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This page lists abbreviations and terms commonly used in EVE Online, aimed at new players and those unfamiliar with the terminology. Most of the terms listed here are universal across all of EVE players, but some may be relatively specialized to EVE University and may mean something slightly different to other corporations. If any of the terminology is unclear be sure to ask in-game or on the forums for more clarification.

Use the selector below or simply use Ctrl + F to search for a specific word.

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o/ "Wave"
\o "Wave back"
o7 "Salute"
7o "Salute" (as performed by the Brave Newbies)
\o/ "Hurrah!"
*\o/* "Cheerleader"
0.0 Nullsec (see System security)


AAR After Action Report
AB Afterburner (see Propulsion equipment)
AC Autocannon (see Turrets)
ACR Ancillary Current Router (see Fitting Guidelines)
Active Module A module that must be manually activated by the player (see Module)
AF Assault Frigate
AFK "Away from keyboard"
Aggro Aggression
Align To move in the direction of an object in space at 75% or more of max speed and within 5 degrees
Alliance A group of Corporations
Alt Alternate character
AMC Amarr Mining Campus
Anomaly Cosmic Anomaly
Anoms Cosmic Anomalies
Arby Arbitrator
Arty Artillery (see Turrets)
ASB Ancillary Shield Booster (see Tanking)
AU Astronomical Unit, a unit of distance. 1 AU is the distance from the Sun to the Earth: 149,597,871 km.
AUR Aurum
Awox To attack and destroy the ship of a pilot in the same player-run corporation without warning. (Derived from the name of the first widely known EVE pilot to do so)
AWU Skill.png Advanced Weapon Upgrades


Bait To expose a seemingly easy target in order to lure an enemy into committing to an engagement (see Baiting Guide)
BB Blackbird
BC Battlecruiser
BCS Ballistic Control System (previously known as Ballistic Control Unit; see Missile damage)
BCU Ballistic Control Unit (now called Ballistic Control System; see Missile damage)
Bearing See Carebear
Biomass To permanently delete a character (see Biomassing a Pilot)
Blob A large fleet (or in some cases, any fleet larger than the speaker's). Generally used as a pejorative term, suggesting that members of that fleet are relying on numbers to win. May also be referred to as a "zerg". May also be used as a verb, for the act of winning a fight through numbers.
Blops Black Ops
Bloodlines A character's familial ancestry. There are three different bloodlines to choose from during character creation for each race.
Blue A pilot, corporation, or alliance with positive standings. (see Rules of Engagement)
BM Bookmark
Bounce To warp to a nearby celestial, player, or bookmark and back at a closer range to avoid having to slow-boat to a target or destination.
BPC Blueprint Copy (see Blueprints)
BPO Blueprint Original (see Blueprints)
BR Blockade Runner, a class of fast industrial ships designed to carry moderate quantities of carry cargo through dangerous space.
BS A common abbreviation for battleships.
Bubble Warp bubble
Buff To increase the stats or effectiveness of something. Opposite of Nerf.
Buffer 1. A method of tanking relying on having a large amount of hit points

2. A pilot with a ship designed to provide buffs to their fleet

Bump The act of colliding with another vessel in space, causing it to bounce away.
BYOC Bring Your Own Can, a mining fleet operation where you only receive boosts to mining, and you get to choose what you do with the ore. (see AMC)
BYOM Bring Your Own Minerals


Carebear A contextually derogatory or affectionate term for players or pursuits which are not PvP-centric.
Camp To hold location at a specific point waiting for targets, usually at a stargate or station.
Cap Capacitor

Capital ship

Cap Stable When a ship recharges capacitor faster than its modules consume it, allowing all modules to remain active indefinitely.
Capsule An egg-shaped apparatus used by pilots to interface with a ship.
Capsuleer Human who pilots ships through the use of a capsule and has been rendered effectively immortal through cloning technology. In-game term for player characters.
Capital 1. Capital ship

2. Money and infrastructure necessary for beginning and maintaining a business venture.

CCC Capacitor Control Circuit (see Rigs)
CNR Raven Navy Issue (derived from previous name: Caldari Navy Raven)
CNS Scorpion Navy Issue (derived from previous name: Caldari Navy Scorpion)
Concorded Destroyed by CONCORD
Concordokken The destruction of a ship by CONCORD
Convo "Conversation"
Corp Corporation
CovOps Covert Ops
CPR Capacitor Power Relay (see Capacitor recharge rate)
CPU Central Processing Unit (see Fitting Guidelines)
CSAA Capital Ship Assembly Array (see Player-owned starbases)
CSM Council of Stellar Management
CSPA CONCORD Spam Prevention Act. A 'CSPA charge' is a small amount of ISK which is levied on communications such as conversations and mail, which acts as a deterrent to spam.
CTA "Call to arms". An announcement of an alliance-wide combat operation, often involving simultaneous calls for support from an alliance's friends, usually made in response to a reinforcement timer for a valuable structure.
Curse of BWF A widely held belief that any corporation or alliance which holds the BWF-ZZ system in the Geminate region will shortly failscade.
Customs Office An orbital structure used to import and export goods to and from planets. (see Planetary Interaction)
Cyno Cynosural field (see Jump drives)


Damage dealer A ship whose primary role in a fleet is to deal damage.
Damp Sensor dampening
DC 1. Damage Control (previously known as Damage Control Unit; see Tanking)

2. Disconnect

DCU 1. Drone Control Unit, a now-defunct module that allowed carriers and supercarriers to control one additional drone. Removed in Citadel patch.

2. Damage Control Unit (now called Damage Control; see Tanking)

DD 1. Damage dealer

2. Daredevil

Deadspace A region of space typically accessed via acceleration gate which cannot be entered via normal warp. Commonly used for missions and complexes.
DecShield War Declaration Shield
Dessie/Dessi/Dessy Destroyer
DGC Defensive gate camp (See Gate camps)
Dictor Interdictor
Disco A ship fitting which uses a large number of smartbombs, typically at least one of each damage type. Named for the graphical effects seen when they are fired.
Discovery Scanner See Sensor Overlay
Domi Dominix
DPS Damage per second
Dread Dreadnought
Dread bomb The act of jumping a large number of insured dreadnoughts into a fight in order to escalate against enemy capital ships.
DScan Directional Scanner: A device inherently built into all ships which can detect objects in space within a limited and modifiable direction and range. Can also be used as a verb to describe the act of using the directional scanner. See also: Directional Scanner Guide.
DST Deep Space Transport (see Deep Space Transports)
DT Server downtime


E-UNI EVE University (corporate ticker)
EANM Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (see Tanking)
ECM Electronic Countermeasures
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (see Electronic warfare)
EFT EVE Fitting Tool
EHP Effective Hit Points (see Tanking)
EP Escape point (see UniBombers)
ET Energy Transfer (now called Remote Capacitor Transmitter; see Logistics)
ETA Estimated time of arrival.
EVE EVE Online
EW/EWAR Electronic warfare


Failcascade Failure Cascade. The collapse of a corporation or alliance in EVE, either though leadership problems or other issues.
Faildec A wardec where the corporation or alliance that issued the wardec refuses to undock or fight for the full duration of the war.
Failfit A ship that is fit in a less than optimal way.
FAX Force Auxiliary
FC Fleet Commander (see Fleet Command Guide)
Flag An engagement status caused by one or more illegal or semi-illegal activities. (see Timers)
Flashy Being flagged as a legitimate target, or used as noun to describe a pilot that has been flagged, either by having a security status of -5.0 or below ("permaflashy"), from committing Suspect or Criminal actions, being a war target, or being flagged in a Limited Engagement. See also: Legality Timers.
Flip Can Flipping
Flytrap An offensive setup POS which deliberately has no force field while it is online.
Freeport 1. A nullsec station owned by a player alliance where everybody is allowed to dock and use the services.

2. Freeport Mode, a feature of Citadels

Frogs Slightly derogatory term for Gallente Factional Warfare pilots. See also: Squids.
FW Factional Warfare


Gank Destroyed suddenly or quickly, usually by a much more powerful opponent
Gate 1. Stargate

2. Acceleration Gate

GCC (Outdated term) Global Criminal Countdown (a term that is no longer used, closest resemblance is the criminal timer)
GF "Good fight". Usually said in local after a battle.
Gimp To make a certain setup or attribute ineffective. Extreme version of Nerf.
Grid A discrete section of space generated by the presence of objects in space. (see Grid manipulation)
Grid Fu See Grid Manipulation.
GSC Giant Secure Container
Gyro Gyrostabilizer (see Turret damage)


HAC Heavy Assault Cruiser
HAM Heavy Assault Missiles (see Missiles)
Hardpoint A ship attribute that determines the number of missile launchers or turrets that can be fitted
Hard skills Skills trained by characters (as opposed to soft skills).
Hic/Hictor Heavy Interdiction Cruiser
HOC "Hold on contact"
HP Hit points (see Tanking)
HS Heat Sink (see Turret damage)
HUD Heads Up Display
Huffing Gas huffing (see Gas cloud harvesting)


Indy Industrial
Injector Skill Injector
Insta-undock A method of safely undocking from a station by immediately warping to a bookmark directly off of the undock point. (see Bookmarks)
Inty Interceptor
IP Impact point (see UniBombers)
IPH ISK per hour (also ISK/hr)
IRL "In real life"
ISK Inter Stellar Kredits, the in-game currency of EVE Online. (Also the currency code of the Icelandic króna.)
iStab Inertial Stabilizers (see Propulsion equipment)
Ivy League Ivy League Alliance, the alliance of EVE University


Jam The act of using ECM modules to jam the targeting systems of a ship. (see Electronic Countermeasures)
Jetcan A temporary container created when jettisoning something from a cargo hold
JC Jump clone
JJJ "Jump, Jump, Jump"
JOC "Jump on contact"
Jump The act of moving between one star system and another


K Space Known space
Kitchen Sink A fleet with a random or very mixed composition.
Kite/Kiting Actively maintaining movement and distance from an engaged enemy so as to mitigate their applied damage.


LAR Large Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
LFAF "Looking for armor fleet."
LFSF "Looking for shield fleet."
LML Light Missile Launcher (see Missiles)
Lockdown An order from the leadership of a corporation prohibiting its pilots from undocking in non-PvP ships.
Logi Logistics ships (see Guide to Logistics)
Loot The contents of a destroyed ship, which are left behind in a container when the ship is destroyed.
Locust A group of pilots running missions in one large fleet (see Locust Fleet)
LP Loyalty Points
LSB Large Shield Booster (see Tanking)
LSC Low Sec Campus
LSE Large Shield Extender (see Tanking)


MAPC Micro Auxiliary Power Core (see Fitting Guidelines)
Macro mining The illegal use of 3rd party scripts to automate the mining process
MAR Medium Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
MD Mobile Depot
MSE Medium Shield Extender (see Tanking)
Merc/Mercenary A player or corporation that takes contracts to kill, wardec and perform other hostile actions for ISK.
Meta 1. Meta level (see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)

2. To replace a module with a another module of the same type but with a different meta level (see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
3. Common or popular ships, fittings, and doctrines
4. Examination of a game from an outside perspective

Metagaming Taking actions beyond the confines of the game universe to gain an advantage.
MFS Magnetic Field Stabilizer (see Turret damage)
Mins Minerals (see Mining)
MJD Micro Jump Drive
ML Material Level (see Blueprints)
MLU Mining Laser Upgrade (see Mining)
Mods Modules
MTU Mobile Tractor Unit
Multiboxing Playing with two (or more) characters simultaneously
MW Megawatt, a unit of measurement used to describe a ship's powergrid output (see Fitting Guidelines)
MWD Microwarpdrive (see Propulsion equipment)


Nano Nanofiber Internal Structure (see Propulsion equipment)
NBSI "Not blue, shoot it" (see Rules of Engagement)
Nerf To reduce the stats or effectiveness of something. Opposite of Buff. See also: Gimp.
NE "No eyes"
Neut Energy Neutralizer (see Capacitor warfare)
Newbro A term of endearment for a new or inexperienced player.
Noob Somewhat derogatory term used to refer to new, younger, or inexperienced players. See also: Newbro
NOP Noobs on Patrol
NOS Nosferatu (see Capacitor warfare)
NPC Non-player character
NPSI "Not purple, shoot it" (see Rules of Engagement)
NRDS "Not red, don't shoot" (see Rules of Engagement)
NSC Null Sec Campus


OGC "Offensive gate camp" (see Gate camps)
Omni Tank A tank effective against all 4 damage types (see Tanking)
OMW "On my way"
OOC 1. Out of Corporation

2. Out of character

Op/Ops Operation(s)
OP Overpowered
OpSec Operational Security (see Operational Security Policy)
ORE Outer Ring Excavations
Outlaw A pilot with a security status of -5 or less.


Painter Target Painter (see Electronic warfare)
Passive Module A ship module which does not need to be manually activated. (see Modules)
PDS Power Diagnostic System (see Fitting Guidelines)
Pew Pew Common term for casual PvE or PvP, based on the noises made by the weapons.
PG Power Grid (see Fitting Guidelines)
PI Planetary Interaction
Picket A ship placed outside of tactical locations such as gates and stations to watch for enemy activity.
Piracy The act of engaging in PvP for profit, usually against non-combat ships (see also Scams in EVE Online)
PL 1. Productivity Level (see Blueprints)

2. Pandemic Legion, a well-known nullsec alliance

Plex 1. Complex (see Cosmic Anomalies, Cosmic Signatures)

2. Pilot's License Extension (PLEX)

PLEX Tanking Transporting PLEX through space, usually with a ship not usually used for hauling
POCO Player-owned Customs Office
Pod The egg-shaped escape pod or capsule which players pilot. This interfaces with a ship and is ejected on ship destruction. To be 'podded' is to have your escape pod destroyed. See also: Capsule.
Podding The act of destroying a player's pod.
Pod Express A quick method of travelling, performed by installing a medical clone at a distant station, and then self-destructing the character's pod.
Pod Killing See Podding
Point 1. A Warp Disruptor or Warp Scrambler (see Warp disruption)

2. The act of using targeted warp disruption on a ship (see Tackling)

Pop The act of destroying a ship
POS Player-owned starbase
Prop Mod Propulsion module (see Propulsion equipment)
Pubbie A derogatory term used for the purpose of invalidating or excluding players who are not a part of a certain group. Supposedly originating in the Something Awful forums, this term was popularized by members of The Goonswarm Federation. See also: Carebear.
PvE Player versus Environment
PvP Player versus Player
PYOS Purchase Your Own Ship (See PYOS Ship Production)


QQ Cry / Crying
QRF Quick Response Fleet / Quick Reaction Force. (see Quick Reaction Force)


Rat Hostile NPC
Ratting The act of hunting hostile NPCs pirates
RCU Reactor Control Unit (see Fitting Guidelines)
Red Box The state of being both targeted and subjected to hostile action by a player or NPC
Reffed Reinforced
Refine Reprocess (see Mining)
Reinforce A temporary invulnerable state entered by many structures after taking a certain amount of damage
Rep Repair (see Tanking, Guide to Logistics)
RFF Red Frog Freight, a player-run hauling service.
RL 1. Skill.png Rapid Launch

2. Real life

RLML Rapid Light Missile Launcher (see Missiles)
RoE Rules of Engagement
RoF "Rate of fire" (see Turrets, Missiles)
Roles Specific access and corporation management rights authorized to individual pilots (usually as part of a title or management position).
Rolling Safespot A fleet maneuver consisting of one ship leading the rest of the fleet from location to location in space.
Room An area of deadspace which can only be accessed via an acceleration gate.
RR Remote repair (see Guide to Logistics)
RSB Remote Sensor Booster (see Electronic warfare)
RSD Remote Sensor Dampener (see Electronic warfare)
RvB Red vs Blue


Safety Ship setting that helps prevent accidental acts of aggression that would cause the pilot to otherwise gain the Criminal or Suspect flags. (see Timers)
SAR Small Armor Repairer (see Tanking)
SB 1. Stealth Bomber

2. Smartbomb
3. Sensor Booster

SC 1. Squad Commander (see Fleet Command Guide)

1. Shared Can (see Mining fleets)

Scan down To find something using scan probes. (see Scanning)
Scram Warp scrambler (see Warp disruption)
SeBo Sensor Booster
Sec 1. Security status

2. System security

Sensor Overlay The automatically scanned overlay that activates upon entering a new solar system or undocking. The Sensor Overlay shows the location of landmarks, bookmarks, and Cosmic Signatures / Anomalies in space. See also: Odyssey.
Sisi Singularity
Six In any lists, barring the super-serious stuff, "There is no six!" appears between items five and seven. This is a tradition which goes back many years, and was started by Silentbrick. Watch the Monty Python's Australian University of Woolloomooloo sketch and skip to 2:18 for the origin of this joke.
SKIN Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, items which apply cosmetic changes (e.g. different colours) to ships.
Slow-boat (also "slowboat") Moving in space at sub-warp velocities
Smack talk Talking trash, taunting, or annoying people in local chat. This behavior is not allowed for University members.
Smartie Smartbomb
Soft skills Skills learned by players through experience or study, as opposed to hard skills.
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SP Skill Points (see Skills and Learning)
Spiraling The act of manually approaching a target via a continuously diagonal vector. See Manual Piloting.
SPR Shield Power Relay (see Tanking)
Squids Slightly derogatory name for Caldari Factional Warfare pilots. See also: Frogs.
SRP Ship Replacement Program
SS 1. Spreadsheet

2. Safe spot

SSE Small Shield Extender (see Tanking)
Stab Warp Core Stabilizer (see Fitting Guidelines)
Stargate Large structure in space which most ships must use to jump to another star system in Known Space.
Stront Strontium Clathrates
Suicide Gank Piracy where an attacking pilot will attempt to kill a target before the CONCORD response eliminates them
Supercap Supercapital ship, either a supercarrier or titan.


Tack A hyphen ('-') (used for clarity when speaking)
TC Tracking Computer (see Turrets)
TD Tracking Disruptor (see Electronic warfare)
TE Tracking Enhancer (see Turrets)
TF Teraflops, a unit used to measure a ship's CPU
Tick 1. Server tick

2. Bounty payouts per 20 minutes

TiDi Time Dilation
Tiericide An ongoing rebalancing of ships in EVE according to roles rather than performance
TL Tracking Link (now called Remote Tracking Computer; see Electronic warfare)
TLF Tribal Liberation Force, the Minmatar Factional Warfare NPC corporation.
TP Target Painter (see Electronic warfare)
TQ Tranquility
TS TeamSpeak, a third-party VOIP software utility
T1 Tech 1 (stylized 'Tech I'; see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
T2 Tech 2 (stylized 'Tech II'; see Techs, Tiers and Meta levels)
T3 Tech 3 (stylized 'Tech III'; see Strategic Cruisers, Tactical Destroyers)


Unista A member of EVE University
UT (also 'UTC') Universal Time


VNI Vexor Navy Issue


Wardec War Declaration
Warp bubble A spherical area of space the prevents ships within it from warping, and forcibly pulls in inbound warping ships.
WC Wing Commander (see Fleet Command Guide)
WCS Warp Core Stabilizer (see Fitting Guidelines)
Web Stasis Webifier (see Tackling Guide)
WH Wormhole
WHC Worm Hole Campus
WL Wait List (see Incursions)
W Space Wormhole Space
WSOP Wartime Standard Operating Procedures
WT War Target (see War Declaration)


X up 'X'ing up' is the act of indicating your availability for a fleet by placing the letter "x" in the chat window. (See Joining a Fleet)


Yellow Box Being targeted by someone, or to target someone, without also being the subject of hostile action.
Yulai Convention The Yulai Convention is an RP term for a number of game mechanics and systems within EVE.


Zero Zero Null security space (see System security)
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