Angel Chemical Lab

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Site Details
Angel Chemical Lab
Type Chemical Lab
Rating Unrated
Found in Heimatar
Max ship size Unrestricted
Faction Angel Cartel
Damage to deal Explosive damage Ex
Kinetic damage Kin
Damage to
62% Explosive damage Ex
22% Kinetic damage Kin
Sig. Strength 2.5% in Low Sec

Angel Chemical Lab is a hacking site that can be scanned using Core Probes in the Heimatar region in Low Sec space. This site appears to Probes as a Gas Site rather than the typical hacking site. It is also defended by hostile NPC ships.


On warpin
Masking the entrance of this facility by placing it within a large space wreck the Angels have successfully managed to establish a small chemical laboratory close to the gas cloud harvest they seek. Such facilities are used to refine and improve upon their booster formulas and are well protected.
Initial Grid

Sentry 6 x Sentry Angel Heavy Missile Battery
Sentry 6 x Sentry Angel Cruise Missile Battery
Elite Cruiser 4 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Centurion/Liquidator/Marauder
Battlecruiser 4 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus
Wave 2

Elite Cruiser 3-4 x Elite Cruiser Arch Gistum Marauder/Phalanx Target Painter
Battlecruiser 3-4 x Battlecruiser Gistatis Praefectus/Tribuni
Hacking containers

Structure 4 x Angel Chemical Laboratory Synth Sooth Sayer BPCs, Neurotoxin Control and Recovery skillbooks, Eifyr and Co. implants