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Campus Rules

NSClogo3bubblesv1.png While we call these rules, the following are the guidelines for how pilots should live at the NSC. They are there to allow the campus to run smoothly and to ensure primarily the safety, but also the enjoyment, of campus members within Syndicate. If you have a question about the campus rules, please contact a member of the NSC Campus Leadership

Icon ship.pngGeneral

  • EVE University rules take precedence.
  • Members active in the campus must be in the NSC fleet.
  • If there is no fleet advertised, form one (see Standing Fleet), and put up an advert so others may join.
  • Members active in the campus must be in mumble, at least able to listen. (If you are hearing impaired, let us know!)
  • If you go AFK for long periods of time or unable to do anything bar station spin please drop fleet.
  • Help your fellow campers learn.
  • Fly what you can afford to lose.

Icon constellation.pngDiplomatic Concerns

  • Do not insult, provoke, or smack talk others. Shoot and kill them, but be polite about it.
  • Do not discuss changes to diplomatic relations with the members of any other corporation or alliance unless authorized by management.
  • Honor agreed-upon terms of all arranged fights with other corporations and alliances, unless the other party chooses to break these terms first.
  • Be sporting about PvP engagements. Follow up with a "good fight" or "gf" in local chat, or some equivalent gesture, regardless of who won.
  • Avoid engaging fleets of mixed neutrals and blues.

Icon warp disruptor i.pngPvP

  • NSC rules of engagement, while in NullSec, are "Not Blue Shoot It" (NBSI).
  • Move to a separate fleet mumble channel if you're moving as part of a group more than a few jumps from PC9.
  • Any event that results in a killmail or lossmail will have a comment on the killboard as well as have an AAR written about it on the forum.
  • Write AARs for all combat actions.
  • Loot from the Wrecks of IVY pilots must be returned to the IVY pilot unless he/she says otherwise. All loot from wrecks of those we were fighting belongs to the campus and as such must be put into the Donations container in the Alpha hangar.

Logo faction serpentis.pngPvE

  • PvE loot is the property of the group who agree to rat or run sites together.
  • PvE groups should make a sub-Channel for communication during their Ops.

Icon sensor resolution.pngCommunication

  • Campus communications are "open comms" by default.
  • When first entering the campus mumble, please wait before speaking so that you can determine whether a combat situation is under way.
  • Open comms are suspended for two reasons usually:
    • Someone calls “Break Break” over mumble, which indicates a new threat or that a fellow unista is in immediate danger. Please allow the pilot to speak.
    • “Combat Comms” is called over mumble. This indicates a fight is underway and non-combat related chatter should pause for the duration.
  • Groups of students operating in the local systems may remain in the main campus mumble.
  • Whomever is baiting or calls out for assistance from the fleet is the "FC" of that engagement if one has not been determined in advance.
  • Operations outside the "local area" as defined above must move to a separate ILN Fleet mumble channel.
  • Moving to a separate fleet from the campus is recommended but not required.
  • We operate on a "built for purpose" foundation: If an operation or initiative lasts for more than a few minutes, join a separate mumble channel (or fleet as a whole) until you accomplish your goal or disband the initiative. This helps organize our fleet and keep comms clear for those who need it.
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