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Icon information square.png This article documents content that is no longer in the game
Main article: Triglavian Invasion (Chapter 1 & 2)

The Emerging Conduit combat site appeared as an anomaly in all areas of high security space regardless of the presence of Triglavian Invasions between October 2019 and May 2020.


Emerging Conduits were introduced in October 2019, during Chapter 1 of the Triglavian Invasion. The site uses an identical layout to Minor Conduits, with significantly weaker waves, and no scrams. Initially on a 1 minute respawn timer, people claimed that they could earn as much as 500M ISK/hr across three characters using smartbomb Praxii. The respawn time was later nerfed to 10 minutes in January 2020, lowering its farmability.

This iteration of conduits were removed in May 2020, alongside the beginning of chapter 3 of the invasion. New versions of Emerging Conduits have replaced them, now exclusive to Invasion space.


Incoming transmission
An incoming Conduit from Abyssal Deadspace has been detected. Analysis of Triglavian vessels indicates that Raznaborg variants are present. DED Agents have assessed this conduit as less threatening than the Minor Conduits observed in Invasion systems.

The site consists of single ungated normal space pocket. Three waves of increasing difficulty will spawn with next wave appearing after previous wave has been killed. The rats in the site will use various types of EWAR: Energy neutralizing, tracking disruptors, guidance disruptors, webs and target painters. The site does not have warp disrupting or warp scrambling enemies.

Frigates are the most common enemy type in the site. Each wave will usually contain one or two destroyers with rest of the ships being frigates.

Wave 1(EWAR not confirmed, can be random)

Frigate 2-4 x Frigate Raznaborg Damavik Stasis Webifier
Destroyer 1-2 x Destroyer Raznaborg Kikimora
Wave 2(EWAR not confirmed, can be random)

Frigate 2-3 x Frigate Raznaborg Damavik Stasis Webifier Energy Neutralizer
Destroyer 2-3 x Destroyer Raznaborg Kikimora Stasis Webifier Tracking Disruptor
Destroyer 1 x Destroyer Zorya's Kikimora May not always spawn Triggers wave 3 if left as last ship
Wave 3(EWAR not confirmed, can be random)

Frigate 2-4 x Frigate Raznaborg Damavik Stasis Webifier Target Painter
Destroyer 2-4 x Destroyer Raznaborg Kikimora Stasis Webifier Energy Neutralizer
Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Zorya's Vedmak High DPS Possible faction modules, Triglavian materials

Wave 1: 3-6 Frigates/destroyers (Kikimora/Damavik).

Wave 2: 4-7 Frigates/destroyers (Kikimora/Damavik) and a chance of a named Kikimora (Zorya's Kikimora).

Wave 3: 9 Frigates/destroyers (Kikimora/Damavik) and a named Vedmak (Zorya's Vedmak).


The rats will spawn on top of the rift at the center of the site. This is ~70 km from the warpin. The frigates and destroyers will orbit at ~6 km range making webs and grapplers highly effective once they are in range.

Frigates have a speed of ~3 km/s and a range of ~20 km. Destroyers have a speed of ~1.5 km/s and a range of ~30 km. Zorya's Vedmak has a speed of 2.3 km/s and a range of 35 km. EWAR weapons have longer ranges. Incoming damage from the waves spike up to 1k to 1.5k per second during the final wave (earlier waves are easier/deal less damage).

Kiting them is technically possible, but the fits required to maintain the speed and distance leave very little room for dps.

The typical tactic is to stay where you warped in and let them come to you, which gives you time to target them and be ready for the next wave, or, as some are selecting the closest Talassonite asteroid and warping 70km from it allowing you to land directly on to the rift that they spawn from.

The site can be completed solo with a heavily tanked passive shield tank battleship - Rattlesnake is the most obvious choice. Other known (successful) options include Leshak, Dominix, Dominix Navy Issue, Drekavac, Praxis and Vindicator. It can also be done with Dual Shield Rep Dominix or Praxis, but they require high drone skills for the proper dps and would require two or more pilots.

The rats deal quite high damage but they also switch aggro quite often. This makes it possible to complete the site in a group of ships that can tank the incoming damage in bursts but not sustain the tank.

The named rats (Zorya's Vedmak/Kikimora) will warp off if not killed early and is not required to be killed to trigger the next wave. The Zorya's Kikimora will randomly spawn only in the second wave, and if left as the last ship in that second wave, it will trigger the third wave. It is recommended to kill them early in their respective wave to maximize loot and to avoid spawning the next wave early or having them warp off.

Triglavian damage from their regular weapons is Thermal/Explosive and their defense weakness is also Thermal/Explosive. In addition, some Triglavians (the Liminal, the (non-prefix)Raznaborg and Zorya's variants) will also fire 'Majorana' missiles that deal heavy EM/Kinetic damage(270 for Raznaborg Damaviks). Therefore, an omni tank is highly recommended.


Completing the site will pay 4.5 million isk and 300 DED LP to each pilot present on site. If more than three pilots are on site the payout will be reduced.

The different payouts are as follows. No matter how many pilots are in the conduit after three pilots, the combined max payout is 13.5 million isk.

1 to 3 Players - 4.5 Million isk each

  • 1 Player - 4.5 Million isk Total
  • 2 Players - 9 Million isk Total
  • 3 Players - 13.5 Million isk Total

4 Players - 3.375 Million isk each

  • 13.5 Million isk Total

5 Player - 2.7 Million isk each

  • 13.5 Million isk Total

The Triglavian wrecks will often contain stacks of Triglavian Survey Databases and rarely abyssal filaments or mutaplasmids. Loot from the wrecks can vary from 150,000 isk to upwards of 50 million isk.

The Triglavian Survey Databases can be either sold in a station, typically in trade hubs, to buy orders, or you can go to any Concord Station and sell them to Concord for 100,000 isk before in game taxes.

Salvage from the Triglavian wrecks will drop materials used for T2 Triglavian ships.