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There are a number of useful player-made tools available to the capsuleer. While not exhaustive, this article does cover the major, currently developed, widely used third party tools for EVE players, compiled from original research and other sources[1][2][3].

Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of a tool by EVE University, nor is omission a condemnation.

All In One Tools

While the tools in this section may not do everything the other tools do, they certainly aim to be comprehensive solutions for players, and cross multiple tool categories.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
EVE-HR Any (Browser Based) EVE-HR is a web browser based management interface that handles most of the corporations daily routines, it has a great amount of the most important management features that are needed, such as ESI checking, buy-back, recruitment, logistics, loyalty system, fleet up integration, and more features & functions being added in an intense interval. Does work with ESI. Has Discord integration functionality, Fleet-Up notifications Integrated, Slack notifications are BEING integrated.


Alliance Auth Any (Browser Based) Alliance Auth (AA) is a web site that helps EVE Online organizations efficiently manage access to applications and services. Used to access EVE University services.
Torsten Feld EVE Online Alexa Skill Allows one to ask Alexa various questions pertaining to EVE. Integrates with ESI. Amazon Alexa has privacy concerns
ThunderED Discord bot EVE community management platform based on Discord as the main communication platform. Supports almost every activity and is highly customizable. Requires stand-alone installation on machine or web server.
LittleUFO Web Personal/corporation/alliance tools with Discord, TeamSpeak and Discourse integration Open sourced and can be hosted on private server
OMIP Windows An EVE Online data aggregator Open sourced

Character Monitoring Tools

No matter how hard we try, we can't be logged in to EVE all the time. For when you have to be away from the game, you can keep an eye on various aspects of your account(s) with these tools.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Evanova Android Evanova is an Android application for managing EVE Online characters and corporations and viewing EVE Online information.
jEveAssets Windows / Linux / Mac An asset manager for all accounts (incl. all characters and corporations) with one tool. Allows e.g. to search for items across accounts and to get the total value of all assets. Works with ESI and EveKit
Neocom II for EVE Online iOS / Mac View EVE Online characters and skills, browse EVE Online items database, analyze market information, test ship fits on an iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
EVEMon[4] Windows / Others through Emulation View EVE Online characters and skills, skill queue timers and more. Works with ESI
Wiki article: EVEMon Web An app to get a quick glance at your characters, their training queues, neural maps and SP-buying options. Works with ESI
Jita Mail Web Web-based EVE Mail client. API requests done client-side; no server storage Works with ESI
Jita Calendar Web Web-based EVE Calendar client. API requests done client-side; no server storage Works with ESI

Fitting Tools

These tools help players manage, develop, and compare ship fittings.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Pyfa Mac/Linux/Windows Python fitting assistant, a cross-platform fitting tool for EVE Online. Wiki article: PYFA
EVE Workbench Web EVE Workbench is a tool where you can share and find fits and search through the market

Fleet Tools

These tools assist players in participating in fleets and flying ships that comply with fleet doctrines.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Eve Fleet Simulator Web/Windows/Mac/Linux Analysis tool for EVE that simulates PvP using dynamic AI. Easily export fits from PYFA and test new ideas. Tool and website are open-sourced.
NPSI Rocks Web Online web calendar that lists Public fleets EVE University Rules still apply while in public fleets.

Intel Tools

These tools provide players with additional information not available through the game client.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes Web Local & DScan analyzer web tools
aD Paste anything Web Parsing d-scan and interpreting local data aDashboard tool
dotlan Web Maps focused on being clean and easily readable with the most important information for fleet roaming and planning.
Erik's EVE Tools Slack This app gives Slack users direct access to in-game information from any Slack channel. Main features include: Display current Jita prices for any item, search for public structures (e.g. Citadels) in any solar system, show current game server status and game time
EVE Gatecamp Check Web A navigation tool specifically aimed at avoiding gates where kills are currently taking place
EVE Incursions Web Provides an overview of the current incursions, active communities and incursion rat information. Interested parties should contact the EVE University Incursion Community
Eve Struct Web Search tool for public accessible structures (e.g. Citadels) across New Eden Outdated info; Website's database synchronized with EVE API long ago (2022).
EVE-Survival Web Mission runners handbook, give advice on ship fittings and damage dealing types
Eve Who Web List members of a corp or alliance from out of game
UedamaScout Web 24/7 Live feed of Uedama, Sivala, Ahbazon, Odin, Ohide, Esescama, and Sasoutikh.
zKillboard Web Most popular killboard. See also zKillboard.
Eveeye Explorer Web/iOS/Android/Windows Interactive intel map system and chain mapping for EVE Online. Find Routes using your chain, jump bridges and Thera network. Live-updated zKillboard. Ingame Intel channels notification. Jump-range plot and more.
Faction Warfare Map Web Faction Warfare map. Shows warzone status and recent kills. Public tool provided by Aideron Robotics, a GalMil corporation.
Abyss Tracker Web Abyss Loot Tracker. Logs abyssal runs with fits and their success rates, loots, leaderboard, tutorials, and event updates. Abyss Tracker guide
localthreat Web Paste member list from chats to see affiliations, recent ships, dangerous/gang ratios, and total kills and losses.
SMT Windows Slazanger's EVE Map Tool combining data from multiple sources; useful for intel and hunting.
Sanderling Windows Sanderling is the eyes of bots and monitoring tools. It helps programs see the game client in a structured way, detecting objects and reading information about the game world. Many use cases for this application violate both EVE Online's EULA and EVE University Rules. Always manually input data into the game and do not use tools and software from ill reputable places that promise to give you an advantage over other players.
Daily Sov Maps Web Provides maps of Sovereignty Maps archived at Web Tool for pasting and sharing scan info.
Eve Squadron Windows, Linux, MacOS Eve Squadron is a cross-platform Intel Tool for Eve Online that provides quick access to important character metrics and statistics fetched live from Eve and zKillboard Servers.
Fraggy Web Killboard focused on performance, mobile compatibility, and an advanced tag-based search Web New Eden's Stealthy Intel Source for Horde comms Not in real time

Wormhole Intel

Wormholes have specialized informational needs, and as such, they have their own particular tools.

(EVE University members should be using the EVE UNI Mapper)

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Anoikis[5] Web Comprehensive wormhole database
EVE-Scout Web Thera Wormhole Connections, in both List and map form, constantly updated
Pathfinder Web A wormhole mapping tool Original Project no longer maintained.

Some hosts:

GalaxyFinder Web Free to use Wormhole Mapper built with the latest technologies and features
Tripwire Web An open source wormhole mapping tool, hosted for free to the public Open sourced, Version for Singularity server
EVE Metro Web Pochven mapping service. Provides route planning and maintained bookmarks to shorten trips through Triglavian space. Charges a fee for access
WDS Locators Web Paid service to locate specific wormholes or one that meets your requirements. Agents will scan system and hold location to guide you to target system Please note that WiNGSPAN, the provider, outside of this service is a comedy oriented group.
Wormholes by Type Web Tool to identify or search for wormholes by types and attributes. Shows wormhole type, connections, class spawn, connection class, size, total mass, lifetime. Manually verified. Site is not currently mobile friendly.
EveMapper Web Character location mapping and routing tool.
Wormhole Data Base Web Definition of class, statics, signatures, anomalies by the name of the wormhole system.
WHMapper Web A simple mapping tool for EVE inspired by Pathfinder. Open sourced

Market and Industry Tools

Trade and Industry are arguably the lifeblood of EVE. Without the constant market activity created by buyers, sellers, and manufacturers, there would be no spaceships to spin, no structures to bash, and no lazers to pew pew.

Market Data from Remote Region or Multiple Regions Aggregator

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
EVE Mining Fleet Web Create and organize your mining fleet, manage taxes, and redistributions. Moon mining ledger analysis tools Contains all new Ore at current compress.
Fuzzwork Market Data Web Universe-wide market data aggregator especially through Type Search, also there are some other subtools for different area to compare
Fuzzwork Market Data appraisal Web Check prices of multiple items (copy paste from assets list, contract, etc.) in the region you chose
Element43 Web (requires self-hosting) Universe-wide market data aggregator Not hosted as of 2021-03-31. Link leads to github repo where element43 source can be acquired for hosting.
Adam4EVE Web Market data aggregator, market price and volume trends, price and build cost history, market hub statistics, ... Lots of other statistics and graph p0rn too. Dev webpage with additional features
Janice (Space Junk Worth Evaluator) Web Check prices of multiple items (copy paste from assets list, contract, etc.) in one of several listed stations (including Jita). Can be used to check values of Buy/Sell Orders, or Split (midway point between Buy, and Sell orders).
Goonevepraisal Web This is a tool for EVE Online aimed at being able to quickly price check items in bulk. Support main market hubs and show sell and buy values and also volume Rehost of the original evepraisal Retired third-party tools
EVE Tycoon Web Universe-wide market data aggregator and trade/industry profit tracker. Includes tools to update undercut market orders, and an industry calculator.
Space Markets Windows Markets intel tool to find assets worth buying now to sell later, explore items details, their historical prices and current open market orders.
Eve Trade Web A tool that can help with trading and speculative transactions within the same station and between stations or regions.
MutaMarket Web A specialized platform for EVE Online players focusing on abyssal modules. It offers features like detailed listings of modules available for contract, an advanced inventory management system integrated with EVE's API, and various import/export options for modules. The site also includes a calculator for probabilities and costs, AI value prediction, and options for adding notes and creating collections of modules.

Industry and Integrated Market Tools

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Fuzzworks Web Useful industry website with a number of useful calculators, including a blueprint calculator and LP store database.
ISK Per Hour Windows A Windows program that allows players of EVE Online to determine ways to maximize their Isk per Hour through manufacturing, mining, invention, and reverse engineering.
Adam4EVE Web Reprocessing profitability and detailed Reprocessing chains statistics
cerlestes Web Compares which ores are most valuable per m³.
EVE-Orchestra Web Advanced mining log / analyses. Industry job and blueprint monitoring. Corp mining and taxes. Various helper features.
Ravworks Web Industry tool that helps with all steps of the industry process, allowing you to get a visual representation of manufacturing components.
Q.Industrialist Windows/Linux (RU) A set of tools to plan jump routes, account for assets, plan production in pipeline mode, track the movement of assets, take into account the book value of assets, and plan the construction of capital ships. Russian language tool. VPS can be used for 24/7 reports Example of tool. Russian language Discord is available for support and documentation is mixed language.
EVE Cookbook Web EVE industry build calculator tool with cookbook style approach
LazyBlacksmith Web Flask application allowing people to get information about industry in EVEonline. Open sourced
Eve Industry Web The site will help to calculate the approximate profit, time and expenses from production according to a given BP, production complex.
Esparto Industries Web Allows you to go deeply into reactions to find the most profitable ones, a reprocessing calculator, and parse your ore to calculate taxes. Database is updated every month, or after every major update.

Planetary Industry Tools

Planetary Industry allows pilots to create industrial colonies on just about any planet in the EVE universe. The aim of this is producing goods from raw materials extracted from the planet. There are tools specifically oriented to this type of industrial activity

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
Alysii PI Visualization Web An interesting visual interface to production chains.
Fazenda Web An interesting visual interface to production chains.
Adam4EVE Web Profitability and detailed PI chains statistics
EVE Online Planetary Interaction Commodities Relations Web A visual representation of PI chains with current cost and planet information.
Callis EVE PI Web Tool for tracking your PI production across planets and accounts. Open sourced

Skill Planning Tools

Skill planning is one of the cornerstones of EVE Online, so it is no surprise that there are multiple robust tools to help players develop and manage their skill training plans.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
EVEMon[4] Mac/Linux (Wine)/Windows A lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression. Works with ESI
Wiki article: EVEMon
EVE-Skillplan Web Web based and responsive skill planner to plan and share your training using your favorite devices - PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone. Relaunched in August 2020

Misc Tools

A collection of useful tools that do not fit in one of the above categories.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes
EVE-Offline Web A status monitor for EVE-Online. Created by Chribba.
EVE Ref Web An EVE Online reference site with full item database and stats.
EVE Online Time Converter Web An EVE Online timezone converter that converts EVE times to your local system/browser time.
Expedition TripTiks Web Provides a list of interesting beacons, landmarks, or other sites of interest in New Eden that would make for a fun expedition either solo or in a group.
EveBoard Web Automatically tracks in "near real time" all character creation in EVE Online. Created by Chribba.
Roam Report Web Report generator using EVE Chat log and zKillboard. Maintained by Marn Vermuldir
Battle Report Tool Web Tool for the aggregation and presentation of battle reports.
EVEMissioneer Web An EVE Online agent finder and explorer with optional SSO standings, LP, waypoint integration. Includes Faction Warfare stats / leaderboards and alliance control summary.
EVEmu Windows / Linux Emulator for EVE Online's Crucible expansion
eveskinserver Windows / Linux Simple image server for providing SKIN icons for EVE Online types


Over the years, UniWiki has seen a great many third party tools come and go. There are many reasons why a tool may become discontinued - from API changes that would require a major overhaul, to the authors no longer playing EVE, to the high costs of running a popular website, and many other reasons. Whatever the reasoning, in the interest of providing an up to date list here as well as maintaining a historical reference, those tools have been moved to Retired third-party tools.

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