Terrorist Plot!

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Site Details
Terrorist Plot!
Type Expedition
Rating Unrated
Found in P1- P3 High, P4 Low
Max ship size Unverified
Pirate faction Gurista
Damage to deal Kinetic damage Kin
Thermal damage Th
Damage to
79% Kinetic damage Kin
18% Thermal damage Th
Sig. Strength Escalate from
Gurista Watch

Terrorist Plot! is an expedition that can escalate from Gurista Watch.

Escalation start message popup:

All through the battle, one of the Gurista cruisers was engaged in intense and thoroughly encrypted commmunications with some other ship in another system. Even though you didn't understand a thing of what was being said, your scanners successfully managed to locate the other party.

First Location

Warp In

NPCs at intial warp in.

Initial defenders

Frigate 3-4 x Frigate Dire Pithi Demolisher/Destructor/Plunderer/Wrecker
Battlecruiser 3 x Battlecruiser Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter
Elite Frigate 1 x Elite Frigate Dread Gurista Destructor Escalation trigger Can drop a faction item, drops faction ammo

First Room


1 x container Vital Stash trade goods

Approaching the stash will trigger a one time dammage event (around 1000 dammage) and the following text:

"Someone has approached the Viral Stash too closely, triggering an explosion from a hidden trap nearby!"

Oppening the stash triggers the following message:

"In this container you find stacks of barrels containing viral agent, as well as a list of ship ID's, barrel ID's and times. Most of the times have passed, but the very last one is only a couple of minutes from now, perhaps if you intercept this ship that is supposedly arriving, you may find out more."

Second Location

Third Location

Fourth Location