Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility

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Site Details
Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility
Type DED Rated Complex
Rating DED 5/10
Found in High/ Low
Max ship size T2 Battleship
Pirate faction Sansha
Damage to deal Electromagnetic damage EM
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
53% Electromagnetic damage EM
47% Thermal damage Th
Sig. Strength 2.5% in High Sec
5% in Low Sec

Sansha's Nation Neural Paralytic Facility is a DED 5/10 combat site that can be scanned down in low or null-sec systems in Sansha rat territory. It can also be found as an escalation from Sansha Den anomalies.


On warp in:
...Sansha's Nation continues its raids against poorly defended civilian areas. Mining colonies, merchant waypoints, and research outposts are favorite targets. Once the structures are overrun by Sansha slaves and drones, surviving locals are turned into test subjects. Many of these areas are used to develop new neural paralytic agents used in abductions. A common thread in numerous reports is the presence of a Sansha known as Ation09....

DED Threat Assessment: 5 of 10

Room 1


Sentry 2 x Sentry
Frigate 20 x Frigate Centii
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser Centum
Battlecruiser 2 x Battlecruiser Centatis
Battleship 3 x Battleship Centus

Room 2

On warp in:
The Sansha have completely covered this abandoned mining outpost with sentry guns. They're quite serious about defending whatever is in the next area.


Sentry 8 x Sentry
Frigate 6 x Frigate Centii
Destroyer 3 x Destroyer Centior
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser Centum
Battlecruiser 11 x Battlecruiser Centatis
Battleship 8 x Battleship Centus

Room 3

On warp in:
When you wake up in your next clone, remember it was the Master's will that you died here today.


Sentry 3 x Sentry Webbing Towers Icon stasis webifier i.png
Sentry 1 x Sentry Cruise Missile Battery
Sentry 2 x Sentry Light Missile Battery
Sentry 1 x Sentry Heavy Missile Battery
Sentry 9 x Sentry
Frigate 11 x Frigate Centii
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Centior
Cruiser 10 x Cruiser Centum
Battleship 6 x Battleship Centus
Overseer Cruiser 1 x Overseer Cruiser Slave Ation09 may drop 1-run Phantasm BPC, Centum B-type modules and always drops 18th Tier Overseers
After Ations death:
Ation09 is dead again. Might as well gather his goodies before he has a chance to resurrect.


Item Name Est. Value Drops from Note
18th Tier Overseer's Effects 43.2M ISK Slave Ation09 Commander Cruiser 100% drop rate
Centum B-type modules Slave Ation09 Commander Cruiser Up to 3x
Phantasm BPC Slave Ation09 Commander Cruiser
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