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You can control what different players can do in your Upwell structures by Access Control Lists (ACL). This means that you can allow some people to dock while others can also use the structure's weapons. It goes so far that you can set different taxes.

How to set up structure permissions

Groups and the Structure Browser: both are found in the Business menu of the neocom [1]

You start with a group called "my corp", and you cannot edit this group. To start make a new Group with the button [2] [3]

The group will start with you in the admin role, and you can add more Character/corp/alliances by dragging them from people and places menu or any other place like chat or a linked name [4]

The roles in the group are in order Admin > Manager > Member > Blocked. [5]

A character can be given any of the roles, while Corporation and Alliances can only be given the member and blocked roles.

You can add the "public"(the globe icon) to a group but it can only be given the member role. Admins can add remove any of the rolls including other admins, while managers can only add/remove people from the member and blocked roles

Blocked are on the black list even if they are a member of one of the corp with access[6]

Groups can be shared in chat by dragging them. These group are then Use by structure profiles in the Structure Browser [7]

To start creating and editing profiles go to the 'My Structures' tab [8]

Click on the New profile Button [9]

Before assigning any structures to this new profile I will add group to each roll on the profile setting tab [10] the different groups are in order Docking, Defense, Clone Bay, Corporation Office, Market and Reprocessing.

Defense is taking control of a citadel and is the only way to get it to shoot.

You can add a group to a role by Clicking on the + sign. [11]

Click save after adding the groups

To assign a structure a profile Click on the Any Profile Option and drag them to the one you want [12] [13]

changing cost station serves per group

It’s as easy as changing this value in the profile settings (isk for Clone bay and Corporation offices)(% for market tax and Refining tax) other galactic taxes may apply [14]

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