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This page is intended to serve as a walkthrough for the Amarr COSMOS missions in Araz. While several COSMOS guides exist on the internet, most do not give indications for what order the missions should be attempted in. This can be troublesome since many missions require good Amarr faction standing, or items from prerequisite missions. This guide will order missions by the highest standings required for the mission or its prerequisites, so players should be able to start at the beginning and work through. Most guides recommend starting around faction standing 4.0, since early missions may not give enough standings for later mission requirements. Standings can also be increased by performing normal storyline missions, handing in tags to data centers, or doing Caldari COSMOS missions and datacenters.

Almost all of these missions can only be done once per character, so it's worth training some Social skills to make sure you get the best standings out of them. Social 4 and Connections 4 are recommended. Good ships to bring would be a well-tanked battlecruiser for combat behind restricted gates and a T1 Exploration Frigate for courier missions and scanning. With Expanded Cargohold IIs, any T1 Exploration Frigate can haul over 600m^3, which is the most you'll be asked to carry. The most difficult combat sites will be easier in a well-tanked battleship or T3 cruiser or in a group. A combat frigate for ratting the belts may also be useful. Note that many agents mix courier missions with battling NPCs from different factions. Thus a fast omni-tanked ship (T2 or T3 cruiser) is the best option if your skills are good.

The Amarr COSMOS missions are centered around the Araz constellation in the Kador region. There are however also some Amarr agents in lowsec, Anmatar/Khanid (data center) and even a few in Minmatar space.

If your plan is to run most or all COSMOS missions, it is advisable to check the shopping list and first farm the various complexes, sites and belts listed below for items various agents will ask you for later anyway.

Most missions that give BPC rewards seem to give out randomized BPCs, thus the rewards listed here are intended only as examples.

This page refers to several guides:

Starting off: 0.0 Standing

  • For each of the career agents, the last mission for each agent will give a significant faction standings jump. They can be run in each of the starter systems of each faction.
  • Completing The Blood-Stained Stars, the Sisters of Eve epic arc and choosing to assist the Amarr commander will give a big (8.4% with Social IV) faction standing increase.
  • Gaining faction standings fast has details about exchanging tags for standings via data center agents.

Some COSMOS agents will talk to you at this point, but require items from later missions. Be careful!

Running Errands: 1.0 Standing

Chari Shakai, Civic Court Plaza, Aphi

"No Sincerer Love"
5 Courier missions, between 400 and 500 m^3, between three to five jumps each

  1. Courier 800 Chanouian Wine from Aphi to Munory (400m^3). Reward 1 x 'Caltrop' Small Energy Neutralizer I Blueprint (3r)
  2. Courier 80 High-Tech Small Arms (400m^3) from Aphi to Koona. Reward 1 x 'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates Blueprint (3r)
  3. Courier 1000 Frozen Plant Seeds (500m^3) from Aphi to Zimse. Reward 1 x 'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates Blueprint (3r)
  4. Courier 500 Dorga Roes (500m^3) from Munory to Koona. Reward 1 x 'Caltrop' Small Energy Neutralizer I Blueprint (3r)
  5. Courier 400 Kameiras (400m^3) from Chanoun to Koona. Reward 1 x 'Abatis' 100mm Steel Plate I Blueprint (3r)

Final mission gives 0.66% Amarr Empire standings at Social V.

Stem Robikar, Civic Court Plaza, Aphi

"Pawns on the Board"
5 missions: 1 L2 kill mission, 1 ratting mission and 3 0.1m^3 couriers
The "Dynasty Ring" needed for the second mission is a chance-based drop from various "Warrior" belt rats around the constellation. Getting it before accepting the mission is recommended - you'll need another one later. Hang on to any other unfamiliar objects such as Enigma Cypher Books (1 needed) or Encoding Matrix Components (10 needed) - you'll need these too. The rings cost about 1M ISK on contracts, so you can pick one up if you're not getting lucky.

  1. Encounter in Aphi. deadspace pocket with 2 cruisers, 4 frigates, 2 destroyers, destroy Blood Raider Main Outpost structure. Reward 'Guantlet' Medium Beam Laser I Blueprint (3r)
  2. Procurement Return a Dynasty Ring to the Agent. Reward 'Longbow' Small Focused Pulse Laser I Blueprint (3r)
  3. Courier 1 x Thyram Arachnan Dossier (0.1m^3) from Munory to Aphi. Reward 'Guantlet' Medium Beam Laser I Blueprint (3r)
  4. Courier 1 x Special Delivery (0.1m^3) from Koona to Aphi. Reward 'Mace' Dual Light Beam Laser I Blueprint (3r)
  5. Courier 1 x Lord Arachnan Metal (0.1m^3) from Munory to Aphi. Reward 1 x Robikar's Recomendation

The final mission gives 0.77% Amarr Empire standings (Social V) and "Robikar's Recommendation" which is needed for Torval Kerth.

Hetras Dakumon, The Bonfire, Munory

"Clean Hands"
5 missions: 4 L3 combat and 1 2m^3 courier
Parts 1 and 4 require items from the Contested Bastion of Blood in Koona, which you can access before accepting the mission. See in the complex section. Getting the mission items before accepting the mission is recommended in case the Bastion is being farmed. The other combat missions have their own deadspace pockets like normal missions.

  1. Procurement return a Blood Fund to the Agent Bastion of Blood beacon Slope Gate 2nd stage Blood Kernel structure in Koona. Reward 1x Amarr Navy Standard M Crystal
  2. Encounter in some system in Araz. 5 destroyers at 2km. 2 cruisers 4 destroyers around tower. Reward 1x Amarr Navy M Crystal
  3. Courier. 1x TruthTeller. Reward 1x Amarr Navy S Crystal
  4. Procurement. Forman's Head. Slope gate 3rd stage. Reward 'Pike' Small EMP smartbomb I Blueprint (3r)
  5. Procurement. Blood Reel. In system beacon. 5 battlecruisers. Blood Reel as reward

The final mission gives 1.35% Amarr Empire standings (Social V) and a Blood Reel item which is required later for Thumal Ebotiz.

Thakor Udokas, Museum Arcana, Zimse

"Trial of Skill"
1 archaeology mission
A slightly unusual agent, Thakor sits in the first pocket of the Museum. He'll want to you to analyze a can next to him (named "Trial of Skill"), which will contain the mission item and a key for the acceleration gate. Having Archaeology 1 and an T1 Relic Analyzer is sufficient for this mission. Getting the items before accepting the mission is recommended, as it seems that the items take a while to respawn and someone may have grabbed them before you.
This mission gives 4.4% Amarr Empire standings (Social V) and the key for the rest of the Museum. These next missions will require Archaeology 2, so you might want to train that up in the meantime.

The Plot Thickens: 3.0 Standing

At this stage it gets a bit more open-ended. There are quite a few agents available with a mix of courier and L3 combat missions each. Also, the tags get a bit cheaper, so the datacenters might be worth considering if you haven't used them before.

Datacenters: 20x Palladium/Gold/Electrum tags

Torval Kerth, Carchatur Outpost, Nidupad

"Arachnan's Maneuver"
Prerequisite: "Robikar's Recommendation"
Missions: 5 missions: Three courier (0.1m^3 - 3m^3) and two L3 combat.
The final mission gives 0.88% Amarr Empire standings.

Amir Arshah, Carchatur Outpost, Nidupad

"Arming Araz"
5 missions: two courier (1m^3 in 1st and 600m^3 in 4th) and three L3 combat (two if you already farmed the items before)
The 2nd mission requires 4 Bug-ridden Corpses from the Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood or the Contested Amarr Sanguine Vaults. As before, you can (and should) pick these items up before accepting the mission. Hold on to any extra corpses as Sheroz Amokin will want some later.
The final mission gives 4.2% Amarr Empire standings (Social V).

Ormon Parsik, The Bonfire, Munory

5 missions: Three L3+ combat, two courier (40-100m3)

  1. transport 40 pilgrims (40m^3),
    rewards "Bastion Master Key" (one-time entry to 4th stage),
    another key will be given later by Sheroz Amokin for another mission
  2. get "The Apocryphon" from the 4th stage of the Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood:
    3 groups: attacking battleship group will aggro whole pocket, so go for Altar of the Blessed group first.
    loot Altar of the Blessed for The Apocryphon
    also loot "Generator Debris" from "Generator Building" (needed for later mission)
    structures respawn irregularly, shortest seen is 20 minutes
    bring a well tanked ship
  3. kill 5 cruisers and loot them for 15 Dead Pilgrims
  4. transport 100 Saintly Shrouds (100m^3)
  5. destroy the Temple of Revelation and loot the Arc of Revelation
    2 battleships, 6 battlecruisers, 4 frigates (web and point)
    bring a well tanked ship

The final mission gives 4.3% Amarr Empire standings (Social V).

The Curator, Museum Arcana, Zimse

"Unearthing the Ancients"
Prerequisites: "Key of the Arcana" (found in 1st stage), Archaeology II, Relic Analyzer
3 archaeology/L4 combat missions in same pocket as agent, can be done immediately if items were farmed before

  1. loot one Takmahl Centrifugal Primer from Takmahl Digital Mezzotint
  2. loot one Holy Statue from Takmahl Striking Curiosity
  3. loot one Ritual Text from can (does not seem to drop from battleships)

The final mission gives 2% Amarr Empire standings (Social V) and a "Key to the Labyrinth". The 2nd stage of the Musem requires you to kill 2 battleships, 10 cruisers and 2 frigates that spawn every few minutes while also hacking the respawning cans distributed over the area. Since there is only a limited chance to find the desired items per can, it might take some time to get them all. A battleship for killing the spawns plus a well tanked fast hacking ship (Stratios, T2 or T3 cruiser) works well. There is a high chance to encounter other players here.

Thumal Ebotiz, Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (The Ravelin), Koona

"Clear Head"
Prerequisite: Blood Reel (received from Hetras Dakumon)
5 missions: one ratting, one courier and three L3 combat.

  1. provide a Dynasty Ring (dropped by belt rats in Araz)
  2. transport Edict of Ancestry (0.1m^3)
  3. combat: 8 cruisers, loot Aradim Arachnan for Aradim Arachnan's Head
  4. combat: 4 cruisers, 1 (respawning?) frigate (web, point), loot Ancestral Armor from Outer Keep
  5. combat: 4 cruisers, 3 frigates (web, point), 5 sentries, 5 stasis towers, loot Perpetual Chamber Warden from Manor House (lots of HP)

The final mission gives 3.3% Amarr Empire standings (Social V).

The next agents have a tightly linked storyline, so you'll need to do these in order.

Bartezo Maphante, Port Maphante, Garisas

4 missions: two L3 combat, one courier (200m^3), one item delivery

  1. combat: 6 cruisers, 5 destroyers, 5 elite frigates and 2 transports in 2 waves on a fixed timer (~5 minutes) from mission acceptance
  2. courier: 200m^3, 1 jump
  3. combat: 1 battleship, 10 cruisers, 4 destroyers and 11 elite frigates in 4 waves on a fixed (~5 minutes) timer
  4. delivery: provide 50 Elite Laser Pistols (100m^3) to agent, can be found in Contested Amarr Mire Keep, 2nd stage

The final mission gives 6.9% Amarr Empire standings and a Bartezo's Message, which you'll want for Manel Kador later.

Nossa Farad, Governor's Audience Chamber, Chanoun

Missions: 5 missions: 5 L3 combat (one with a 100m^3 mission item)
The drones in the first and second missions may warp-scramble your ship. The Drone Matriarch for the second mission may take 20+ minutes to appear, so go make a sandwich or something. The fourth mission requires you to pick up a 100m^3 item from a complex. As long as you stay away from the Amarr Navy guards you should not have any combat here, so you can run through in a frigate.
The final mission gives 0.64% Amarr Empire standings, and a Nossa Farad's Voucher which is required for Odan Poun.

Odan Poun (1), Governor's Audience Chamber, Chanoun

Prerequisites: Nossa Farad Mission: After accepting Nossa Farad's Voucher, he'll send you to ..

Ader Finn, Planet V Moon 3, Munory

Prerequisites: Odan Poun (Part 1)
1 0.1m3 courier mission
The second mission gives 0.17% faction standings and an Ader's Message, required for Odan Poun (Part 2)

Odan Poun (2), Governor's Audience Chamber, Chanoun

Prerequisites: Ader Finn
2 missions: one L3 combat, one 0.1m3 courier. This will give you the Key to Lord Manel's Mansion, and point you towards ..

Manel Kador, Lord Manel's Mansion, Chanoun

Prerequisites: Odan Poun (Part 2), Bartezo Maphante
Three L2 combat missions.
As you make your way through the complex to Manel, make sure to loot the various ships you pass, as you'll need the tags (10 Grunt, 5 Lower-Tier) and Squad Leader Heads (2) for the missions. If you grab everything then you'll probably have all you need before you reach Manel.
The third mission gives 0.09% Amarr Empire standings and a Lord Manel's Message, which you can turn into Odan Poun for his last mission. After that, Manel will give you a mission to turn in Bartezo's Message from Bartezo Maphante, giving 1.8% standings.

Odan Poun (3), Governor's Audience Chamber, Chanoun

Prerequisites: Manel Kador
Just turn in Manel's Message and Odan will give you 6.6% Amarr Empire standings, then we're done with this chain.

There'll be Blood: 5.0 Standing

Datacenters: 20x Crystal/Platinum/Diamond tags

At this point, some agents will give you L4 combat missions, so be careful.

Kofur Karveran, Caor Korduin, Jakri

Missions: Four L3 combat
When gathering the Scientists for the first mission, you might as well travel to the end of the complex, then destroy and loot the asteroid station. You'll need the bluechip for the final mission.
Final mission gives 1.42% Amarr Empire standings.

Sheroz Amokin, Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood, Koona

Missions: 5 missions: Two L3 combat, one courier, two L4 combat
The first two missions require Bug-Ridden Corpses and Antiseptic Biomass, which you probably have from some earlier missions. For the fourth mission, you'll have to go up against multiple battleships, so it's worth adding some extra tank to your battlecruiser; your battleships aren't allowed into the complex.
The final mission gives 9.0% Amarr Empire standings.

Zar Forari, Imperial Administration Complex, Zimse

Missions: 2 missions: One L4 combat, one long LOWSEC 100m3 courier
For the courier mission, the lowsec area is pretty quiet. Using a tanked frigate is recommended, ideally an interceptor or covops ship.
Final mission gives 9.0% Amarr Empire standings.

The next two agents form a long storyline together, so you'll need to do Zach before Ammargal

Zach Himun, Imperial Administration Complex, Zimse

Missions: 6 missions: Four L4 combat, one scanning (three parts), one courier (0.1m3)
The scanning missions can be a pain (but at least they aren't completely broken anymore \o/). There seem to be four sites that will constantly respawn around the system. Three of them (named "Drifting Cask") contain one of the data fragments each, while the fourth ("Yamia Mida") is used for one of Ammargal's missions. The sites containing the first data fragment and Yamia will be guarded - be careful when warping in your scanning ship, but if you warp out promptly then you should be fine. You may find yourself picking up copies of the same data fragment while looking for the others; if there is noone else scanning (check dscan for probes) then leaving spare data fragments in their respective cans should allow you to find the others faster.
The final mission gives 1.65% Amarr Empire standings, and an E.F.A ID Card which will be needed to continue the story with Ammargal.

Ammargal Detrone, Imperial Palace Complex, Nidupad

Missions: 6 missions: One courier, one ratting, one ratting/manufacturing, three L4 combat.
These are generally pretty straightforward, and the final missions have a lot of bounties and loot to pick up. Have fun!
Final mission gives 9% Amarr Empire standings.

Shopping List

This is a list of all items you can find (and farm) before accepting the relevant COSMOS mission. If you want to run all COSMOS missions it is recommended to get these items in advance. You also may be able to buy (or sell) some of the items via contracts. It is based on Grevinsky's list in the old EVElopedia with some corrections and updates.

Amount Item Name Dropper System Location Notes
1 Enigma Cypher Book Warrior rats Araz constellation Asteroid belts
10 Encoding Matrix Component Warrior rats Araz constellation Asteroid belts
2 Dynasty Ring Warrior rats Araz constellation Asteroid belts
7 Bug-Ridden Corpse Biomass Recycling Storage Container Aphi Contested Amarr Sanguine Vaults (2nd stage) Need 7 in total. Also dropped by Corpse Dealers in Koona, see below
50 Amarr Light Marines Kador Bunker Chanoun Kador Military Outpost (5th stage)
14 Manel's Servant Stranded Personnel Transport Chanoun Lord Manel's Mansion (entrance)
10 Blood Grunt Tag Blood Phantom, Blood Templar Chanoun Lord Manel's Mansion (1st and 2nd stage) Key needed, given by Odan Poun (mission 4 of 5)
5 Blood Low-Tier Tag Blood Arch Sage Chanoun Lord Manel's Mansion (1st and 2nd stage) Key needed, given by Odan Poun (mission 4 of 5)
2 Blood Raider Squad Leader Head Dark Blood Arch Templar Chanoun Lord Manel's Mansion (1st and 2nd stage) Key needed, given by Odan Poun (mission 4 of 5)
5 Blood Raider Scientist Blood Factory Garisas Contested Amarr Crimson (Mire) Keep (1st, 2nd and 3rd stage)
50 Elite Laser Pistols Laser-Pistol Stash Garisas Contested Amarr Crimson (Mire) Keep (2nd stage)
1 Corpum Commander Medallion Corpum Blood Duke Garisas Contested Amarr Crimson (Mire) Keep (2nd and 3rd stage)
1 Anema Bluechip Rebuild Asteroid Station Garisas Contested Amarr Crimson (Mire) Keep (3rd stage)
7 Bug-Ridden Corpse Corpse Dealer Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (1st stage) Need 7 in total. Also dropped by Biomass Recycling Storage Container in Aphi, see above
1 Blood Fund Blood Kernel Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (2nd stage)
2 Antiseptic Biomass Corpse Collector Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (2nd and 3rd stage)
1 Foreman's Head Blood Raider Foreman Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (3rd stage)
1 The Apocryphon Altar of the Blessed Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (4th stage) Bastion Master Key needed, used up on entering.
1 Generator Debris Generator Building Koona Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood (4th stage) Bastion Master Key needed, used up on entering. Rare spawn!
1 Runic Inscription Trial of Skill Zimse Museum Arcana (1st stage) needs Relic Analyzer
1 Takmahl Centrifugal Primer Takmahl Digital Mezzotint Zimse Museum Arcana (2nd stage) needs Relic Analyzer
1 Holy Statue Takmahl Striking Curiosity Zimse Museum Arcana (2nd stage) needs Relic Analyzer
1 Ritual Texts Arcana Patron Zimse Museum Arcana (2nd stage) needs Relic Analyzer
1 Amolah Kesti's Data Fragment I Drifting Cask Zimse signature near Zimse I – Asteroid Belt II
1 Amolah Kesti's Data Fragment II Drifting Cask Zimse signature near Zimse V L4 defense fleet
1 Amolah Kesti's Data Fragment III Drifting Cask Zimse signature near Zimse VI – Moon 6
1 Yamia Mida's Remains Yamia Mida's Residence Zimse signature L4 defense fleet

Complexes and Sites

These are sites that can be entered at any time and thus are often farmed. In some cases it is advisable to get items here before talking to an agent that requires them. NPCs will respawn in partial waves, so often the numbers in site are smaller than indicated here because of previous players killing ships.

If you also want to build the storyline items from the various BPCs you get, you should farm all sites for their various special item drops.

Restricted gates do not allow battleships or T2 battlecruisers to enter.

Civic Court Plaza [Aphi]

DED unrated, no enemies
agents: Chari Shakai, Stem Robikar

Contested Amarr Sanguine Vaults [Aphi]

DED level 4
At the warp-in point there is one acceleration gate: "Southway" (restricted in ship size)

  • "Southway" (1st stage):
    up to 4 cruiser, 4 destroyer, 9 frigates, 10 sentries (no/late aggro, no special loot),
    acceleration gate to "Lord's Stronghold"
  • "Lord's Stronghold" (2nd stage):
    5 cruiser, 2 destroyer, 17 frigates,
    loot "Biomass Recycling Storage" for "Bug-Ridden Corpse",
    acceleration gate to "Omagh’s Ascension"
  • "Omagh’s Ascension" (3rd stage):
    up to 2 battlecruiser, 13 frigates, 12 sentries,
    no special loot

Labyrinth [Aphi]

DED unrated, L4 enemies

Unmarked in overview, warp to the sun to get to the entrance.

At the warp-in point there is one acceleration gate: “Gate to the Labyrinth" (not restricted in ship size),
 needs "Key to the Labyrinth" (not consumed, given as reward by The Curator),
needs "Archaeology" skill at I

Visiting the Labyrinth is not required by any COSMOS agent or mission, but the center stage spawns many relic containers with loot that is required to build COSMOS storyline items. The Labyrinth is heavily farmed.
navigate the Labyrinth using the map:
 the orientation of the gates relative to the sun or the North indicator can be used;

there is 1 shortest path using a restricted gate (up to BC or T3C) and 2 shortest paths using a larger ship;

  • stage 0: no enemies
  • stage 1 – 9: 1 blood raider battleship and 1 cruiser
  • center stage: up to 2 battleships, 9 cruisers, 4 frigates (web and point), all with fast respawn
4 types of relic containers with 20 minute respawn contain materials for COSMOS module production
    be very careful here: if you cannot kill the frigates fast enough, the larger ships may slowly kill you


Governor's Audience Chamber [Chanoun]

DED unrated, no enemies, friendly guards
agents: Nossa Farad, Odan Poun

Khodesa (Kador Military Outpost) [Chanoun]

DED level 5

Lord Manel's Mansion [Chanoun]

DED unrated agent: Manel Kador

  • entrance:
    loot Stranded Personal Transport for 14 "Manel's Servant"
    acceleration gate to "The First Check Point" needs "Key to Lord Manel's Mansion"
  • "The First Check Point" (1st stage):
  • "The Second Check Point" (2nd stage):
  • "Manel's Resort" (3rd stage):

Contested Amarr Crimson (Mire) Keep [Garisas]

DED level 3
At the warp-in point there is one acceleration gate: "Misty Hollows" (restricted in ship size)

  • "Misty Hollow" (1st stage):
    up to 4 cruisers, 6 destroyers, 6 frigates and 10 sentries,
    loot "Blood Factory" for "Blood Raider Scientists" and other (guarding ships must be destroyed first),
    acceleration gate leads to "Grey Barracks"
  • "Grey Barracks" (2nd stage):
    1 battlecruiser, 9 cruiser, 4 destroyer, 12 frigates, 8 sentries,
    loot Corpum Blood Duke for Corpum Commander Medallion,
    loot 2 "Blood Factory" for "Blood Raider Scientists" and other (guarding ships must be destroyed first),
    loot "Laser Pistol Stash" for "Elite Laser Pistols" (200m^3),
    acceleration gate leads to "Blood Keep"
  • "Blood Keep" (3rd stage):
    5 battlecruiser, 3 cruiser, 7 destroyer, 6 frigates, 10 sentries,
    loot Corpum Blood Duke for Corpum Commander Medallion,
    loot 3 "Blood Factory" (BR Scientist),
    kill "Rebuild Asteroid Station" (Anema Bluechip)

Port Maphante [Garisas]

DED unrated, L4+ enemies in 1st stage
agent: Bartezo Maphante

  • entrance:
    friendly guards
  • Blood Raider Crypt (1st stage):

Caor Korduin [Jakri]

DED unrated
agent: Kofur Karveran

  • entrance: friendly guards

Gate to Garisas [Jakri]

DED unrated, no enemies
agents: Jeeta Neek, Mandor Neek, Zaestra Kuramor
these agents reward high faction standings by exchanging tags for valuable navy BPCs
all BPCs are 2-run, ME 20 TE 8

  • Mandor Neek: requires 8.50 Amarr standing,
    rewards Imperial Navy Slicer BPC for 30 Sansha Silver tags (in 31m) and 1.842% Amarr standings (at Social V)
  • Jeeta Neek: requires 9.20 Amarr standing,
    rewards Omen Navy Issue BPC for 30 Sansha Gold tags (in 1h50m) and 6.6042% Amarr standings (at Social V)
  • Zaestra Kuramor: requires 9.90 Amarr standing,
    rewards Apocalypse Navy Issue BPC for 30 Sansha Diamond tags

Contested Amarr Bastion of Blood [Koona]

DED level 4
agents: Thumal Ebotiz, Sheroz Amokin
At the warp-in point there are two acceleration gates: "The Slope" (restricted in ship size) and "The Ravelin" (unrestricted)

  • "The Ravelin":
    no enemies, agents Sheroz Amokin and Thumal Ebotiz,
    acceleration gate back to the entrance ("Deadspace Warp Point")
  • "The Slope" (1st stage):
    up to 5 sentries, 4 cruisers, 2 destroyers and 13 frigates respawn every few minutes (drone aggro, MTU recommeded),
    loot wrecks for "Bug-Ridden Corpse",
    acceleration gate leads to "Amber Courtyard"
  • "Amber Courtyard" (2nd stage):
    up to 7 cruisers and 16 frigates respawn in a few minutes,
    kill & loot "Blood Kernel" structure (lots of HP) for "Blood Fund",
    loot ships for "Antiseptic Biomass",
    acceleration gate leads to "Stronghold of the Fundamentalist"
  • "Stronghold of the Fundamentalist" (3rd stage):
    up to 10 sentries, 3 battlecruisers, 3 cruisers, 4 destroyers, 14 frigates,
    Blood Raider Foreman drops "Foreman's Head",
    other ships drop "Antiseptic Biomass",
    acceleration gate to "Treasure Chamber" needs "Bastion Master Key"
  • "Treasure Chamber" (4th stage):
    3 battleships, 4 battlecruisers, 3 cruisers, 8 destroyers, 3 frigates,
    attacking battleship group will aggro all ships,
    loot Altar of the Blessed for The Apocryphon,
    loot Generator Building for Generator Debris
    lootable structures and ships respawn irregularly (shortest: 20 minutes)

Ader's Roadhouse [Munory]

DED unrated, no enemies
no overview beacon, Munory planet V, moon 3 agent: Ader Finn

The Bonfire [Munory]

DED unrated, no enemies
agents: Hetras Dakumon, Ormon Parsik

Carchatur Outpost [Nidupad]

DED unrated, no enemies
agents: Amir Arshah, Torval Kerth

Imperial Palace Complex [Nidupad]

DED unrated
agent: Ammargal Detrone

Imperial Administration Complex [Zimse]

DED unrated
agents: Zach Himun, Zar Forari

Museum Arcana [Zimse]

DED unrated, L4 enemies
agents: Thakor Udokas, The Curator
needs the Archaeology skill trained to I to enter

  • "Museum Foyer" (1st stage):
    loot "Key of the Arcane" from "Trial of Skill" using a Relic Analyzer,
    agent Thakor Udokas,
    acceleration gate to "Museum Arcana"
  • "Museum Arcana" (2nd stage):
    2 battleships, 10 cruisers, 2 frigates (fast respawn, frigates point and web),
    4 types of widely distributed hackable cans may drop "Holy Statue", "Ritual Texts" and "Takmahl Centrifugal Primer",
    battleships and cans also drop storyline item building materials,
    need to bring Analyzer, tank, dps, prop mod,
    agent "The Curator"

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