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Eve Online has changed a great deal over the years, and this page lists the expansions added to it, along with major features contained within them.



EVE online logo.png The Second Genesis
Release Date: 06/05/2003
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/improvements-and-bug-fixes-25
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Alterations to pirate behaviour and loot
Rebalance of new player ships
Added level 2 and 3 missions
Alterations to market including added warnings
Minor alterations to UI
Significant module rebalances
New NPCs added
Added advanced clones
Alterations to corporation roles, introducing the need for Security Officer role to view member hangars
Added combat timer
Added secure cargo containers
Amended implants so they are removed on death
Type search engine added to market
Added ability to set name on containers at station
Added camera "Look at" feature

EVE online logo.png Castor
Release Date: 18/12/2003
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/improvements-and-bug-fixes-34
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** Tech Level 2
** Player Owned Conquerable Stations
** New Ship Classes
** New Agent Features
** Market Changes
** Updated Ship Technology
** Crime Fighting
** Advanced Skills
** Weapon Upgrades
** Auto-cloak


EVE online logo.png Exodus
Release Date: 17/11/2004
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/eve-online-exodus-1
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** New Ships
** Starbases
** New Helper Applications
** New Multi-level Scenarios
** System Scanning
** Mining Improvements
** Corporation Improvements
** Alliance Systems
** War Declaration
** User Interface Improvement
** New Agent Functionality
** New Aggression System
** New NPC Types
** Market Improvements
** Fleet Command and Tactical View
** Updated In-game Browser


EVE online logo.png Cold War
Release Date: 29/07/2005
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/improvements-and-bug-fixes-47
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** Combat Improvements
** Outposts
** Pirate Factions Upgrades
** New World Order
** Cosmos Constellations
** Dreadnoughts
** Encounters In Space
** Leadership Overhaul
** Freighters
** Mini-professions
** New Complexes
** Convoy Raiding Lucrative
** System Sovereignty
** Unicode Chat & Client Improvements
** Research Breakthroughs & Skills

EVE online logo.png Red Moon Rising
Release Date: 14/12/2005
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/eve-online-red-moon-rising-1
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** Carriers & Motherships
** Titans
** Bloodlines
** Starbases And Sovereignty
** Tech 2 Ships
** Project Rebirth
** Cosmos Constellations
** Next-gen Manufacturing & Research Facilities
** Optimizations
** Fighters
** Combat Revisited
** Drones Revisited
** Needful Things For Mining
** NPCs Revisited
** Eye For An Eye
** Tech 2 Ammunition
** Unicode Client
** New Corp Logos
** Jettison Canister Flagging
** UI Improvements
** Tractor Beam


EVE online logo.png Revelations
Release Date: 29/11/2006
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-revelations-1.3-1
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** Contracts
** Combat Organization
** Exploration
** Invention
** Combat Boosters
** Rigs
** New Battleships
** New Battlecruisers
** Salvaging
** Eight New Regions
** Voice Communication
** Optimizations


EVE online logo.png Revelations II
Release Date: 19/07/2007
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/revelations-ii-patch-notes-features-fixes-and-improvements-1
(Expand to see features)

** Heat
** Anti-Fleet Warfare
** Structure Warfare Enhancements
** Starbase Warfare
** Outpost Warfare
** Outpost Upgrades
** Expanding the Frontiers of Exploration
** Agent Mission Improvements
** Broader Sovereignty Scope
** Improved Corporation & Alliance Management
** Need for Speed™
** Immersive New Player Experience
** General Improvements

EVE online logo.png Trinity
Release Date: 12/12/2007
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/eve-trinity-changes-and-fixes-1
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** Amarr Ships
** Caldari Ships
** EVE Voice
** Fleet Invitations
** EVE Marketplace
** Female Corpses
** Exiting Stations on a Velocity
** Situational Awareness Improvements
** Overview Improvements


EVE online logo.png Empyrean Age
Release Date: 10/07/2008
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-empyrean-age-1
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** Factional Militias
** Ranks
** Factional Warfare Agents
** Statistics
** System Occupancy
** Combat Zones
** Factional Warfare Complexes
** World Shaping

EVE online logo.png Quantum Rise
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-quantum-rise-1
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** Stackless IO
** EVE64
** Alchemy
** Industrial Ships Get Love
** User Interface Changes
** Speed Rebalanced
** Ammunition Cost Change
** Certificates
** Medals
** New RealX Tracks
** New Stargates
** Improved Travel
** Assembly Array Upgrades
** ETC Secure Trading Evolved


EVE online logo.png Apocrypha
Release Date: 10/03/2009
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-apocrypha-1
(Expand to see features)

** Wormholes
** Tech3 Strategic Cruisers
** Tech3 Production and Engineering
** New Player Experience
** Epic Mission Arc
** Attribute Respecs
** New NPC and NPC AI
** Skill Queue
** New Ship Fitting Panel
** UI Exporting
** New Art and Effects
** New Sound Engine
** Premium Lite
** Premium Mac Client
** Russian Localization

EVE online logo.png Dominion
Release Date: 01/12/2009
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-dominion-1
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** Sovereignty Evolves
** Sovereignty Infrastructure System
** New Doomsday Devices and Capital Ship Changes
** Improved Fleet Tools
** Exploration and Advanced PVP Tutorials
** Faction Ships Revisited
** Pirate Faction Epic Arc Missions
** Upgraded Planets and Starfields
** Improved In-Game Mail System
** Full Featured In-Game Browser


EVE online logo.png Tyrannis
Release Date: 26/05/2010
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-tyrannis-1
(Expand to see features)

** Planetary Interaction
** Backstory
** EVE Gate
** EVE Mail
** Calendar
** Graphic Updates
** Alienware AlienFX
** Event Landmarks

EVE online logo.png Incursion
Release Date: 30/11/2010
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-incursion-1
(Expand to see features)

** Council of Stellar Management (CSM)
** Client Customization
** Ordnance Overhaul
** Faction Ships Now Available on the Market
** Fighter Bombers Take One for the Team
** Agents Secure New Ways to Keep You Busy
** A New Lair for the TQ Beast
** Fleet Jumping Accelerated
** Module Performance Improvements
** Noctis, the Dedicated Salvager
** The Thin Client is Born
** Upgraded Server Hardware
** Farewell to the Learning Skills Group
** 2010 Holiday Ship: The CONCORD Echelon
** Character Creation System – Re-invent Yourself
** Planetary Interaction Evolves
** EVE Gate Enhanced
** New Sansha Pirate NPCs
** New Sansha Combat Ships
** EVE Gate gets EVE Voice beta
** Environment System Effects
** CONCORD Sets Up Shop
** NPC AI Gets an IQ Boost
** Incursions
** Remote Destruction of Jump Clones
** Improvements to Buying a New Clone
** Sell/Buy Window Settings
** Market Window Displays Outpost Information
** Asset Search by Distance
** Drag and Drop Into Closed Containers
** Character Portrait Saves Return
** Improved Overview Settings
** Agent Removal Confirmation
** Starmap Autopilot's Tab Now Easier to Adjust
** Clearing All Waypoints from Space
** Carbon Inventory
** More Pirates, Shiny Treasures
** More Portraits, More Places
** Auto Fleet Commander
** Visible Nullsec Truesec
** Strip FIttings From Inactive Ships
** NPC Electronic Warfare Updates
** Better Value Visibility
** Extra Outpost Info Added
** More Default Overview Layouts
** Direct Bookmark Removal
** Better Fleet Boss Info Display
** Improved Mass Repackaging
** High-resolution Pilot Portrait Display
** Loot Logging On by Default
** Enhanced Waypoint Markers
** More Incursion Group Support
** Server-side Ship Fittings
** Extended Newbie Mission Durations
** Team BFF's Little Things Continue
** Carbon UI


EVE online logo.png Incarna
Release Date: 21/07/2011
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-incarna-1-1
(Expand to see features)

** Set Foot into Captain’s Quarters
** The Noble Exchange (NeX)
** Looking Good with Your Guns Out
** Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...
** ECM Changes for Better Battle
** Traffic Advisory: Jumpbridge Changes Ahead
** Faction vs faction standings
** Performance Improvements
** Redone and Feature-filled New Player Experience
** Amarr’s Modern Maller Arrives
** EVE Gate: Activity Notifications
** EVE Gate: Personalized Backgrounds
** API: Contract Information
** API: Customizable Keys
** New Official EVE Forums
** Ship Spinning and Graphics Tweaking

EVE online logo.png Crucible
Release Date: 29/11/2011
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-crucible-1
(Expand to see features)

** New Tier 3 Battlecruisers
** New Nebulae
** Time Dilation
** V3 - A Graphical Upgrade
** Engine Trails
** New Station-themed Captain’s Quarters
** Customs Offices
** New Tech 2 Modules
** Hybrid Weapon Balancing
** Logistics Ship Balancing
** Rebalanced Destroyers
** Anomalies Revisited
** Increased Player Ship Salvage
** Bigger Bandwidth (Planetary Interaction)
** Magnometric Sites
** Loot All option
** Log Off Timer Change
** Ship Spinning and Graphics Tweaking
** Starbase Management
** Per-Ship Orbit
** Autopan on Hover Removed
** More Relevant Info on Skills
** Remote Unrent Office
** Fitting List Limit Raised
** Implants in KillMails
** Blueprint type in Killmails
** Corporation Locations (Bookmarks)
** EVE Sans Neue Font Brings Clarity to Chat
** UI Scaling
** Ship Spinning Counter
** Friends Let Friends Use Jumpbridges
** Rubber Band Selection
** Neocom Blink Toggle
** Container Filter for Assets
** Market Links in 'Show Info' Window
** Skill Queue Dragging
** Chat MotD
** Map Options Window Changes
** Mission Window Minimize
** Ship Corp Hangars Stay Open
** Caps Lock Icon
** Market-to-Chat Dragging
** Scan Signature Filter
** Corp Wallet Tool tip
** Skill Training Highlight
** Jumpbridge UI enhancements
** Improved Warp Tunnels
** Doomsday Device and Cyno Field Effects
** Cap ship balancing
** New DED Complexes
** Drones try to return when hit warp
** Improved Commands
** Reduction in session change timer
** Stargates point towards correct place
** Bombs on UI, Other Turrets on UI
** Improvements to the Fitting Window
** New Neocom
** Reduction in Session Change Timer – Take Two
** Convenient Starbase Fuel Notifications
** Shift Click for Great Power
** Interactive Friend Notification Portrait
** Alliances enter the Factional Warfare arena
** Tech 2 Module Tweaking
** Chat Member List Portrait Toggle
** Assault Frigate Balancing
** Drag and Drop Members in Fleet Watch lists
** Fleet Watch list Member Increase
** More Convenience to Corp Locations
** Shield Bonus Fixes
** Blaster Ammunition: Null Gets a Boost
** Mission Status in Station Agent Panel
** Skill Sheet Alphabetizationing
** Capital Ship Tweaks: Diverting power from the shields, Captain
** More and Better: New Shield Modules Added
** Nomenclature Obfuscation Reduction
** POS FUEL BLOCK NOTICE: January 24th, 2012
** Client Side Optimization
** Flashy New Rookie Ships
** Science and Industry Panel Blueprint Sorting
** Optimized Localization
** Fleet Watch List Additions
** DED Complexes Get Even More Love
** More Detail in Target Gauges
** Team Avatar’s Interface Enhancement Pack


EVE online logo.png Inferno
Release Date: 24/04/2012
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-inferno
(Expand to see features)

** Missiles and Launchers
** Graphics Update
** War Declaration System
** Kill Reports
** Mercenary Marketplace
** Factional Warfare
** Modules
** Character Creator
** Unified Inventory
** Incursions
** Effects Bar
** Opportunities
** UI Enhancements
** Rendering Visual Excellence
** Factional Warfare
** Feature Iteration
** Ever Evolving Visuals
** The Rebalancing Initiative
** Intuitive Information Instructions

EVE online logo.png Retribution
Release Date: 04/12/2012
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-retribution-1
(Expand to see features)

** EVE/DUST 514 Link
** Battlecruisers Rebalanced
** Dueling
** Corporation Search Tools
** Engineering Advances for Black Ops Pilots
** War Declaration Iteration
** Configurable Info Panels


EVE online logo.png Odyssey
Release Date: 04/07/2013
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-odyssey
(Expand to see features)

Enabled multi character training for up to three characters - dev blog
Expanded the use of the radial menu
Added Morachaand Chremoas as special Alliance Tournament Prizes
Upgrade of the audio engine
Rebalancing of mindlink implants
Rebalancing of weapon systems
Rebalancing of Warfare Link modules
UI alterations for probe scanning - dev blog
Rebalancing of Dominix, command ships, heavy assault cruisers and industrials
Added Advanced Infomorph Psychology and Infomorph Syncronizing skills
Reorganisation of skill categories
Added security tags - dev blog
New graphical effects for jumping through wormholes etc
Added Harbinger Navy Issue, Drake Navy Issue, Brutix Navy Issue and Hurricane Fleet Issue
Changes to ice harvesting
Rebalance of Player owned structures for industry
Replaced Destroyer and Cruiser skills with racial variations e.g. Amarr Cruiser


EVE online logo.png Rubicon
Release Date: 15/01/2014
Site: None
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-rubicon
(Expand to see features)

Twitch TV integration
Improvements to DUST 514 link
Improved cluster premapper to reduce time dilation - dev blog
Added new deployable structures: Mobile Depot, Mobile Tractor Unit, Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor and Mobile Siphon Unit - dev blog
Added ghost sites - dev blog
Alterations to highsec Player Owned Customs Offices
Overhaul of certificate and mastery systems - dev blog
Added Interbus Ship Identification System
Added Astero and Stratios - dev blog
Added Bastion module
Alterations to fleet UI - dev blog
Added Ascendancy implants
Audio and visual effects updates, including new music
Rebalance of Tech 2 ships
New character selection screen added on log in

EVE online logo.png Kronos
Release Date: 16/07/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-06-03/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-kronos
(Expand to see features)

Rebalance of pirate faction ships - dev blog
Added Mordu's Legion exploration sites - dev blog
Added Garmur, Orthrus, Barghest and Prospect
Lowsec Faction Warfare changes
Rebalance of Mining Barges - dev blog
Updates to drone modules and skills - dev blog
Visual and audio effects updates to warp, stations and solar flares
New Ship Skins and clothing

EVE online logo.png Crius
Release Date: 15/08/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-07-22/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-crius
(Expand to see features)

New system for Reprocessing - dev blog
Added ability to opt out of fleet warp
Alterations to Starbases, including reprocessing and compression arrays - dev blog
Alterations to UI for Research - dev blog
Manufacturing and Research price changes, including dynamic pricing - dev blog
Changes to Industry UI - dev blog
Audio effects updates for industry
Removed skill check on fitting modules
CREST and XML API support for industry - dev blog

EVE online logo.png Hyperion
Release Date: 17/09/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-08-26/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/opt-in-notification-changes-for-oceanus/
(Expand to see features)

Alterations to wormholes including rebalance of wormhole effects, changes to statics and more wormhole systems - dev blog
Alterations to incursions including reducing the respawn time and amendments to scout sites,
Additional clothing items in the New Eden Store
Added additional character training with PLEX
Improvements to overviews including the ability to share an overview to another player - dev blog
Minor improvements including rebalance of Heavy Assault Cruisers and Micro Warp Drives, planetary interaction updates and UI changes

EVE online logo.png Oceanus
Release Date: 21/10/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-09-30/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-oceanus
(Expand to see features)

French Language Localization
New theme: "Oceanus"
Visual effects updates to wormholes
Added burner missions - dev blog
Various minor UI changes, including opt-in notifications - dev blog
New empire faction jackets for New Eden Store
Rebalance of interdictors and interceptors, cloaking and some modules
Ability to import ship loadouts to EFT

EVE online logo.png Phoebe
Release Date: 27/11/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-11-04/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-phoebe
(Expand to see features)

Changes to nullsec, including adding jump fatigue and allowing capitals to use gates - dev blog
Introduced unlimited skill queue - dev blog
Changes to Industry interface, including consolidated skills
New theme: "Phoebe"
Visual effects updates to cloaking
Rebalance of Stealth Bombers 
Small changes including new icons, changes to scanning window, visual effects updates to nebulae, XML API updates etc
Alterations to career agents, and escalation sites - dev blog
Pop-up notifications from Oceanus go into Beta
New sensor overlay - dev blog
Added multisell for market sell orders - dev blog

EVE online logo.png Rhea
Release Date: 18/12/2014
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2014-12-09/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-rhea
(Expand to see features)

Added 100 new wormhole systems
Added Thera and shattered wormholes - dev blog
Added Confessor and Bowhead
Redesign of Onyx, Eagle, Rook, Falcon, Blackbird and Incursus
Added Sleeper Cache Sites - dev blog
Added Polarized Weapon Modules
Visual effects updates using Physically Based Rendering
Removed Clone Upgrades
Purge of inactive character names
Added optional WASD ship controls
Added kill report notifications
Added direct invites for corporations
Updates to CREST API
Added hit point info for drones in the drone bay
Improvements to hacking
New theme: "Rhea"


EVE online logo.png Proteus
Release Date: 10/02/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-01-13/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-proteus
(Expand to see features)

New exploration sites
Visueal effects update for asteroid fields
New smaller asteroid belts for starter and career agent mining missions
Redesign of Exequror
German and Russian voiceovers for Aura
Rebalance of modules, including mining lasers, expanded cargoholds, nanofiber internal structures etc - dev blog
New features for Map Beta
Rebalance of recon ships

EVE online logo.png Tiamat
Release Date: 17/02/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-02-17/
Patch notes: https://community.testeveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-tiamat
(Expand to see features)

Added Svipul - dev blog
Added option to toggle friendly fire in corporations
Made lens flare setting adjustable
Minor alterations to corporation management window
Rebalancing of projectile weapons
Added drifters
Update to sound engines, expanded audio effects and faction based atmospheric sounds
New theme: "Tiamat"
Improvements to visual effects for lighting
Minor alterations to user interface, including additional colours and schemes

EVE online logo.png Scylla
Release Date: 24/03/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-03-24/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-scylla/
(Expand to see features)

Rebalance of Ishtar - dev blog
Rebalance of rail guns
Added 'Download on Demand' for faster game installation - dev blog
Rebalance of fighters
CSPA charge defaulted to zero for new pilots
Rebalance of T3 cruiser subsystems
New theme: "Scylla"
Launch of 3D Map Beta
Yearly character statistics added to Crest API

EVE online logo.png Mosaic
Release Date: 28/04/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-04-28/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-mosaic
(Expand to see features)

Added permanent ship skins
Alterations to the new player experience, including the introduction of Opportunities - dev blog
Added Map Beta - dev blog
Added Serpentis and Blood Raiders burner missions
Visual effects updates for structure assembly - dev blog
Rebalance to T3 Destroyers
Visual effects updates to control tower forcefields
New theme: "Mosaic"
Higher null sec mining yields
Added Two Factor Authentication
Updates to sensor overlay
Improvements to corporations roles UI
Visual effects upgrades to mission objects, starbases and deployables
Boosts to battlecruiser warp speed
Alterations to nullsec infrastructure, including the ability to manufacture infrastructure upgrades
New icon for damage control
Added ability to import skill queue from clipboard
Improvements to mac client performance

EVE online logo.png Carnyx
Release Date: 24/06/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-06-16/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-carnyx
(Expand to see features)

Start of substantial alterations to sovereign nullsec known colloquially as "Fozziesov" - dev blog
Added Entosis Links
Added occupancy defence multiplier
Added asset vulnerability window
New ship skins - Sisters of EVE
Added Angel Cartel cruiser burner missions
Added ship skins for Marauders: Kronos 'Police', Paladin 'Blood Raider', Vargur 'Thukker Tribe', Golem 'Kaaliakiota'
Redesign of Naga
Visual effects alterations by adding Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - dev blog
Rebalance of propulsion modules, shield extenders and armor plates
Added Jackdaw
Visual effects updates to lighting
New overview icons
New theme: 'Carnyx'
Re-opening of alliance logo submissions - dev blog
Added wormholes inhabited by drifters and drifter sites

EVE online logo.png Aegis
Release Date: 07/07/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-07-07/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-aegis
(Expand to see features)

Balancing to missiles, including a buff to heavy missile damage - dev blog
Added Missile Guidance Enhancers and Missile Guidance Computers
Balancing to Ishtar, Tempest and battleships
New theme: "Aegis"
Added Hecate
Redesign of Caracal
Visual effects updates to mission structures and objects
Alterations to overview and brackets - dev blog
New ship skins - Equilibrium of Mankind, Wiyrkomi Corporation, Intaki Syndicate and Republic Justice Department
Substantial alterations to sovereign nullsec - so called "Fozziesov" - dev blog

EVE online logo.png Galatea
Release Date: 25/08/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-08-25/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-galatea
(Expand to see features)

Added new ship skins
Redesign of Dominix - dev blog
Alterations to camera, to stay on exploding objects and ships
New theme: "Galatea"
New 'Hephaestus' clothing for New Eden Store
Visual effects updates to doomsday weapons, warp scramblers, salvagers, tractor beams and others
Minor fixes to sovereignty mechanics

EVE online logo.png Vanguard
Release Date: 29/09/2015
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-09-29/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-vanguard
(Expand to see features)

Entosis Links removed from Interceptors in sovereign space - dev blog
Rebalancing of battlecruisers
Added multi-buy feature to market
Visual effects upgrades to station exteriors, and Amarr and Minmatar Strategic Cruisers
Vanguard theme: 'Vanguard'
Added Jump Invulnerability Cloak Timer
Added Gurista Burner Missions
Added Wormhole Polarization Timer

EVE online logo.png Parallax
Release Date: 03/11/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-11-03/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-parallax
(Expand to see features)

Alterations to sovereignty structures - dev blog
Added more information on incursions to CREST API
Added Jukebox songs to settings
Reduced jump fatigue - dev blog
Parallax theme - "Parallax"
Added ability to toggle camera movement
Client performance improvements
D-scan added to new Map Beta
New ship skins - 'Raata Sunset'
Star Map added to probe scanning window

EVE online logo.png Operation: Frostline
Release Date: 08/12/2015
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2015-12-08/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-december-release
(Expand to see features)

New event: Operation Frostline - dev blog
Added new camera options
Added PvP kill marks
Alterations to visual effects to add dust and debris to ship hulls
Added new ice mining frigate: Endurance
Added Navy disruption frigates: Crucifier Navy Issue, Griffin Navy Issue, Griffin Navy Issue and Vigil Fleet Issue
Added Tech 2 logistics frigates: Deacon, Kirin, Thalia and Scalpel
Added Tech 2 Destroyers: Pontifex, Bifrost, Stork and Magus
Rebalance of neutralizers, nosferatus, warp disruption field generators and ECCM
Visual effects updates to Cynosaural Field Generators, ECM and smartbombs
Alterations to add fall-off to neutralizers, remote repair modules, and energy transfers
Visual effects updates to propulsion systems
Added missile guidance disruptors
Added option for gamma adjustment
Added Temporal Anti-Aliasing  to improve visual effects performance
Visual effects alterations to star fields and nebulae
Client stability and performance improvements for mac users
New music tracks
Increases in grid sizes - dev blog


EVE online logo.png 118.1
Release Date: 12/01/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-01-12/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-january-2016-release
(Expand to see features)

New launcher
New ship skin - 'Tronhadar Ink'

EVE online logo.png 118.2
Release Date: 09/02/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-02-09/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-february-2016-release
(Expand to see features)

New Skill trading system
Visual effects updates for Strategic Cruisers
Alterations to Flight Academy videos
Visual effects updates for smartbombs and doomsday weapons
Added Loglite diagnostic tool
Audio effects updates to combat music
118.2 theme "Waltz of the Capsuleers"

EVE online logo.png The Hunt/118.3
Release Date: 19/04/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-03-11/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-march-2016-release
(Expand to see features)

Added Project Discovery: Human Protein Atlas - CCP microsite
Alterations to Electronic Warfare, including new Stasis Grappler module
New event: The Hunt

EVE online logo.png Citadel
Release Date: 27/04/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-04-27/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-eve-online-citadel
(Expand to see features)

Added citadels: Astrahus, Fortizar and Keepstar
Added special Palatine Keepstar
Alterations of structure assault mechanics - dev blog
Added asset safety
Added access lists for citadel control
Added Force Auxiliaries: Apostle, Minokawa, Lif and Ninazu
Reworking of capital ships
Visual effects alterations for combat feedback
New faction NPC capital ships
New capital ship weapons
Visual effect alterations for station hangars
New structure fitting window
New superweapons for capital ships

EVE online logo.png 118.5
Release Date: 31/05/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-05-31/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-may-2016-release
(Expand to see features)

Fixes and improvements to citadels
Added Omni Analyzers, combining relic and data analyzers
Added special Upwell Consortium clothing

EVE online logo.png 118.6
Release Date: 28/06/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-06-28/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-118.6-release
(Expand to see features)

New event Shadow of the Serpent
New features for Citadels, including redeeming, trade, character customisation and the ability to set a citadel as a waypoint using autopilot
Visual effects update to lighting in stations and citadels, armor repair, triage mode, sensor dampeners, tracking disruptors and black ops cynosural field beacon effect 
Overhaul of stargate visual effects
New animations on docking and undocking
Improvements to tactical overlay, including trajectory line to show the ship's course
Added pirate faction capital ships: Vehement, Vendetta and Vanquisher 
Added Asklepian Implants
Legalised combat boosters
Added bulk fitting
Improvements to the new player experience, including to Opportunities
New ship skins Serpentis Shadow of the Serpent

EVE online logo.png 118.7
Release Date: 09/08/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-08-09/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-118.7-release
(Expand to see features)

Added contracts in Citadels
Visual and audio effects updates to damage system
Visual updates to shading
Performance improvements to celestial clouds
Added feedback to cargo and fleet hold capacity

EVE online logo.png 118.8
Release Date: 13/09/2016
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-09-13/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc118.8-release
(Expand to see features)

Overhaul of Mining Barges
New event: Purity of the Throne
Redesign of Slasher, Maulus, Executioner, Bantam, Probe and Griffin
Rebalance of capital modules

EVE online logo.png 118.9
Release Date: 11/10/2016
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-10-11/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc118.9-release
(Expand to see features)

New ship skins - 'Crimson Harvest'
Alterations to market window including market graphs
Rebalance of mining barge turret hardpoints
118.9 theme "The Legend Perseveres"
Post-process system client performance updates

EVE online logo.png Ascension
Release Date: 15/11/2016
Site: http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-11-15/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-eve-online-ascension
(Expand to see features)

Added Alpha and Omega Clone States - dev blog
Added Engineering Complexes - dev blog
Added complete new player experience Inception - dev blog
Added Command Bursts - dev blog
Alterations to fleet boosts
Added fitting simulator
Rebalance of Tactical Destroyers
New effect generator for Titans
New visual feedback from command bursts, combat logs and effects bar
Visual and audio effects update to explosions and wrecks
Rebalance of Rorqual
Added Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core (PANIC)
Rehaul of character sheet - dev blog
Added NPC Mining Operations

EVE online logo.png 118.10
Release Date: 13/12/2016
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-12-13/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc118.10-release
(Expand to see features)

Overhaul of defender missiles
New ship skins - 'Glacial Drift' and 'Fire cell'
Visual effects update to stations
118.10 Theme "Into The Light"
Improvements to Flight Academy system
Improvements to new player experience, Inception
Alterations to NPC Mining Operations


EVE online logo.png 119.1
Release Date: 12/01/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-01-12/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc119.1-release/
(Expand to see features)

Fixes and improvements to fitting simulation
119.1 theme "The Ones We Left Behind"
New ship skin - Mordu's Legion Convergence 'Nova'

EVE online logo.png 119.2
Release Date: 14/02/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-02-14/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc119.2-release
(Expand to see features)

New event: Guardian's Gala - dev blog
New ship skin: Society of Conscious Thought Midnight
119.2 theme "Towards the Inevitable"
New faction ship skins for the Venture
Interface improvements including market tax calculation breakdowns, improvements to industry window visuals and the ability to "buy missing materials" for manufacture
Added ability to insure in Upwell structures
Improvements to the new player experience, Inception, including overhauls of several operations and the industry window
Client performance improvements

EVE online logo.png 119.3
Release Date: 14/03/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-03-14/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-yc119.3-release
(Expand to see features)

Added ability to repair in Upwell structures
Improvements to scanning
Redesign of Cormorant and Flycatcher
Balancing to Rorqual and tweaks to mining
Balancing to fighters
Balancing to heavy interdictors
Balancing to mobile warp disruptors
Redesign of the Chimera
Visual effects updates to ORE ships
Balancing to burst projectors
Improvements to fighter UX

EVE online logo.png 119.5
Release Date: 09/05/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-05-09/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-119.5-release/
(Expand to see features)

Added Blood Raider Shipyards
Added additional ships - Dagon, Molok and Chemosh
Updated visual effects for stars
New introduction video "Birth of the Capsuleer"
Complete overhaul of PLEX including the introduction of granular PLEX, conversion of Aurum, the PLEX vault - dev blog
Introduction of gifting for the New Eden Store
Alliance logos were added to citadels
Added two special prize ships, the Pacifier and Enforcer

EVE online logo.png June Release
Release Date: 13/06/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-06-13/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-june-2017-release
(Expand to see features)

New event: Rogue Swarm
Redesign of the Sin, Vexor and Ishtar
Added color blindness support - dev blog
Improvements to client performance

EVE online logo.png July Release
Release Date: 11/07/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-07-11/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-july-2017-release/
(Expand to see features)

New phase of Project Discovery: Exoplanets - dev blog
Rebalance of strategic cruisers
New ship skin - Firewall Breach
Visual updates to mission battlestations
Redesign of the Rupture - dev blog

EVE online logo.png August Release
Release Date: 16/08/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-08-16/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-august-2017-release
(Expand to see features)

New event for The Agency: Lucky Clash
Updates to Upwell structures including balancing of weapons, alterations to UI and fueling, the addition of corporation insurance, phasing out of starbase bonuses and the introduction of moon scanning UI - dev blog
Improvements to the standings UI, scanning (persistent scanning results) and the Map Beta - dev blog
New ship skin - CONCORD Firewatch

EVE online logo.png September Release
Release Date: 12/09/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-09-12/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-september-2017-release/
(Expand to see features)

New empire selection screen for newly created characters
Updates to the visuals for debris
Updates to the lighting and impact visual effects for energy, hybrid and projectile weapons
New market ticker along the bottom of the market window
Improvements to the new player experience, Inception, including new audio samples and updates to text and visuals
New skills for moon mining

EVE online logo.png Lifeblood
Release Date: 24/10/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-10-24/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-eve-online-lifeblood/
(Expand to see features)

Added refineries - dev blog
Complete overhaul of moon mining - dev blog
New service modules, rigs, formulae and skills for reactions - dev blog
Added Resource Wars
Added Guristas shipyards
Added additional ships - Caiman, Komodo and Loggerhead
Added Pirate Forward Operation Bases
Ship rebalance - dev blog
Improvements to The Agency - dev blog
Added the mining ledger - dev blog
Added a special prize ship, the Marshal

EVE online logo.png Arms Race
Release Date: 06/12/2017
Site: https://updates.eveonline.com/date/2017-12-05/
Patch notes: https://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for-december-2017-release
(Expand to see features)

Significantly expanded skillset for alpha clones, opening up Tech 2 weapons, battlecruisers and battleships - dev blog
New event: Arms Race
Added Daily Alpha Injectors - dev blog
New space monument for Project Discovery: Human Protein Atlas
Visual effects update for Warp Disruption Bubble
Changes to Pirate Forward Operation Bases
New visuals and information for new character empire selection screen
Rebalance of Resource Wars
Alterations to jump drive a fuel comsumption
Visual effects updates to  structures in missions and deadspace pockets


EVE online logo.png JANUARY 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 16/01/2018
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/patch-notes-for-january-2018-release
(Expand to see features)

EVE online logo.png FEBRUARY 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 13/02/2018
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/p435cx/patch-notes-for-february-2018-release-1-0
(Expand to see features)

EVE online logo.png MARCH 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 20/03/2018
Site: https://www.eveonline.com/article/p4ejjg/balance-changes-coming-in-the-march-release
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/p5w1jb/patch-notes-for-march-2018-release
(Expand to see features)

** Added the Monitor CONCORD ship.
** Added The Hunt, a new ingame event.
** Small buff to all T1 battleships.
** Attack Battlecruisers can now use Micro Jump Drives.
** Balance changes for:
*** Orthrus, Ferox, Machariel, Drake Navy Issue, Cyclone, Eagle, Muninn.
** Changes to caputure events in Sov-null.
** Removed EVE Voice from the game.
** Major changes to the chat backend.

EVE online logo.png Into The Abyss
Release Date: 29/05/2018
Site: None
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/p9aexk/patch-notes-for-eve-online-into-the-abyss
(Expand to see features)

** Added the Abyssal Deadspace
** New Triglavian ships and weapons
*** Added corresponding skills to the new ships and weapons
** An updated and improved Planetary Interaction UI
** Changes to stations in Sov-null
** A major update to the 'Recommended system requirements for EVE Online'

EVE online logo.png JULY 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 10/07/2018
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pbgg7h/patch-notes-for-july-2018-release
(Expand to see features)

EVE online logo.png AUGUST 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 21/08/2018
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pd8zye/patch-notes-for-august-2018-release
(Expand to see features)

EVE online logo.png SEPTEMBER 2018 RELEASE
Release Date: 11/09/2018
Patch notes: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pep0ph/patch-notes-for-september-2018-release
(Expand to see features)

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