Sansha Acclimatization Facility

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Site Details
Sansha Acclimatization Facility
Type DED Rated Complex
Rating 2/10
Found in High, Low
Max ship size Destroyer
Faction Sansha's Nation
Damage to deal Electromagnetic damage EM
Thermal damage Th
Damage to resist 53% Electromagnetic damage EM
47% Thermal damage Th
Sig. strength 10% in High, ? in Low

Sansha Acclimatization Facility is a DED Rated Complex found via exploration. The site consists of four different pockets accessed by an acceleration gate. The gates allow Frigate, Destroyer, and their tech 2 and tech 3 versions.


Upon Warp in:
Sansha Kuvakei and the quasi-human denizens of his Nation have long been among the most feared groups in New Eden, and this fear has recently been multiplied in the wake of their concentrated spate of attacks against the inhabited worlds of the cluster. Places such as this one are where the Nation's conquests are taken screaming from their safe havens and homesteads to be modified and brought into the Nation's fold.

The pirate ship classes encountered within this combat site are Frigate and Cruiser class. The Acceleration Gates are unlocked after all pirate ships are destroyed. The names and amount of ships may slightly vary from what is listed here.

Note: Various NPCs in this site have tracking disruption modules.

Room 1

Note: The Sentry gun's Can be ignored. The gate to the second pocket will unlock even if they are left alive.


Frigate ~25 x Frigate Centii Servant/...
Sentry 6 x Sentry Sansha Sentry Gun

Room 2

Note: the Sentry guns can be ignored. The gate to the third pocket will unlock even if they are left alive. (You stil want to kill the stasis towers though.)


Frigate ~10 x Frigate Centii Scavenger/...
Sentry 3 x Sentry Sansha Stasis Tower Icon stasis webifier i.png
Sentry 3 x Sentry Sansha Sentry Gun

Room 3


Frigate ~15 x Frigate Centii Scavenger
Cruiser ~6 x Cruiser Centum Ravisher/Ravager

Room 4

  • Loot Blitz: Kill the Sansha Tenebrus, lure all NPCs about 40-50km away from the wreck, go sideways then if your 30-35km away from NPCs, approach then loot the Sansha Tenebrus wreck.


Frigate ~12 x Frigate Centii Slavehunter/Servant/Minion Tracking Disruptor
Cruiser 9 x Cruiser Centum Beast/Ravager/Ravisher Tracking Disruptor
Overseer Frigate 1 x Overseer Frigate Sansha Tenebrus Contains 6th tier overseers personal effects, may contain Centii B-type frigate modules and True Sansha modules.


Item Name Est. Value Drops from Note
6th tier Overseers Effects 360k Isk Sansha Tenebrus 100% drop rate
Centii B-type Frigate Modules Sansha Tenebrus
True Sansha Modules Sansha Tenebrus

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