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Locator agents are regular NPC agents that offer the special service of locating other player characters.

To use a locator agent, you need certain standings with the agent, without which you cannot use the locator service. Locator agents can only find targets within a certain area, depending on the level of missions they provide. Level 4 agents can locate anyone in any location outside of wormhole space. The cost of the service depends upon the location of the target in relation to the agent, increasing on a scale of same system-same constellation-same region-different region.

The target will receive no notification that he has been located, making the service ideal for tracking down war targets or players upon whom you have kill rights. Also keep this in mind when dealing with war targets or when another has Kill Rights upon you, as you will have no idea of whether they have used a locator agent to find you.

After using the service, you cannot use the same agent again for a period of time, depending on the level of the agent.

Agent level Required Standings Time to Run (depends on distance) Cooldown Cost (depends on distance) Range
Level 1 Any Instant/1 minute 5 minutes 1k/5k Constellation
Level 2 1.0 Instant/1 minute/8 minutes 5 minutes 5k/10k/25k Region
Level 3 3.0 Instant/30 seconds/4 minutes/8 minutes 15 minutes 10k/25k/50k/100k Unlimited
Level 4 5.0 Instant/20 seconds/2 minutes/4 minutes 30 minutes 25k/50k/100k/250k Unlimited
Level 5 7.0 Instant/10 seconds/1 minute/2 minutes 60 minutes 50k/100k/250k/500k Unlimited

[All locator agents of the same level will have the same stats, since agent quality no longer exists. Time to run and costs are for target in: solar system/constellation/region/everywhere]

How to use Locator Agents

First use the in game The Agency to find your nearest locator agent. When you talk to the locator agent, you will have a button to locate a character besides the request mission button. You have to type in the name of the character and the locator agent will give you a quote how much it will cost (Note that the lower the price the closer the target player is to your location, so you can determine without paying money whether the target is in another region, just another constellation or in your system).

If the target you searched for is offline, the agent will give you the targets last known location, but will not tell you they are offline.

The locator agent will then run its location service which will take a couple of minutes, depending on the agents level. The higher the level, the faster he runs.

Once done the locator agent will send you a Notification with the location of the target when you started the search which will include the system, constellation and region as well as the station the player might be docked at. If the target is in space, no station will be listed. E.g. "The sleazebag is currently in the Bukah system, Nohshayess constellation of the Khanid region."
If the target is logged off, the locator agent will tell you the last known position. If the target is in Anoikis (wormhole space), the locator agent will tell you "I'm sorry, but I just can't help you with that one. I'm pretty sure O'b Haru Sen is well out of my zone of influence." - even if the agent can locate anyone in known space.

List of all Level 4 Locator agents in Empire Space (0.1-1.0)

For a list of all level 4 locator agents in Empire space, useful for finding a corporation to mission for if you are seeking a Locator agent, see our List of Locator Agents.

Player-Run Location Service

The in-game channel 'LocatesAreUs' will run a location search for you for 10M isk. Join that channel for details.