Blood Hidden Rally Point

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Blood Hidden Rally Point is combat anomaly. It is a Level 2 variant of Blood Rally Point.


The site is an open deadspace pocket, warpable at any range. It can be easily soloed in a HAC, Battleship, T3C or Battlecruiser. The site consists of an asteroid colony surrounded by snake-shaped rocks.

Total expected enemies
Enemy Type Count
Icon red frigate.png Frigates 6-7
Icon red destroyer.png Destroyers 5
Icon red cruiser.png Cruiser 25
Icon red battlecruiser.png Battlecruisers 23-24
Icon red battleship.png Battleships 16-19
On warpin
The Amarr Empire has had its share of religious cults and fanatics in the past, but few have been as successful, or as highly feared, as the Blood Raiders. The Blood Raiders are a sect of an ancient cult called Sani Sabik, who use blood in their rituals. The Blood Raiders believe that cloned bodies have "purer" blood than other bodies, and this explains while they operate mainly in space, attacking unwary spacefarers and draining their bodies of blood. The Blood Raiders are led by the fearsome Omir Sarikusa, who has remained on top of the DED's most wanted list for many years now. Under Sarikusa's leadership, the Blood Raiders have become more organized, establishing several bases in the Bleak Lands region.
Initial Defenders

Destroyer 5 x Destroyer Corpior Devoter/Friar
Cruiser 6 x Cruiser Corpum Arch Priest Triggers wave 2
Battlecruiser 3-4 x Battlecruiser Corpatis Seer/Shade
Battleship 3-4 x Battleship Corpus Patriarch/Pope
Wave 2

Elite Frigate 3-4 x Elite Frigate Elder Corpii Herald/Upholder Warp Disruptor Stasis Webifier
Cruiser 6 x Cruiser Corpum Arch Priest/Engraver
Battlecruiser 7 x Battlecruiser Corpatis Seer/Shade Triggers wave 3
Battleship 3-4 x Battleship Corpus Archon/Prophet
Wave 3

Cruiser 6 x Cruiser Dark Corpum Priest/Shadow Sage
Battlecruiser 7 x Battlecruiser Corpatis Exorcist/Phantom
Wave 4

Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Elder Corpii Collector/Seeker Tracking Disruptor
Elite Cruiser 5 x Elite Cruiser Elder Corpum Arch Priest/Sage Triggers wave 5
Battlecruiser 6 x Battlecruiser Corpatis Exorcist/Phantom
Battleship 2-3 x Battleship Corpus Archbishop/Harbinger Energy Neutralizer
Wave 5

Elite Cruiser 2 x Elite Cruiser Elder Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage
Battleship 8 x Battleship Corpus Cardinal/Patriarch
Rare commander spawn

Commander Battlecruiser 1 x Commander Battlecruiser Dark Blood Exorcist/Phantom May drop Dark Blood faction modules
Combat Anomalies