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CONCORD is a special NPC faction in EVE. In high security space—and only in high security space—they bring inevitable consequences to anyone breaking the law.

In EVE's lore, CONCORD is a regulation and policing organisation that arose from the NPC empires, but now operates independently of them.

In EVE's game mechanics, CONCORD ships will destroy player ships that carry out any aggressive actions on other players in high security space. CONCORD does not, however, exist to defend players: they simply enforce the consequences of law-breaking. EVE players can break the law in highsec at any time, as long as they accept those consequences.

This distinction is paramount to understanding how the notorious highsec practice of suicide ganking functions as a valid in-game activity. The game's looting and consequence mechanics help serve as a self-regulatory risk-versus-reward system, which makes players consider how much ISK they fit on a ship. Some modules are incredibly powerful, but also incredibly valuable and attractive to gankers. You can drastically reduce the chances of someone suicide-ganking you by not fitting too many costly modules. The guarantee of CONCORD consequences invites both gankers and their potential victims to calculate risk.

CONCORD mechanics

CONCORD is triggered by illegal aggression in high-sec. This means that if a ship activates an offensive module on an innocent player in high-sec, a countdown timer will begin.

At the end of this countdown timer, CONCORD cruisers will appear on grid and apply EWAR and capacitor warfare to the offender.

A few seconds later, a CONCORD battleship will enter the grid and instantly kill any criminals. CONCORD ships do not shoot capsules, but if a criminal then boards another ship in space, CONCORD will appear and destroy that ship.

The time it takes for CONCORD to react varies. The higher the security status of a star system, the lower CONCORD's reaction time. If CONCORD units have already been triggered in the system, the reaction time also reduces.

Prohibited actions

CONCORD will respond to the following list of player activities.

  • Aggressing a player who is not a legal target in high-sec - See the Timers page for details
  • Remote repairing NPC Ships
  • Activating any Remote Assistance module on a player with the Criminal flag. This includes ECCM, tracking enhancers, and remote repair modules
  • Attacking CONCORD & Faction Police vessels, as well as some NPCs
  • Having a criminal flag and jumping into High Security Space
  • Shooting another player's loot (yellow wreck) while in high sec - See the Wreck Ownership support article for details
  • Shooting structures (Upwell Structures, Starbases, etc) unless engaged in a war with the structure owner

Response details

If a player performs one of the prohibited actions, as above, two CONCORD cruisers and a CONCORD battleship will warp to the location.

The two cruisers have a lock time of about 2 seconds. Both cruisers will warp-scramble, web, ECM jam, sensor-damp, tracking-disrupt, and energy-neutralize any players who have taken hostile action. The cruisers will also reduce their target's drone bandwidth to 0. The tracking disruption means that guns can no longer be fired, though area-of-effect modules such as smartbombs and ECM bursts can still be activated while the capacitor retains sufficient energy; a capacitor booster can inject more energy in between neut cycles.

The cruisers will also shoot at the offender and each will deal about 1,000 damage every volley.

15 seconds after CONCORD has warped in, the CONCORD battleship will lock the offender and immediately destroy it unless the cruisers have done so already.

Response times

The CONCORD response time depends on the displayed security status (not the real sec) of the system and the status of CONCORD presence in the system. It is possible that CONCORD has yet to spawn in the system, has already spawned elsewhere in the system, or is already present on grid.

The lock time of the CONCORD ships appears not to depend on the signature radius of the offender's ship. The following list gives the time in seconds between the offending action and the first felt action of a CONCORD ship when CONCORD has just spawned in a system.

Security Status: Response Time

  • 0.5: Roughly 19 seconds
  • 0.6: Roughly 14 seconds
  • 0.7: Roughly 10 seconds
  • 0.8: Roughly 7 seconds
  • 0.9 and 1.0: Roughly 6 seconds

When CONCORD is already on grid, the response time is severely reduced. The response time appears to drop between 2 seconds in 1.0 security to about 8 seconds in 0.6 and 9 seconds in 0.5.

When CONCORD has already spawned elsewhere in the system but is not yet on grid, the response time is significantly increased. In this case, it will take about 19 seconds for them to arrive and start firing in a 0.6 system, and 24 seconds in a 0.5 system.

If CONCORD has already spawned in the system and is not on grid, suicide gankers will have more time to apply damage. In these circumstances, it's possible for a MinmatarThrasher to do 3,000 EHP damage in a 0.6 system.

All methods of delaying CONCORD's response are considered an exploit by CCP. However, the technique of "pulling", which is the act of moving CONCORD from one location to another, is not considered a delay of CONCORD: Exploit Notification Delaying CONCORD Response

CONCORD Assembly

The actual CONCORD faction, an organization similar to that of a player alliance, is called CONCORD Assembly.

You can lose standing by destroying CONCORD ships in pirate-faction missions and by doing storyline missions for pirate factions. If you lose enough standing, you will be attacked by faction navy ships (not CONCORD criminal response ships) in CONCORD-controlled high-security systems. Since the Havoc expansion, standings with this faction can be gained through derived standings with the four main Empire factions.

Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD) CONCORD Assembly

CONCORD is an independent organization founded a century ago to facilitate negotiations between the races to improve relations, as well as to foster inter-stellar trade through policing and regulations. Starting as a fledgling meeting ground for diplomats CONCORD has in the decades since it was founded slowly increased its power and influence. It has become an entity independent of the races, as it is able to largely fund its own operation through customs, confiscation of contraband goods, and other means.


CONCORD Assembly consists of nine divisions, similar to player corporations.

Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD) Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command (CONCORD)

CONCORD was jointly formed a century ago by all the empires. The intention of it was to foster the fragile relationship between the empires and act as a meeting place where they could discuss their differences and hammer out a compromise solution. CONCORD has since taken on a life of its own, proud of its independence and determined to uphold its duties.

Directive Enforcement Department (DED) Directive Enforcement Department (DED)

The police enforcement arm of CONCORD, the DED has the responsibility of tracking down known criminals and attacking criminal facilities. They frequently operate outside empire space, wanting criminals to understand that there is nowhere safe from the long arm of the law.

Inner Circle Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the top-level department of CONCORD. The policies of CONCORD are discussed and decided in Inner Circle meetings, which are usually closed to the public. At first, the members of the Circle were nominated by the empires, but now they rise from the ranks of CONCORD employees. Thus, their loyalty is no longer bound to any one empire, but rather to CONCORD itself.

Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) Secure Commerce Commission (SCC)

The SCC is responsible for regulating and monitoring all trade transactions that take place on space stations. It has agents on all stations that record the transactions and they also offer courier and escrow services to make trade smooth.

Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security (AEGIS) Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security (AEGIS)

CONCORD's Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security (AEGIS) was set up in response to increasing losses of interstellar shipping in YC120.

CONCORD Aerospace CONCORD Aerospace

CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department became concerned early in the Drifter Crisis that its fleet of ships could no longer meet its needs. The CONCORD Aerospace division, therefore, embarked on its "Force Majeure Program" to develop enhanced variants.

While CONCORD Aerospace successfully upgraded the DED's stable of vessels with hyper-advanced technology, the program became a severe drain on CONCORD's resources. Consequently, the Inner Circle authorized a limited release of CONCORD Aerospace's designs, stripped of CONCORD's advanced rapid-deployment and electronic warfare suites. The division was established as a subsidiary corporation to facilitate the release of these designs to the capsuleer market via authorized dealers.

Directive Intelligence Agency (CDIA) CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency (CDIA)

The CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency is an offshoot of the DED that provides a range of intelligence gathering and reporting services to CONCORD. The CDIA is also known for producing the CDIA Interstellar Fact Book and its series of briefing holos for capsuleers: the CDIA Files.

Independent Gaming Commission (IGC) Independent Gaming Commission (IGC)

Formed in the wake of the YC105 Amarr Succession Trials when a group of entrepreneurs at the Secure Commerce Commission realised how popular structured combat tournaments were among capsuleers, the Independent Gaming Commission has grown from a small passion project into the CONCORD Assembly’s regulatory body for all competitive sports.

With its own highly skilled team of engineers and state of the art shipyards that produce low-volume, bespoke versions of the most popular hulls in the cluster as prizes, the IGC maintains a healthy bottom line from event organization, sponsorship, and adjudication across the cluster.

Project Discovery Project Discovery

Project Discovery's Exoplanets Hunting Program is the primary focus of the organization since its attachment to CONCORD as an affiliated research corporation.

Project Discovery was transferred to CONCORD oversight from the Sisters of EVE in July YC119. This followed the SOE's controversial sharing of new cloning technology, partially based on Project Discovery findings, directly with the empires, which bypassed CONCORD directives.


Just like any faction, CONCORD has a wide variety of ships ranging from customs officers to highly specialized combat vessels.

Security vessels

Whenever CONCORD needs to enforce consequences for people breaking the rules, they will send two CONCORD Police Captains and a CONCORD Police Commander for each criminal.

CONCORD Police Captain The CONCORD Police Captains will warp scramble, web and jam you, completely drain your capacitor as well as disabling your drones [1]. Their damage is formidable.
CONCORD Police Commander The CONCORD Police Commander is unjammable and packs enough firepower to kill any ship with a single devastating shot.
  1. ^ Strictly speaking it is still possible to do some damage for a few more seconds until the CONCORD Police Commander locks you up and kills you if you use cap injectors and smartbombs, or auto-targeting missiles. Although auto-targeting missiles only target people who engage you, so couldn't help aid you in a gank unless they shot back, and then it would still split between the CONCORD Police Captains and your victim.

CONCORD stations

Not all empire regions have a Concord or DED station, but the following do:

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