Fassara Nazarut

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Fassara Nazarut
Fassara Nazarut.jpg
Level 4
Location Safizon (0.8)
Affiliation Amarr Navy
Amarr Empire

Proving Your Mettle

Proving Your Mettle
Level 4
Type Bring Item
Objective Acquire these goods: 5 x Amarr Training Certification Results (5.0 m³)
Drop-off location: Fassara Nazarut's Slicer in Kenobanala (0.3). (Low Sec Warning!)
Rewards 1 x Minas's Voucher + 2M ISK (4h)

Mission briefing
This assignment has been created as a mandatory test to ensure all personnel are adequately equipped and ready for the tasks ahead. Failure is unacceptable.

The assignment is simple, and should be completed within 1 hour's time. A group of rogue drones have been activated in the Imperial Navy's testing area within Kenobanala. Each carries a certification result sheet which will be ejected from its interior as soon as it is destroyed. Recover 5 of these sheets and bring them back to your contact. That is all.

- Minas Iksan

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.

Fassara Nazarut's Advice
Do not speak with General Minas unless you have powerful friends at your disposal. Although Minas will begin by sending you into fairly easy encounters, once he's satisfied with your performance you will be sent straight into fleet battles, which I doubt you will be able to face alone and survive. And as my final word of advice, take care not to enter Minmatar space when criminally flagged by their security forces. It will mean certain death.

After finishing:
Fassara Nazarut: As I suspected, you're up for the job, <Character>. Here's the voucher, bring it to General Minas Iksan, and he'll give you your next assignment. He's located within the Central Control Tower in Fort Kumar. Good luck out there, soldier.