Serpentis Lookout

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Site Details
Serpentis Lookout
Type Unrated Complex
Rating Unrated
Found in High
Max ship size Battlecruisers
Faction Serpentis
Damage to deal Kinetic damage Kin
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
55% Kinetic damage Kin
45% Thermal damage Th
Sig. Strength 10% in High

No NPCs at initial warp in. Initial gate will allow Tech 2 cruisers to pass.


Scarcity Update: This site, like other cosmic signatures, contains ore.
As of 2/15/2021, this site contained the following units:
15,000 Hemorphite, 25,000 Jaspet (first room)
85,727 Omber, 835,762 Plagioiclase (second room)
3,192,395 Veldspar (throughout)
I was able to take my Orca and Skiff into the site and kill all NPCs with these ships.
Warning: Once the Boss has been destroyed, the site disappears from the Probe Scanner.
Once this happens, the site will despawn Immediately, if you abandon the site.
Keeping, at least one character in the site, will prevent the despawn.

First Room

The acceleration gate to next room is locked until all ships have been destroyed. The missile battery does not need to be destroyed to proceed. Shooting at each group once before deploying drones avoids drone aggro. Gate to second room is 27km from warp in. Although the missile battery is Sansha, you will receive Serpentis standing loss if it is destroyed.

Initial defenders
Group 1
Frigate 3 x Frigate Coreli Agent/Spy
Group 2
Frigate 5 x Frigate Coreli Defender/Protector
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman Remote Sensor Dampener
Sentry 1 x Sentry Sansha Light Missile Battery
Group 3
Frigate 4 x Frigate Coreli Defender/Protector
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Corelum Chief Spy

Second Room

To trigger commander spawn destroy the destroyers by the solar harvesters. These destroyers are on left side when looking at the enemies. Escalation can be triggered by killing the commander or by destroying the serpentis control center.


Structure 1 x Serpentis Control Center Escalation trigger No loot

Initial defenders

Frigate 15 x Frigate Coreli Agent/...
Destroyer 6 x Destroyer Corelior Infantry/...
Group by solar harvesters
Destroyer 2-3 x Destroyer Corelior Artillery/Cannoneer Destroying triggers possible commander spawn


Commander Frigate 0-1 x Commander Frigate Shadow Serpentis Escalation trigger Can drop a faction item


This site has a chance to escalate to Angel Kickbacks.

Expeditions: Angel Kickbacks
As soon as you arrive, your instruments detect a large group of ships departing. Further analysis of the data indicates this was a convoy of six to eight transport ships from the Salvation Angels accompanied by an unknown number of combat vessels. Your navigational systems have already come up with a likely destination in case you feel you have any business with them.

Failure message:

Escalation Failure

The trail seems to have run cold at this point.