Angel Hidden Rally Point

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Site Details
Angel Hidden Rally Point
Type Combat Anomaly
Rating Class 6 Level 2
Found in Low/ Null
Max ship size Not Gated
Pirate faction Angel
Damage to deal Explosive damage Ex
Kinetic damage Kin
Damage to
62% Explosive damage Ex
22% Kinetic damage Kin
Sig. Strength 100% Anomaly

The Angel Hidden Rally Point is a combat anomaly found in Angel infested regions. It is a level 2 variant of the Angel Rally Point. Estimated payout 29.1 M in bounties. Sometimes is possible to see a Domination cruiser close to you.


The site is an open Deadspace pocket, one may warp to preferred distance. With the initial group and 4 triggered spawns, there is a total of 79 ships. Warning: Spawns on this variant of anomaly are much bigger, incoming DPS can become overwhelming if triggers are blown up too early.

Total expected enemies
Enemy Type Count
Icon red frigate.png Frigates 5
Icon red destroyer.png Destroyers 5
Icon red cruiser.png Cruiser 27
Icon red battlecruiser.png Battlecruisers 25
Icon red battleship.png Battleships 17

On warp in:
Operating from the heart of the Curse region, the Angel Cartel is today the largest and best organized of the space-based criminal factions. The Angels are divided into several groups, each with a very special function; it is commanded by the Dominations. In the century they've been lurking in deep space, they have stolen, plundered, or sabotaged countless number of ships and kidnapped, assaulted, or murdered thousands of people. The Angels recruit members from all the races, and are thus not bound to any one zone of operation; instead, their reach spans almost the entire known universe. Many believe that the Angels got their power by uncovering Jovian technologies hidden in their ancient homeworlds, now infested by the Angel Cartel.

Initial Defenders (35- 55km)

Destroyer 5 x Destroyer Gistior Defiler/ Seizer
Cruiser 6 x Cruiser Gistum Liquidator/ Marauder Escalation trigger
Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/ Primus
Battleship 3 x Battleship Gist Cheribim/ Seraphim

1st Reinforcement Spawn (46- 98km)

Elite Frigate 3 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Rogue/ Thug
Cruiser 6 x Cruiser Gistum Liquidator/ Marauder
Battlecruiser 9 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/ Praefectus/ Primus/ Tribunus Escalation trigger
Battleship 4 x Battleship Gist Commander/ General

2nd Reinforcement Spawn (42- 65km)

Cruiser 7 x Cruiser Gistum Centurion/ Liquidator/ Phalanx
Battlecruiser 7 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/ Praefectus/ Tribunus Escalation trigger

3rd Reinforcement Spawn (51- 55km)

Elite Frigate 2 x Elite Frigate Arch Gistii Ruffian
Cruiser 5 x Cruiser Gistum Liquidator Escalation trigger
Battlecruiser 6 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legatus/ Tribunus
Battleship 2 x Battleship Gist Nephilim Target Painter

4th Reinforcement Spawn (40- 44km)

Elite Cruiser 3 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Centurion
Battleship 8 x Battleship Gist Cherubim/ Throne Cherubim does high long range damage


This site can escalate to Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost

Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost
Your scanner has picked up a transmission originating from a nearby system. It would be wise to investigate this mysterious signal further.