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Site Details
Type COSMOS site
Rating 4/10
Found in Aphi
Max ship size T2 battleship
Faction Blood Raiders
Best damage to deal Electromagnetic damage EMThermal damage Th
Damage to resist Electromagnetic damage EMThermal damage ThKinetic damage Kin

Labyrinth is an Amarr COSMOS site located in Aphi. The site needs to be scanned with core probes. The site does not move so a bookmark of it is permanent.

At the warp-in point there is one acceleration gate: "Gate to the Labyrinth". The gate requires "Key to the Labyrinth" and Archaeology I. The key is received as a reward from The Curator. The key is not consumed on use.

Visiting the Labyrinth is not required by any COSMOS agent or mission, but the center stage spawns many relic containers with loot that is required to build COSMOS storyline items. The Labyrinth is heavily farmed.

Navigate the Labyrinth using the map:
 the orientation of the gates relative to the sun or the North indicator can be used.
There is 1 shortest path using a restricted gate (up to BC or T3C) and 2 shortest paths using a battleship.


Pockets 1-9


Cruiser 1 x Cruiser Lost Explorer
Battleship 1 x Battleship Blood Raider Minotaur

Center pocket

Up to 2 battleships, 9 cruisers, 4 frigates (web and point), all with fast respawn. be very careful here: if you cannot kill the frigates fast enough, the larger ships may slowly kill you.

4 types of relic containers with 20 minute respawn contain materials for COSMOS module production.


Elite Frigate 4 x Elite Frigate Blood Raider Heretic Hunter
Cruiser 9 x Cruiser Obsessive/Zealous/Fanatical Collector
Battleship 1 x Battleship Blood Raider Heretic Slayer

Hackable containers

Hackable Structure 7 x Takmahl Transmission Log
Hackable Structure 4 x Takmahl Library Log
Hackable Structure 8 x Takmahl Temple Fragment
Hackable Structure 4 x Takmahl Temple Segment