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E-UNI Emblem.png This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.

EVE University offers the "Bring-Your-Own-Minerals" Ship Production Program, where you bring the necessary materials to produce the ship of choice, and the Logistics Department at EUNI will build it for you. Note: The materials requirements listed below were accurate for Crius 1.5, July 29th 2014

You can also buy ships from PYOS at ISK cost instead, price list Here


Step 1: Available Ship Selection

If you look in the "Industry" corporate hangar at the Uni HQ in Slays, you'll see several locked ship blueprints (only the locked ones are available for this program; unlocked blueprints may be being researched, or may be student projects). You can also use the list below on this page, but the BPOs win for completeness and accuracy (this page may at times go a little out of date).

Step 2: Checking Materials Required

Check the list at the bottom of this wiki article for the minerals required for each ship.

Step 3: Preparing the Materials for Shipment

In your own hangar, name a container (a Station Container is fine) in the following way - "Your Name - Ship Desired", for example "Azmodeus Valar - Celestis". Store the required perfect amount of materials into the container. If requesting multiple of the same ship, please add x2, x3, etc.. to the end of the name. Example: "Azmodeus Valar - Celestis x2"

Step 4: Shipping

After depositing the materials into the container, drag the container from your hangar into the "Industry" corporate hangar.

WARNING: Once you place something in the "Industry" hangar, you cannot get it back. Make sure the minerals/quantities are correct and that you wish to do this before dragging the container to the hangar.

Step 5: Ordering

Complete the form located here. Logistics will build the ship using your minerals and deliver the ship as soon as possible.

Step 6: Fulfillment

When your order has been filled, it will be deposited into your hangar inside the original container. Note: Since your ship will be inside a container, it will not show under the "Ships" tab at the station when it is completed.

Available Ships and Material Costs