Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm

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Site Details
Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm
Type DED Rated Complex
Rating 1/10
Found in High, Low
Max ship size Frigate
Faction Angel Cartel
Damage to deal Explosive damage Ex
Kinetic damage Kin
Damage to
62% Explosive damage Ex
22% Kinetic damage Kin
Sig. Strength 20% in High, ? in Low

Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm is a DED Rated Complex. It can be found by scanning cosmic signatures in Minmatar high security space.

The entry to this site is limited to T2 and Faction frigates and below.

Warning : The loot table of this site is currently bugged (as of the 30th of July 2017) and doesn't seem to drop anything of value.


Upon warping to the beacon
Somewhat surprisingly, the Angel Cartel contracted the building of experimental celestial biofarms from the Minmatar Republic. Clouds made of organic dust and water-based asteroids make this experiment possible.

This is a two room complex. The acceleration gate from the first room to the second room requires a key which drops from the Biodome Complex.

Room 1

Upon entering the first room.
Ironically, slave trade is rampant in this Minmatar contracted biodome complex. Thorak is a ruthless businessman, turned politician, and his future in a galactic context looks bright.

Hey, there actually IS a reason to blow up and rob this Thorak guy! Combat is always more fun when the conscience is easily numbed."

The acceleration gate is locked and requires a key. The key is in Thorak's Biodome Garden.


Frigate 20 x Frigate Gistii Hijacker
Frigate 1 x Frigate Gistii Rogue


Acceleration Gate 1 x Acceleration Gate Requires Thorak's Private Key. It is consumed on use.
Structure 1 x Thorak's Biodome Garden 1st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and key fot the acceleration gate.

Room 2

Upon entering the second room
This biodome is used for cultivation of plants and animals alike. Minmatar corporations have contracted the operation to the Angel Cartel and there is a healthy profit to be made from the luxury foods manufactured here. The prime buyers are the newly rich.

'A major blow was dealt to an otherwise successful energy pooling operation when a meteor shower pummeled the control bridge to pieces. Reports indicate that Orfus, the CEO of the the self-titled galactic repair corporation, agreed to fix it for the troubled energy contractor in return for huge stakes in the eventual profits. Turrets ready. Targeting system active. Time to make sure Orfus doesn't make any money."


Frigate 24 x Frigate Gistii Hijacker
Frigate 4 x Frigate Gistii Rogue


Structure 1 x Oofus's Repair Shop 2nd Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and may contain Gistii C-type modules, Angel Cartel faction modules or a Dramiel BPC.


Item Name Est. Value Drops from Note
1st Tier Overseers Effects 11k ISK Thoraks Biodome Garden 100% drop rate
2nd Tier Overseers Effects 20k ISK Oofus's Repair Shop 100% drop rate
Gistii C-type Modules Oofus's Repair Shop Up to 3x
Domination Frigate Modules Oofus's Repair Shop
Dramiel BPC Oofus's Repair Shop
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