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Industry is a catch-all term for all the industrial activities within EVE: mining, gas huffing, manufacturing, researching, invention, reprocessing, and reverse engineering.

Industry is vitally important to the EVE economy and activity, as without industrial-minded players building the ships and modules and ammunition required for PvE and PvP combat, combat-minded players could not function. Virtually none of these items are seeded on the market; almost everything in EVE is player-built (you can identify NPC sell orders on the market by their >300 day duration).

Industry can be roughly split to two aspects: Acquiring materials for production and producing items from materials.

This page shows you a general introduction industry. For further details on mining, manufacturing, research, invention and other aspects of industry, see the links in the box to the right.


Production refers to everything you can do with a blueprint in the Industry window: manufacturing of items, time efficiency and material efficiency research of blueprints, blueprint copying, invention, and reverse engineering. Production is a vital part of the EVE Online economy, and can be carried out in any security space, in any station with the appropriate facilities or in an Upwell structure with the necessary service modules.

Empty bpo.png Blueprints are the base of production in EVE. They can be directly used for T1 production, researched to make them better for T1 production, copied or used for invention for T2 production.
Icon Manufacturing.png Manufacturing You have a blueprint or a blueprint copy. The next step is to manufacture the item.
Icon ResearchMaterial.png Research allows improving the material efficiency or time efficiency of a T1 blueprint original. This allows you to make the item with fewer materials or in less time.
Icon Copying.png Copying is the process of making limited run copies off of a blueprint original. The copies retain the ME and TE research level of the original blueprint.
Icon Invention.png Invention is the process of making T2 blueprint copies off of a T1 blueprint original.
Icon ReverseEngineering.png Tech 3 Production is the process of making tech 3 ships.
Icon reaction.png Reactions is the process of refining raw moon ore or gas into a form that can be used for manufacturing.

Industry window

The industry window can be found in the neocom menu. This is the window that is mainly used for industry.

Industry window.png

In the Blueprints tab you can see your and your corporation currently owned blueprints, either originals (BPO) or copies (BPC), in any location. Use the drop-down boxes to view corp blueprints, or blueprints in other locations. Click the column headers to sort by that column. Faded-out blueprints are ones currently being used in a job. The cog in the top left of this section will let you show/hide blueprints that are currently in use. Note that with very large blueprint collections the blueprint list may simply fail to load.

Facilities tab.png

The Facilities tab gives you an overview of the industrial facilities available to you, both stations and upwell structures. Each of the activity icons has a red bar along the bottom of the it. This shows the System Cost Index, which can be expanded by mouseover. The system cost index is a rough indication to how much your job will cost, relatively, to install. The more of the icon is filled with the red bar, the more of that activity is being carried out in that facility, and thus the more expensive the production lines will cost.

Jobs tab.png

In Jobs tab you can view all of your and your currently-running jobs, plus their duration, end time, location, activity and similar useful things. Research jobs have blue duration bars, manufacturing jobs have yellow bars. You can also see jobs installed by people in your corporation, so long as they are using corporation-owned blueprints. You will need to use this tab to deliver completed jobs back to your hangar.


All manufacturing requires materials to be obtained to use in the production process, and there are various sources of raw materials in New Eden that require harvesting, in order to gather these resources.

Icon minerals.png Mining is the profession of extracting ore and ice from asteroids; these can then be reprocessed into minerals that are the basis of virtually all production in EVE.
Icon reaction materials.png Moon mining is a special type of mining. Moon mining requires an engineering complex to break off chunks of a moon for mining. The high investment on the structure and potential threat on it means this is often an activity for a group of players.

Moons are a vitally important source of raw materials for all T2 products, and some T1 products. To use the materials mined from the moon for anything they need to be refined through reactions first.

Icon items.png Gas cloud harvesting is another specialized form of resource gathering. The clouds found in low security space are used for medical boosters while the gas from wormholes is used for tech 3 ship production.
Icon salvage2.png Salvaging is finding useful items from wrecks. Any ship wreck in EVE Online can be salvaged to retrieve salvage materials. Salvage from normal wrecks is used for manufacturing rigs. Salvage retrieved from Sleeper wrecks on the other hand is used for manufacturing tech 3 ships.
Icon planetary materials.png Planetary Industry is the process of extracting useful materials from planets. Planetary Industry is an excellent source of passive income that can be managed remotely requiring physical interaction only for hauling products off the planet.
Reprocess.png Reprocessing is the process by which mined ore (and almost any item) can be turned into minerals. Various skills, different POS facilities, and station taxes will affect how much material is returned to you from reprocessing. It may not be profitable for you to reprocess some things if your skills are fairly low.

Reprocessing is also used to decompress compressed ores.

Icon refined materials.png There are various sources of rarely used yet required items. These can be bought from NPC sell orders or found in specific sites. Dealing with them may be a bottleneck for a player trying to produce goods but also a high margin market for someone who knows where to look. Notable items include:
  • Datacores and Data decryptors from data sites. These items are vital part of T2 invention process.
  • Various pirate and ancient components found in data and COSMOS sites. These are required for storyline module manufacturing.
  • Commodities from NPC sell orders. Used in manufacturing and research of certain items. These items are rarely a problem as they can be bought in large quantities off the market.