to it that no one can escape from within the retention core. The acceleration gate that takes prison transport ships into the main Prisoner block is scrambled by a scramble wave generator to keep the gate closed at almost all times.


Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate 46km
Container 1 x Ammunition Cache Random Charges
Structure 1 x Prisoner Cells Random Commodities
Structure 1 x Scramble Wave Generator Security Cypher for Angel Prison

Defending Fleet (16- 54km)

Destroyer 13 x Destroyer Gistior Defiler/ Haunter
Cruiser 4 x Cruiser Gistum Centurion/ Phalanx
Battlecruiser 5 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legionnaire/...
Battleship 7 x Battleship Gist Malakim/... Nephilim Target Painter, 120+km range Target Painter
Commander Battleship 1 x Commander Battleship Angel Prisonwatch Commander Low chance of Faction modules, security cypher for angel prison
Sentry 4 x Sentry Angel Sentry Gun

Fourth room

On warpin:
This deepest section of the complex houses the prisoner block. Fully outfitted with a bloodsport arena, the Angel Cartel Prison Guards pitch their unsuspecting captives into brutal Darwinian games where only the strongest and fittest survive to tell the tale. The block is guarded by an experienced combat fleet, not to be taken lightly.

Defending Fleet (26- 43)

Frigate 8 x Frigate Gistii Ambusher/ Hunter/ Impaler/ Raider
Elite Frigate 15 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Hijacker/... Land 26 to 32km, quickly swarm Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Destroyer 16 x Destroyer Gistior Defacer/... Land 31 to 37km
Cruiser 8 x Cruiser Gistum Centurion/...
Battlecruiser 10 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/...
Battleship 5 x Battleship Gist Cherubim/... Nephilim Target Painter, 120+km range Target Painter
Officer Battleship 1 x Officer Battleship Angel Prison Warden Low chance of Faction modules
Sentry 4 x Sentry Angel Stasis Tower Stasis Webifier
Sentry 4 x Sentry Angel Sentry Gun
Sentry 1 x Sentry Angel Retention Facility Has no EM Resists, instant armor repair stops if ship and drones attack from over 35km range Stasis Webifier 21st Tier Overseer's Effects, possibility of Gist B-Type Modules and/ or Machariel BPC (rare)


Item Name Est. Value Drops from Note
21st Tier Overseer's Effects 80M ISK Angel Retention Facility 100% drop rate
Gist B-Type module Angel Retention Facility
Machariel BPC Angel Retention Facility
Domination module Angel Prison Warden rare
Domination module Angel Prisonwatch Commander rare
Domination module Angel Cartel Jailor rare
Domination module Watch Officer rare
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