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The Minmatar Republic is one of the four empire factions in New Eden. It is a relatively young nation, born from enslavement and rebellion. Ships designed and produced by the Republic are noted for their speed and flexibility.

The most proper adjective for the Republic's people is not "Minmatar" but "Matari", named after their home planet Matar (though "Minmatar" is more commonly used).


The people of the Minmatar Republic originate from the planet Matar. The people of Matar were enslaved by the Amarr Empire around one thousand years ago, starting in 881 BYC. The opportunity for the Minmatar rebellion came in 20 BYC, when the Amarr Empire lost the Amarr–Jove war. The Liberation from the Amarr is celebrated annually on the 10th of July, the Minmatar Liberation Day—but even to this day half of the Matari live under Amarr control.

Among the Matari, there are seven tribes: Sebiestor, Brutor, Krusual, Vherokior, Starkmanir, Thukker and Nefantar. Only five of these are part of the Minmatar Republic: the Thukker have their own independent nation, and the collaborationist Nefantar form part of the Amarr Empire as the semi-autonomous Ammatar Mandate.

Minmatar tribes

There are seven major Matari tribes.

Icon decal sebiestor.png Sebiestor

The Sebiestor Tribe is widely respected as among the most innovative thinkers of the cluster. They are an ingenious people with a natural fondness for engineering. They are led by tribal leader Karin Midular and spiritual leader Vul Haupt.

Icon decal krusual.png Krusual

The Krusual tribe is cautious and cunning, shrouding its ways in subterfuge and secrecy. It is isolationist by nature, but lately, it's been becoming more and more involved with the power politics of the Republic, staking a claim for its mastery.

Icon decal brutor.png Brutor

The Brutor Tribe, led by tribal leader Wkumi Pol, are a martial, strong-willed people. The Brutor hold their tribal heritage close to their hearts. Strong advocates of transforming the Minmatar Republic into a tribal-based government, they would love nothing more than for all seven of the Minmatar tribes to reunite as one nation.

Icon decal vherokior.png Vherokior

The Vherokior tribe is perhaps the least troubled of the Minmatar tribes, with little aspiration for dominance, content to live on the fringe. Most Vherokiors are shopkeepers or small-scale businessmen, seldom venturing into the interstellar corporate leagues.

Icon decal starkmanir.png Starkmanir

The Starkmanir tribe was thought to be lost after Amarr Empire destroyed their home planet. Though the tribe survived by being hidden away by the Nefantar, their culture and identity was lost.

Icon decal nefantar.png Nefantar

Coming to be known as Ammatar during the years of Amarr rule, the name Nefantar has now been reclaimed by those returning to the Republic in the wake of the Elder Fleet Invasion.

Icon decal thukker.png Thukker

Instead of joining the Republic, the Thukker Tribe moved out to live a traditional nomadic lifestyle. They hold the Great Wildlands as a sovereign state.

Minmatar in PvE

Minmatar Republic NPCs deal mostly explosive and kinetic damage with heavy emphasis on explosive damage, though it is not uncommon for some Minmatar ships to also deal EM or thermal damage. Minmatar ships are weakest against explosive damage, with kinetic being the second-best damage to use.

The EWAR of choice for Minmatar rats is target painting. This blooms your ship's signature radius, but is unlikely to be a serious threat unless you are using speed and small size to avoid damage from larger weapons.

Minmatar ships

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The Minmatar Republic offers a full set of ships from shuttle to titan. Republic ships are known for superior speed and agility and are mostly equipped with projectile turrets or missiles. Several Matari ships have bonuses that would encourage active shield tanking, but unlike the ships of most other factions, many Matari ships can be effectively shielded- or armor- tanked.

The Republic Fleet also offers several upgraded navy faction hulls for capsuleer use.

Additionally, T2 Minmatar Ships are produced by one of the following three corporations;

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