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This page should be updated due to game changes.
Reason: update for latest photon UI keys and disabling 3D graphics

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts / keyboard controls that offer alternatives for mouse control of the EVE client. These can be found in the client's Configuration menu and can be re-assigned to suit a player's preference.


The defaults listed are current as of Odyssey 1.1.1. Bindings listed with the Lock.png are not able to be modified.


Command Shortcut
Force fade from black Shift-Backspace
Manage Nearest Control Tower (None)
Open Agent Finder (None)
Open Assets Alt-T
Open Bounty Office (None)
Open Calculator (None)
Open Calendar (None)
Open Capital Ship Navigation (None)
Open Cargo Hold of Active Ship (None)
Open Certification Planner (None)
Open Channels (None)
Open Character Re-customization (None)
Open Character Sheet Alt-A
Open Compare Tool (None)
Open Config Menu (None)
Open Contacts Alt-E
Open Contracts (None)
Open Corp Deliveries (None)
Open Corporation Panel (None)
Open Drone Bay Of Active Ship (None)
Open EVE Menu \
Open Factional Warfare (None)
Open Fitting Service Alt-F
Open Fleet (None)
Open FPS Monitor Ctrl-F
Open Fuel Bay Of Active Ship (None)
Open Hangar Floor Alt-G
Open Help F12
Open Insurance Outlet (None)
Open Inventory Alt-C
Open Opportunities Alt-J
Open Log (None)
Open Loyalty Point Store (None)
Open Mail Alt-I
Open Map Browser F11
Open Map F10
Open Market Alt-R
Open Medical (None)
Open New Message (None)
Open Noble Exchange (None)
Open Notepad (None)
Open Ore Hold Of Active Ship (None)
Open Overview Settings (None)
Open Repair Shop (None)
Open Reprocessing Plant (None)
Open Scanner Alt-D
Open Science & Industry Alt-S
Open Ship Config (None)
Open Ship Hangar Alt-N
Open Sovereignty Dashboard (None)
Open Station Management (None)
Open Training Queue Alt-X
Open Tutorials (None)
Open Wallet Alt-W
Set Chat Channel Focus Space
Set Overview Focus Alt-Space


Command Shortcut
Activate Defense Mode Shift-1
Activate Propulsion Mode Shift-3
Activate Sharpshooter Mode Shift-2
Align to A
Approach Q
Decrease Probe Scan Range (None)
Dock/Jump/Activate gate D
Increase Probe Scan Range (None)
Keep at Range E
Lock target Ctrl
Look at Alt
Orbit W
Show info T
Tag item as: 1 1
Tag item as: 2 2
Tag item as: 3 3
Tag item as: A 4
Tag item as: B 5
Tag item as: C 6
Tag item as: X (None)
Tag item as: Y (None)
Tag item as: Z (None)
Tag item from sequence: 1 through 9 (None)
Tag item from sequence: 1, 2 or 3 7
Tag item from sequence: A through I (None)
Tag item from sequence: A, B or C 8
Tag item from sequence: X, Y or Z 9
Toggle lock target (None)
Unlock target Ctrl-Shift
Warp to S


Command Shortcut
Browse Window Menu Upwards Ctrl-Shift-Tab Lock.png
Browse Window Menu Ctrl-Tab Lock.png
Close Active Window Ctrl-W
Close All Windows Ctrl-Alt-W
Close modal windows and open config menu Esc Lock.png
Confirm Enter Lock.png
Copy Ctrl-C Lock.png
Cut Ctrl-X Lock.png
Enter Captain's Quarters (None)
Enter Ship Hangar (None)
Exit Station (None)
Forward MOUSE5
Hide Mouse Cursor Alt-F9
Log off (None)
Minimize Active Window (None)
Minimize All Windows (None)
Next stacked window Ctrl-Shift-Page Down
Next Tab Ctrl-Page Down
Open Monitor Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M
Paste Ctrl-V Lock.png
Previous stacked window Ctrl-Shift-Page Up
Previous Tab Ctrl-Page Up
Print screen PRINTSCREEN Lock.png
Quit Game Alt-Shift-Q
Radial Menu (None)
Reset Monitor Ctrl-Alt-Enter
Select All Ctrl-A Lock.png
Tab between edit fields Shift-Tab Lock.png
Tab between edit fields Tab Lock.png
Toggle Audio Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F12
Toggle effects Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E
Toggle turret effects Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T
Toggle User Interface Visibility Ctrl-F9
Toggle Windowed Alt-Enter
Open engine tools window Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M


Command Shortcut
Accelerate Num +
Broadcast: At Location (None)
Broadcast: Cycle Fleet Broadcast Recipients (None)
Broadcast: In Position At (None)
Broadcast: Jump to Beacon (None)
Broadcast: Need Armor (None)
Broadcast: Need Backup (None)
Broadcast: Need Capacitor (None)
Broadcast: Need Shield (None)
Broadcast: Request That the Fleet Hold Position (None)
Broadcast: Spotted the Enemy Z
Broadcast: Target (Selected) X
Decelerate Num -
Save Location CTRL-B
Select next target Alt-Right
Select previous target Alt-Left
Set Full Speed Alt-Ctrl-Space
Stop Ship Ctrl-Space
Toggle Autopilot Ctrl-S
Toggle show all brackets Alt-Z
Toggle show no brackets Alt-Shift-Z
Toggle Special Bracket Display Alt-Shift-X
Toggle tactical overlay Ctrl-D
Tracking Camera: Toggle point camera to selected item C
Zoom In (None)
Zoom Out (None)


Command Shortcut
Activate High Power Slot 1 F1
Activate High Power Slot 2 F2
Activate High Power Slot 3 F3
Activate High Power Slot 4 F4
Activate High Power Slot 5 F5
Activate High Power Slot 6 F6
Activate High Power Slot 7 F7
Activate High Power Slot 8 F8
Activate Low Power Slot 1 Ctrl-F1
Activate Low Power Slot 2 Ctrl-F2
Activate Low Power Slot 3 Ctrl-F3
Activate Low Power Slot 4 Ctrl-F4
Activate Low Power Slot 5 Ctrl-F5
Activate Low Power Slot 6 Ctrl-F6
Activate Low Power Slot 7 Ctrl-F7
Activate Low Power Slot 8 Ctrl-F8
Activate Medium Power Slot 1 Alt-F1
Activate Medium Power Slot 2 Alt-F2
Activate Medium Power Slot 3 Alt-F3
Activate Medium Power Slot 4 Alt-F4
Activate Medium Power Slot 5 Alt-F5
Activate Medium Power Slot 6 Alt-F6
Activate Medium Power Slot 7 Alt-F7
Activate Medium Power Slot 8 Alt-F8
Reload Ammo Ctrl-R
Toggle Overload on High Power Rack Ctrl-3
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 1 Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 2 Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 3 Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 4 Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 5 Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 6 Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 7 Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on High Power Slot 8 Shift-F8
Toggle Overload on Low Power Rack Ctrl-1
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 1 Ctrl-Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 2 Ctrl-Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 3 Ctrl-Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 4 Ctrl-Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 5 Ctrl-Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 6 Ctrl-Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 7 Ctrl-Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on Low Power Slot 8 Ctrl-Shift-F8
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Rack Ctrl-2
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 1 Alt-Shift-F1
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 2 Alt-Shift-F2
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 3 Alt-Shift-F3
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 4 Alt-Shift-F4
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 5 Alt-Shift-F5
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 6 Alt-Shift-F6
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 7 Alt-Shift-F7
Toggle Overload on Medium Power Slot 8 Alt-Shift-F8


Command Shortcut
Move Backward S
Move Forward W
Move Left A
Move Right D


Command Shortcut
All Drones: Engage F
All Drones: Return and Orbit Shift-Alt-R
All Drones: Return to Drone Bay Shift-R
Drone Settings: Toggle Aggressive/Passive (None)
Drone Settings: Toggle Focus Fire (None)
Fighter Settings: Toggle Attack and Follow (None)
Launch Drones Shift-F
Reconnect To Lost Drones (None)


Command Shortcut
Deselect All Fighters (None)
Launch All Fighters (None)
Launch Selected Fighters (None)
Recall All Fighters (None)
Recall Selected Fighters (None)
Select All Fighters (None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 1 (None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 2 (None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 3 (None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 4 (None)
Toggle Selection of Tube 5 (None)
Toggle Ship Selection (None)

Character Creation

Command Shortcut
Pick Portrait 1 F1
Pick Portrait 2 F2
Pick Portrait 3 F3
Pick Portrait 4 F4

Modifying Shortcuts

Start by pressing "Esc" to access the in-game menu

Select the "Shortcuts" tab from the top row
Select the category you'd like to modify
Select the shortcut you'd like to modify
Select "Edit Shortcut"
Enter the new key binding you prefer