Elohim Sooth Sayer Distribution Base

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  • This is a low security gas site found through exploration.
  • A data analyzer module will be required to open the cans in this site.
  • 5 Cans (2 x Com Relay, 1 x Novelty Box and 3 x Gadget Gasket).

- Com Relay (2 Cans) 2x 17 Successful Torture Techniques 2x Navigation for Dummies 1x Me, Myself and Plunder 1x Pillaging 101 1x Neurotoxin Control 1x The Little Pirate That Could

- Novelty Box (1 Can) 1x Strong Sooth Sayer Booster BPC (50 Run) 1x Divine Opium

- Gadget Gasket (3 Cans) 3x Standard Sooth Sayer Booster Blueprint (50 Copy) 1x Standard Sooth Sayer Booster Reaction

  • 4 Guardian Elohim Battleships, 4 Guardian Elohim Elite Cruisers, 1 Guardian Elohim Elite Frigates
  • More Battleships and Cruisers spawn if you kill the last Battleship. The best approach is to leave the last Battlaship and tank the damage while you open the cans.
  • No Secondary Spawn - 26/12/2013

Recommended Ship

A well tanked Battlecruiser (May need to warp out so make sure you have someone still at the site) or HAC