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This page should be updated due to game changes.
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I-3ODK in Feythabolis is one of the null security COSMOS constellations. As with other null security COSMOS constellations there is not much information available.


Agent Standing req Faction Location
Horir Firvoon none Angel Cartel 3L-Y9M
Bollen Odridur none Angel Cartel BJD4-E
Baftot Asluzof none Angel Cartel DUU1-K
Vianes Ounid none Angel Cartel O9V-R7
Golarad Hjom none Angel Cartel TSG-NO
Urandi Krilin 6.00 Angel Cartel K-X5AX
Bleur Hein 6.00 Angel Cartel K-X5AX
Lunuin Eurek 6.00 Angel Cartel K-X5AX
Henara Vern 6.00 Angel Cartel K-X5AX
Kanmilia Oldit 6.00 Angel Cartel K-X5AX

Kardimo Menka Numa Fashit Skami Zarton

COSMOS sites

DED rating Type System Name
?/10 BJD4-E Freebooter's Haven

Minecore Facilities Minecore Harvester Depot