Fam Kishemas

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Fam Kishemas
Fam Kishemas.jpg
Level 4
Location Kenobanala (0.3)
Affiliation Amarr Navy
Amarr Empire

Proving Your Mettle

Proving Your Mettle
Level 4
Type Security
Objective Deliver 5 x Training Certification Results (5.0 m3)
Rewards +?% Faction Standing + 1x Minas's Voucher + 2M ISK (4h)
Mission briefing

Ahem. I'm really sorry if I insulted you, <Character>, but there's nothing I can do about this. I was given the order to test EVERYONE before we send them out into the fray, and if I would ignore that order I risk being demoted. I hope you understand. Minas is very strict about us following his orders.

Now you'll find the details of your test assignment in the briefing which I'm about to load into your NeoCom. Complete the assignment. which I'm sure you'll do in no time. and I'll send you off to the general. And don't forget to read the advice I've uploaded into your journal. Good luck.

Agent's Advice

Do not speak with General Minas unless you have powerful friends at your disposal. Although Minas will begin by sending you into fairly easy encounters, once he's satisfied with your performance you will be sent straight into fleet battles, which I doubt you will be able to face alone and survive. And as my final word of advice. take care not to enter Minmatar space when criminally flagged by their security forces. It will mean certain death.

The Mission is given by various COSMOS Agents around New Eden.