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So much choice!

One of the most common questions that gets asked when new players join the NSC is, "What ships should I bring with me?" When it comes to living at the NSC, the only true answer to what you should bring is that you may bring any ship that you don't mind losing. What this page aims to do is to identify a list of ships that would definitely be beneficial for Campus Members to keep in their hangers. As with the NSC Recommended Skill Plan, this is in no way a list of mandated ships that everyone must keep nor is it in any way an exhaustive list of all ships that would be useful at the NSC. This is purely a hand rail for those that have never been to the NSC or NullSec before, and how they could best spend their ISK to make full use of all the activities that the Campus offers.

Please refer to the NSC Alpha and Omega PVP pages for doctrine specific ship fits.

First Timers

On your first trip to the campus, it is recommended that you bring a fast, cheap frigate, both for ease of navigation through dangerous space, and to allow you to quickly make bookmarks as you travel. The Travelling to the NSC page has fitting and travel advice to get you to the Campus safely. It is fairly easy to bring in additional ships later, please refer to the NSC forum for our Jump Freighter program. Expect to lose lots of ships.

Replacement of T1 hulls under the Ship Replacement Program is available, with all the normal rules and regulations, with delivery to PC9-AY one of the available options. You can also move ships from the LSC in Uphallant using the LSC Jump Freighter service.

New Members

As members slowly become settled at the NSC, this is the most basic list of ships that is recommended for Campus members to keep stocked. All these ships are cheap, cheerful, and most importantly, disposable.

Established Members

For those Campus Members that make the NSC their full time home or for those who are willing to spend a little more money, this next list will allow Campus Members to fill more roles with fleets as well as to take part in some more obscure oportunities that may arise, such as C13 Wormholes.

NSC Bittervets

These are long term, nice to haves for those players who have both too much ISK and SP. Please do not see this as a list of must haves, but a list of ships to work towards in the long run should you choose to permanently make the NSC your home. It's basically T2/3 Cruisers that have niche uses rather than being fleet staples. No expects anyone to have every ship on this list, but the odd one or two are extremely useful to the Campus.

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Corvettes Impairor Ibis Velator Reaper
Dreadnoughts Revelation Phoenix Moros Naglfar
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Titans Avatar Leviathan Erebus Ragnarok
Shuttles Amarr Shuttle Caldari Shuttle Gallente Shuttle Minmatar Shuttle
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