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Access Lists (ACL) are lists that allow players to limit who other players can access a shared resource. They are used for Upwell structures and Shared bookmarks.

Access lists window is found in neocom -> social -> access lists.

Configuring access list

To create a new access list click the "+ New Access List" button at bottom left corner of the window.

To edit access list select it on the left side panel.

You can add new pilots, corporations or alliances by dragging them to the list. Alternatively you can use the "+ Add members" button to add new members from search results. There is also a special "Add everyone" button on bottom right corner. Having this "everyone" member is exactly what it says. It effectively adds everyone to the list.

Pilots, corporations and alliances can be set as "blocked" on the list. This removes their access even if they would otherwise have it. For example you can add "everyone" on the list and then block single pilot away.

Individual pilots on the list can also be set as admins or managers. Managers can see and modify the list while admins can change roles of members.

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