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This page is aimed at introducing players to the personal contacts standing modification tool in the Contacts Tab Under People and Places. This will also discuss additional uses for this tool that may not be apparent at first glance. Contacts Tab in People and Places.jpeg

Adding Contacts

To search for a contact, you can simply put their name in the chat window and auto-link a character. You can also use the search at the top of the "People and Places" window by selecting Character under Search Type and then searching the name.This will give you the ability to right click on the link and select "Add Contact".

  • Note: You can block pilots in a similar fashion with the "Block" selection.
Selecting Add Contact.JPG

Once that is accomplished it will bring up an information window where you can apply your own personal notes to the character and apply a personal standing.

Add Contact Window.JPG There are 5 standings to choose from:

Excellent (+10) Good (+5) Neutral (0) Bad (-5) Terrible (-10)

  • Note: Corporate standings will override any personal standings you have with pilots in chat and the overview. So no worries about accidentally losing a war target because you set them to neutral.

Personal Notes: This is where you can place a description of who you think they are and why you placed them in a particular status. As you meet more people in EVE Online, this will become more and more useful.

There are also 2 check boxes that offer additional options:

Send Notification: Sends an automated notification to the newly added contact to let them know you added them and what standing you placed them at. Even if you do not send a notification, the target pilot will still be able to see the standing change if they view the standing chart under your pilot info.

Add to Buddy List: This will add a player to the buddy list. Note: As of March 2016 seeing a character's online status now requires mutual consent (you need to be added to the buddy list as well).

Once you are satisfied with these settings, click the Add Contact button at the bottom.

Creating labels

Contacts are automatically put into containers under your contact tab for quick reference by Standing, Watch List, and Blocked. You can drag contacts between these containers as you would inventory.

To further categorize them, you must create labels. Click on the Manage Labels Icon next to the filter box. Evemailtag.png

With this tool you can create tags that will label pilots with whatever you would like to categorize them, For example: Miner, Logi, FC, Corp Recruiter/Contact, Industrialist, Troll, etc. Whatever you decide to name them will only be visible to you.

Manage Labels Window.JPG

This will firstly enable the ability for you to assign a single label when you add new contacts. However, once in your contacts list, you can assign multiple labels to each pilot. To do this, click on the pilot you wish to label while your manage labels window is open. Select the check boxes next to which labels to apply and click the Assign Label button.

Once you have a few pilots assigned to labels, you can quickly reference between the labels by opening the labels container located under "blocked" in your Contacts (you may have to scroll down). Pilots assigned multiple labels will appear in multiple categories.

Label Containers.JPG

Add a whole Alliance/Corporation

If you don't want to add every character in a particularly Alliance or Corporation manually you can set the whole Alliance/Corp to a specific standing. This can be useful if you use an OOC scout/hauler.


First, search for the Alliance/Corporation and right click to add contact.


Second, select a label and standing.


Now your derived standing will be calculated including your made setting.


The ability to categorize your interactions with people in EVE will not only make them easy to identify in the overview and chat, but also makes it possible to develop detailed dossiers of your interactions. To include what they do, where they go, what habits they may have. How they enjoy playing EVE.

This information may seem harmless at first, but if a pilot becomes a war target or even a competitive trader in the same commodities you are in, this information becomes invaluable for determining when they are most vulnerable or exploiting their weaknesses.

All of these features can also be applied to player owned corporations. If you would like to focus on a particular corporation, I would suggest you create a label to place people into with the corporation name. The single notes tab is just not detailed enough to put all of the intel of corporate activities, would be best to place those kinds of notes under the people that are performing those activities within the corp.