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Amarr COSMOS agent

Warning: As of 2022, a bug has been discovered in the missions of the agent Ammargal_Detrone brokered by this agent, where there is a low probability that items required for the mission will not drop or will not drop. Until further notice, we recommend that you do not perform any missions for Ammargal_Detrone.

Missions: 6 missions: Four L4 combat, one scanning (three parts), one courier (0.1m3)
The scanning missions can be a pain (but at least they aren't completely broken anymore \o/). There seem to be four sites that will constantly respawn around the system. Three of them (named "Drifting Cask") contain one of the data fragments each, while the fourth ("Yamia Mida") is used for one of Ammargal's missions. The sites containing the first data fragment and Yamia will be guarded - be careful when warping in your scanning ship, but if you warp out promptly then you should be fine. You may find yourself picking up copies of the same data fragment while looking for the others; if there is noone else scanning (check dscan for probes) then leaving spare data fragments in their respective cans should allow you to find the others faster.
The final mission gives 1.65% Amarr Empire standings, and an E.F.A ID Card which will be needed to continue the story with Ammargal.