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The Retribution patch included a revamp of the bounty hunting system. Ever since the launch of Eve, any bounty can be simply collected by the target's alt. Whoever placed the bounty, hoping to have the target blown up, simply donated ISK to the target.

The new system that came with Retribution, now has a chance for the bounty's target to cry "tears of fear and frustration." -CCP SoniClover



The new bounty system only pays a portion of the bounty at a time. The amount paid is at most a percentage of the target's value loss. eg. blowing up the shuttle with a 100 millions bounty target won't pay as much as blowing up a battleship with the same 100 millions bounty target. The number is 20% of the target's value loss or whatever is left in the bounty pool if it's less than 20%.

Bounties have no effect on who can be attacked legally where. So if a target (without a suspect or criminal flag) has a 100 billions bounty and is sitting in a shuttle in hi-sec, shooting the shuttle will get you killed by CONCORD. And since a shuttle isn't worth that much you're not likely to receive a large portion.

The ship's value also includes any lost modules. So if that 100bil bounty in a t2 frigate had very shiny (expensive) modules. It might be worth suicide ganking if in hi-sec.

The old system only paid bounties upon pod destruction. The new system consider destroying target's ship and destroying target's pod as 2 separate events, each can have bounty reward, for pod destruction the target's implant value is counted as the value destroyed. Thus if you blow up the target's ship and the pod, you get paid twice (20% of ship value then 20% of implant value)

Only the hunter who fired the final blow claims the bounty. However, if that hunter was in a fleet, the entire fleet shares the bounty. Say 'Fleet A' does 99% damage to a target, and 'Fleet B' warps in to finish it off. Only 'Fleet B' would claim the bounty. Both fleets would show up on the kill report though.

If a target has been inactive (unsubscribed) for a long time, the bounty pool will be removed and a portion returned to those who've placed the bounties

The characters with top bounties (targets on the Most Wanted list) will be ranked. The ranking will give a bonus to the payout when the target is killed.

If a target's corp and alliance also have bounties and you kill the target, the target's bounty pool is drained first. Next is the corp pool and then the alliance pool.

If you're engaged in battle with a target and he self-destructs or is killed by CONCORD, you'll still get the bounty. Since the 'final blow' wasn't dealt by a hunter, the hunter who inflicted the most damage will receive the bounty.

Finding a Bounty

You can find characters with bounties (henceforth referred to as targets) in:

  • Bill Boards (usually around stargates)
  • Bounty Office (station service)

Placing a Bounty

Bounties can be placed from anywhere to anyone (excluding CPP, NPC, ISD) regardless of security status.

Minimum amounts for placing bounties are as follows:

  • Alliances: 100mil
  • Corporations: 50mil
  • Character: 100k

Although you can't place a bounty on an NPC corp, you can place a bounty on someone in that NPC corp.

"Note that bounties are paid out for anything that creates a kill report, so you’ll get bounty paid for destroying for instance a POS belonging to a corporation that has a bounty placed on it." -CCP SoniClover


  • You can track targets on whom you've placed a bounty.
  • You'll be notified if the target on whom you've placed a bounty is killed.
  • In addition to the Most Wanted list, the top bounty hunters will also be ranked. The number of kills and the total isk claimed is shown, and can be seen in a bounty office
  • Viewing a target in space will show the total of all 3 bounty pools (individual, corp, & alliance)
  • The Most Wanted list has 3 sections: individuals, corporations, and alliances.
  • "When you have a bounty placed on you, the notification you are sent now also includes the name of the character that placed the bounty on you." -CCP SoniClover


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