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This article gives a general overview of the Sleeper Cache sites. For in depth information, please go to the respective sub pages.

Sleeper Cache exploration sites are advanced exploration sites, more difficult than normal data or relic sites. There is an additional risk involved because of various hazards, but you can get some sizable reward for your trouble should you decide to run one.

Sleeper Cache exploration sites can be found in all areas of space, regardless of security, but do come in different versions. All versions show up as a data signature in the probe window, but require use of both relic analyzers and data hacking modules.

The sleeper cache sites comes in three variations or difficulties, with increasing rewards:

For in-depth information, guides and fittings for each type of sleeper cache site, check out the above links.


Sleeper Caches are the only locations where blueprints for polarized weapons may be found. In addition to that, the sites contain sleeper components, manufacturing materials and skillbooks.

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These sites were introduced with the Rhea expansion in 2014.