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Quantum Cores are items that must be installed into the Upwell Structure's Core Room to proceed past the initial onlining vulnerable state. Once the Quantum Core is installed, the structure will begin the 15 minute repair timer that, when completed, will transition the structure to the shield vulnerable state. If no Quantum Core is installed, the structure will remain in the onlining vulnerable stage where the hull HP layer is exposed and the structure is vulnerable to destruction.

Without a Quantum Core installed the following Services are disabled:

  • ship fitting
  • tethering
  • ship/module repair services

Quantum Cores will always drop from destroyed, decommissioned or unanchored Upwell Structures that had them installed.

Structure Quantum Core Name Value (M ISK) Volume (m3)
Astrahus Astrahus Upwell Quantum Core 600 500
Athanor Athanor Upwell Quantum Core 700 500
Raitaru Raitaru Upwell Quantum Core 800 500
Fortizar Fortizar Upwell Quantum Core 4 000 50 000
Tatara Tatara Upwell Quantum Core 3 500 50 000
Azbel Azbel Upwell Quantum Core 3 000 50 000
Keepstar Keepstar Upwell Quantum Core 30 000 95 000
Sotiyo Sotiyo Upwell Quantum Core 10 000 95 000
Corporations Trading in Quantum Cores
Seller Buyer
Ducia Foundry Modern Finances
Eifyr and Co. Amarr Trade Registry
Chemal Tech Bank of Luminaire
Propel Dynamics Pend Insurance
Outer Ring Excavations Garoun Investment Bank

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