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E-UNI Emblem.png This page's intent is to provide information on the the history of EVE University. The information on this page is no longer current.
Since EVE University 2.0 restructuring, Nullsec Community has a new page which can be found here Null-Sec Community.

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Campus goals

The goal of the EVE University Null-Sec Campus is to provide an educational environment for Unistas to experience Null-Sec and all its distinct mechanics and opportunities. We want to make sure that all members of EVE University feel welcome to either move to Null-Sec with us or to day-trip to the NSC to take part in practical PvP activities and accelerate their progress through lucrative PvE activities like mining, ratting, exploration and industry.

Why the NSC?

Living at the NSC has multiple great benefits

  • Learn about Null-Sec specific mechanics like Bubbles
  • Enjoy a realistic PvP environment and refine your piloting skills through solo and small-gang engagements
  • Earn ISK - Null-Sec offers a range of highly lucrative ISK-making opportunities through Ratting, Exploration, Mining, Planetary Interaction, Industry and more
  • Take advantage of campus-specific programmes to accelerate your progress
  • NSC is served by alliance-wide services like Buyback and Hauling, making it easy to (a) turn your items into liquid ISK and (b) to move things from either Jita or other campuses to the NSC
  • The NSC industry infrastructure lets you scale your industry efforts and start making some serious ISK - Null-Sec has the lowest tax rates making it easier to be profitable
  • And most importantly: Become part of the NSC community and give back to newer players by sharing and handing on your experience and knowledge

We fly Not Blue Shoot It (NBSI) which means that anyone and everyone is a target, provided they do not have a positive standing with EVE University.

If you like the sound of all of that, then please keep reading. This page will provide a basic overview of what the NSC is about as well as links to more detailed pages so that you can see what is on offer at the NSC and how you can quickly settle in to the Null-Sec lifestyle and make the most of your time with us.

Joining the Campus

Joining the NullSec Campus community is as simple as joining the ingame NullSec (EVE Uni) chat channel. Here, you can ask any of the campus members questions about life in Null-Sec and how to get involved with the community. Similarly, join us on Mumble and talk directly to our campus members. There are no official title requirements for joining the NSC, and you do not need to commit any specific amount of time to the campus. Just head over and enjoy the Null-Sec lifestyle as and when you feel like it. That said, we do ask that members have carried out the following actions prior to travelling to the NSC to make your life smoother, once there.

Once you are here, consider dropping an introduction in the Hi/Bye forum thread.


While we have no formal requirements or barriers to joining the campus, members are asked to join the NSC standing fleet and NSC mumble when they are at the NSC. If there's no NSC Standing fleet advertised, JOIN MUMBLE, create a fleet and put up an advert so others may join. Members should feel encouraged to set their overview up according to University standards.

A general willingness to have fun, create content (EVE is a Sandbox after all), learn and share knowledge are highly encouraged. Please remember that the EVE University Rules and Communications Policy apply at the NSC as well.


We use the following EVE University services for communication:

  • Ingame chat channel NullSec (EVE Uni), used for general Q&A.
  • Ingame chat channel Nullsec Intel (EVE Uni), the intel channel that we share with other blue corps within Syndicate.
  • The Mumble channel PC9 Standing Fleet for Voice Coms
  • Null-Sec Campus Discord (see this post for instructions on how to set it up).
  • The NullSec Campus section on the forum. [STATUS: April 2021 - The forum is slightly out-dated and needs a complete overhaul]
  • Join the standing fleet at all times as well, as a lot of communication happens in fleet chat.

Further Reading

To the right of this page you will see a number of links which provide newcomers with all the necessarily information required to get up-to-speed. Don't worry, there is no need to read it all at once, however the pages below are important reading prior to, or upon arrival at, the NSC.

  • How to get to the Campus has all the routes to the NSC including several fits and advice for avoid bubbles and gate camps.
  • Campus Rules lists the additional rules that we have at the NSC to avoid local diplomatic concerns as well rules of engagement for PvP.
  • What to Bring explains the common ship types that we fly at the NSC, why we fly them, and how they play their role in the fleet.
  • Bookmarks details the importance of Bookmarks, how to make them, and how to use them to travel safely.
  • The Rookie's Guide To Fleet Ops is an excellent guide to serve as a reference for new pilots to reduce common blunders and mistakes during Fleet Operations.
  • Consolidated Information Thread A consolidated sticky containing single-topic posts about living in the NSC.
  • Ship Replacement Program Lost a ship? Read about what qualifies for the Ship Replacement Program specific to Null-Sec Campus.

Still Here?

If you are still reading then we hope we have your attention and we will shortly be seeing you at the Campus. All we ask is that people come down and experience Null-Sec for themselves. We understand that Null-Sec might not be for everyone, but we hope that the time you do spend with us will serve you well in your future EVE endeavours.

Campus Staff


Devalt Yotosala.jpg Devalt Yotosala

The Null-Sec Campus Manager provides the strategic direction of the Campus and deals with the overall management of the campus. This includes NSC Officer management, structure policy, asset management and conflict resolution. The NSC Manager makes recommendations on changes to the NSC towards the Directorate and represents the NSC at Management Meetings.


All officers have a joint responsibility to create an inclusive learning environment for Unistas and a strong Null-Sec Campus Community. Officers are your first point of contact for any questions about the NSC. They administer the structures, hangars, programmes, forums, wiki, events and fleets. While all officers contribute to our joint goal, officers work on different tasks and portfolios that you can inquire upon in Coms or by getting in touch with them.

  • Hofborn
  • Earl Reneshan
  • Raas Caslo
  • Selara Trondinvale
  • GnI Amatin
  • Mainuser X