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Rogue Drone faction logo.

Rogue drones are AI controlled pests that terrorize human settlements in New Eden. They are also considered a faction in Pochven, though you cannot gain positive standings with them and will always be hostile.


While rogues drones come in all shapes, sizes and even personalities, the signs are that they do not exist in a unified collective. Much like their accidental creators, the rogue drones can be found co-operating locally, and even in relatively large and widespread 'hive minds', but they will readily attack and recycle drones from competing hives.


Years ago the Gallente were doing research on strong AI and drone technology. The developed drones rose against their makers and escaped on captured ships. Within a decade the rogue drones had spread out to whole New Eden cluster.

In YC 109 previously sealed stargates suddenly reactivated. The stargates opened pathways to what are now know as "drone regions". These regions were completely colonized by escaped rogue drones.

Rogue Drones in PvE

Rogue drone combat sites are present in all regions of space though highest concentration is found in the "Drone regions" in north-east New Eden. Rogue drones are also present in the Pochven region, being a common enemy to EDENCOM, the Triglavian Collective and capsuleers alike. Destroying rogue drones (only those in the Pochven region) will give small positive standing increases to both factions and are a good way to achieve neutrality with both forces to secure safer travel in known space. If most of your activities are centered around known space, it is recommended to go to Pochven and kill a rogue drone which with zero standings will make you neutral to both EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective, making the known space systems safe to travel without getting attacked by either.

Rogue drones appear to use mostly short-ranged beam lasers, and deal the damage of railgun ammunition. This means they largely deal kinetic and thermal, however a few of them will deal heavy EM and Explosive. Rogue drones are weakest against EM, with thermal being second best damage to use.

Rogue drones do not have any favorite EWAR type and the ships rarely use any EWAR other than webs and warp disruption. But drone sites and missions can contain energy neutralizing towers or drone mothers with very strong webs.

Rogue drone ships have one extra size smaller than Frigates, before scaling up to the full range of ships available to other factions. Rogue drone ships generally do not deal very high damage, but they have more HP than other factions. They have stronger armor than shields, and actively repair armor damage. Some Rogue Drone cruisers and battlecruisers have more shield than armor though.

Some Rogue Drone cruisers will fire missiles instead of turrets, and deal only Explosive damage.

The Rogue Drones in Abyssal Deadspace have their own unique stats and behavior.

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