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Considering the extensive history that EVE Online has, and that there has always been some form of API for players to create their own tools, it is no surprise that tools that were once popular or even considered crucial have become just another page in the history books. Since its creation on December 5, 2009, the UniWiki's Third-party tools page has tried to keep track of the tools being used by pilots across New Eden. In the interest of historical accuracy, those tools that have been discontinued and removed from the original page are listed here. Some may even still have source code available, should there be any interest in reviving them. If you know of other tools that have fallen into the annals of history, feel free to add them here.

Tool Name Platform Description Notes Removed from Listing
EVE HQ Windows EveHQ is an open source application designed to be an all-in-one management tool for use with EVE Online. Pilot information, skill training, market prices, Requisitions (shopping lists), a full suite of asset and market tools, fitting tools, and wormhole tools are included. Does not work with ESI, so currently defunct. developer is working on a new version.
EveBoard Web A site for viewing and sharing of EVE Online pilot character sheets. XML API, Discontinued and no-longer working.
Dusk iOS Character and skill tracking for EVE Online. Dead for a long time
FlySafe iOS A site for viewing and sharing of EVE Online pilot character sheets. Dead because of api
EvE Intel Web A CREST/API-based tool that enables automated communication of Local/D-Scan Summaries (like aDashBoard and and a bulk contact manager. Discontinued and no-longer working
EVEWalletAware Windows An offline wallet viewer and trading/accounting helper no longer developed/supported! For details, see this EVE forum entry.
Evernus Mac/Linux/Windows Online next generation trade and market helper Discontinued and no-longer working Web Web based and responsive skill planner to create and share training plans. Shutdown by developer as of May 23rd, 2018. Forum Thread
Vitality Mac Macintosh EVE online skill planner. Dead because of API
Eve Online POS Builder Web A POS Builder that allows calculation of the space and cost requirements for Player Owned Structures Discontinued and no-longer working
IGB POS Planner Web Fitting tool for POSes No updates since 2021.08.11
Eve-Central Web Universe-wide market data aggregator, also some tools like trade route tools Down as of September 2017
Eve Markets Web Provided the ability to check global price trends, and create 'watch lists' with RSS subscription to keep tabs on changes on items of interest. Domain is 'for sale' 1 June 2010
EVE Battleclinic Web Provided a huge repository of community ship fittings with a rating system. 15 March 2017
BC Killboard Web Killboard on BattleClinic (see above) 29 March 2016
Aideron Robotics's Aura web page Android General purpose app for Android, including widgets for home screen. Domain is 'for sale' Marked defunct 6 April 2016
NavBot Windows Generated personal trade routes using your own market reports C# source still available at URL Source last updated 2012
Capsuleer Website iPhone 9 November 2010
EVE Metrics Uploader Windows This tool is another automated market dumper; it uploads market reports to the EVE Metrics database Domain no longer active 7 December 2010
Eve-Metrics Web Market data aggregation tool Domain is no longer active. 7 December 2010
eLoot Web Loot Value Calculator, could upload fleet logs and get buy/sell values of items, plus refine. No longer hosted 19 August 2012
Eve Commander Web Character information, training queues, wallet. Intended for away-from-home monitoring. Website Discontinued 19 November 2012
Jitanomic Web Tracks market information for each region Removed due to apparent links to botting 15 February 2013
Eve Tools Web Misc Industrial Tools - Reprocessing, Manufacturing calculators, trade route finder, market browser No Longer Active 18 March 2013
Enildor's Eve Ore Calculator Web displayed Ore pricing based on EVE-Central data 18 March 2013
[email protected]'s EVE Ship Recognition page Web Flashcards for recognizing ship races and classes Last accessed 2012 11 September 2014
EVEonomics Web Jita Market information, 'market demand by value' breakdown Removed when domain died and went malware/phishing 21 August 2015
EVE Marketeer Web Market statistics and information for New Eden Domain errors out 21 August 2015
EVE Central Contribtastic Tool Windows Market info collector for Eve Central Deprecated when prices became available on API 25 August 2015
iClone iPhone Comprehensive API Tool for iPhone 5 April 2016
Dingo's Toolbox Web Various alliance warfare and PvP Recon tools 5 April 2016
EVE Agents Web Detailed ability to search for Agents across New Eden 5 April 2016
EVE Meep Windows provides a number of tools useful for industry players. Source still available at link Marked defunct 6 April 2016
EVE Mentat Windows monitor market orders, logs, assist trading activities Not updated since 2014 13 October 2016
EveSP Web A site for viewing and sharing of EVE Online pilot character sheets. Domain errors out 17 May 2018
EFT Windows EVE Fitting Tool No update since 2016-05 17 May 2018
Osmium Web A browser-based fitting tool and loadout sharing platform 17 May 2018
EVE Station Trading Assistant Web Made to help locate profitable items for station trading in Trade Hubs. 17 May 2018
Eve Trade Master Web Web based profit tracking, sales reporting, trade simulator and inventory management tool. 17 May 2018
NEAT Eve Accounting Tool Web Tracks investments, calculates profits and displays them graphically. 17 May 2018
FlySafe iOS A site for viewing and sharing of EVE Online pilot character sheets. Dead because of api
PI Planning Gadget Web A Web based PI setup and testing tool for mocking up your PI chains in advance Domain errors out. 26 March 2019
Eve Overmind Web PvP Intel - in-depth analysis of ships and players via Killmails Domain errors out 22 April 2019
EveScout Web Local analysing tool. Gives information about killboard records and corporations of the players. Discontinued and no-longer working 26 July 2019
HTPirate Web Gives information in the same format as Pirat's Little Helper Discontinued and no-longer working 26 July 2019
EVE-Mogul Web A trading tool, to track transactions and see measure trade efficiency. Discontinued and no-longer working 26 July 2019
Fleet-Up Web Designed to help corporations & alliances manage their fittings, doctrines, operations and fleets. EVE University made extensive use of Fleet-Up Shut down by developer 1 November 2019 Web A wormhole search engine including effects, statics and recent activity. domain gone, indicates retired. 5 August 2020
Eve Market Helper Market Browser Web Universe-wide market data aggregator New owner cannot continue the project, mentions Covid-19 pandemic 25 August 2020
EVE Droid Android EVE Droid is a character monitoring and ship fitting tool for EVE Online. Listing no longer found on Google Play; link preserved for historical purposes. A listing exists on Amazon Appstore, but shows no updates since 2014. 20 October 2021
Neocom for EVE Online iOS View EVE Online characters and skills, browse EVE Online items database, analyze market information, test ship fits on an iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. Still available for Phone on the App Store, however has not received updates since 2017 and has been functionally replaced by Neocom II 21 October 2021
Eve Marketdata Web Universe-wide market data aggregator, also some tools like mining and PI price comparison (per m3 instead per unit), hangar value appraisal, and trade route browser Unreachable as of 2020-10-19 21 October 2021
New Eden Markets Web Market data aggregation for all NPC stations and publicly available player structures. Quickly filter by item type or region with market history back to 2003. Unreachable as of 2021-03-31. 21 October 2021
plexprice(dot)com Web keeps track of the PLEX price with finer than daily ticks Inaccessible as of 2021-03-31. leads to untrustworthy redirects (URL removed for safety) 21 October 2021
Cerebral Windows Described as an EVEMon replacement written to use the EVE Swagger Interface Latest update: 21 January 2019 23 January 2022
EVESkillboard Web A site for viewing and sharing of EVE Online pilot character sheets. Shutdown: January 2022 7 March 2022