Bollen Odridur

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Bollen Odridur is a level 1 COSMOS agent in null security Angel COSMOS and requires no standings. He gives one trade mission.

Booster Manufacturing

Booster manufacturing is a single run mission found in null security COSMOS constellations. Each agent will give this mission only once.

Type Trade
Objective Trade 20x Vermillion Cytoserocin (200 m3)
Ship suggestion blockade runner (haul), venture (mine locally), prospect (haul or mine locally)
Rewards Standard X-Instict Booster BPC (10 run, ME 5, TE 2), Angel Cartel faction standings

Simple trade mission where the agent requests some Cytoserocin and gives a drug BPC as a reward. The gas can be mined locally if you have a Venture or Prospect and core probes. Alternatively you can use a blockade runner or prospect to haul the gas from elsewhere. This mission can be completed once for each agent (Baftot Asluzof, Bollen Odridur, Golarad Hjom, Horir Firvoon, Vianes Ounid).