Elohim Sooth Sayer Distribution Base

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EVE University is refocusing their efforts on teaching players how to create a ship fitting to meet their needs, rather than providing fittings without communicating an understanding for why the fitting was created in that manner.

As a result, the UniWiki will soon be removing its repository of ship fittings. They will be replaced with a renewed focus on ship-specific roles and bonuses, as well as links to broader articles on how to fit ships for those roles and bonuses. UniWiki will also provide links to other websites (e.g. zKillboard, EveWorkbench) and articles on how to find suitable fits on those websites. There is no set date for the Fittings removal, but it will likely occur within the first week of August, 2020. This notice is to provide you the opportunity to save your favorite fits.

Thank you -- EVE University / UniWiki Management

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  • This is a low security gas site found through exploration.
  • A data analyzer module will be required to open the cans in this site.
  • 5 Cans (2 x Com Relay, 1 x Novelty Box and 3 x Gadget Gasket).

- Com Relay (2 Cans) 2x 17 Successful Torture Techniques 2x Navigation for Dummies 1x Me, Myself and Plunder 1x Pillaging 101 1x Neurotoxin Control 1x The Little Pirate That Could

- Novelty Box (1 Can) 1x Strong Sooth Sayer Booster BPC (50 Run) 1x Divine Opium

- Gadget Gasket (3 Cans) 3x Standard Sooth Sayer Booster Blueprint (50 Copy) 1x Standard Sooth Sayer Booster Reaction

  • 4 Guardian Elohim Battleships, 4 Guardian Elohim Elite Cruisers, 1 Guardian Elohim Elite Frigates
  • More Battleships and Cruisers spawn if you kill the last Battleship. The best approach is to leave the last Battlaship and tank the damage while you open the cans.
  • No Secondary Spawn - 26/12/2013

Recommended Ship

A well tanked Battlecruiser (May need to warp out so make sure you have someone still at the site) or HAC